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About 82% of global content shared in mobile phones are done by the act of copying and pasting via URL in emails, chat or SMS, according to a study released by RadiumOne. In hindsight, the data bears no harm on its own. But when we squarely factor in a digital marketing strategy as a whole, would then surface the surge of disadvantages.

82% of content in mobile phones are shared through email, chat or SMS

This practice is more common that it seems (to data referred) and in correlation to the Dark Social, a term coined by Alexis C. Madrigal in the magazine publication The Atlantic, in 2012. The term principally refers to web traffic that cannot be traced by web analytics programs, because it is shared through traditional mediums that are difficult to be measured (and in other cases, an impossibility). It is, in definition, content that is sent via e-mail by a user to another and also through chats, mobile apps and messages from mobile phones.

And why is it important to get to know the Dark Social? For various reasons. Not only it is essential for its volume, as the traffic generated by these sources varies according to the sector and profile of the user, but it can reach up to 50% of some generalist websites. It is also important because, in many cases, it is traffic that comes in from contact or reputable source and to appear in visitation after mention or recommendation made.


Identifying Dark Social Traffic in a Blog or Web

Links are shared in this manner sans of any identifiers, instead to be known more as referral tags annexed at the end of the URL. Without these referral tags, we would lapse in ¨darkness¨ (hence the term Dark Social) in determining where traffic is proceeded, and be able told educe the statistics of our blog or web than the rest of the content that has not been shared via social buttons from the Dark Social.



Dark Social´s Direct Consequences
The Dark Social has presented practices that now play a vital part in digital marketing strategy:

  • Social Traffic: It is referred to in causal by the diffusion of content by users, either through chat, email and social networking. This means not only shared contents vie through, so social traffic acquires larger traffic in greater dimension.

  • Need to strengthen traditional forms of dissemination of content: Until recently, the option to share by emails in specialized blogs was a minority. Now, more than ever, it´s almost obligatory to add this option on blog posts.

  • Increase emails as forms of communication (Email Marketing): You probably may have heard that email is in decline, but considering almost all netizens have one or more email addresses, and only 62% use social networks, it would not be wise to evade including email marketing registration of any website or blog.


Undoubtedly, knowing the origin of visits on your site is elementary to determine the target audience to base and focus you strategy upon. According the the RadiumOne study, 46% of consumers of above the age of 55 years share content through dark social, in contrast comparison to the age range of 16-43 tears, where the Dark Social only represents 19%.

Forefront with these data, we are called to start juicing the right ingredients to develop a Social Media strategy in further incremented segments and therefore, create a higher likelihood to hit targets successfully.


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