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creatividad y SEO

Nowdays, any blogger, copy or journalist who works in a digital medium must be aware of the growing importance of SEO positioning in the communication sector.

Companies that have know how to take advantage of this new technological era have managed to sell their products and services through the network in a way that was unthinkable just a few decaes ago. In the sense, SEO positioning has played a fundamental role, although not definitive, because what would SEO be without creative content and quality? and in the opposite case, would users reach a creative and quality content without a good SEO positioning?

Creatividad y SEO, una apuesta ganadora

 Creativity and SEO, a winning bet

SEO is one of the disciplines that has evolved the most over the years. Its integration with the rest of communication sectors is growing, especially in the field of digital marketing agencies. This fact has caused that the SEO has stopped begin an exclusively technical work to try to look for spaces where creativity and lateral thinking are key to position themselves above the competition.

Theres is no doubt that the relationship between creativity and positioning is becoming more intense. So much so, that the profile of the editor specializing in SEO is one of the most demanded in recent years in the field of digital communication.

How do users search the internet?

A vast majority of users turn to search engines to find the products and information they need.

The key to a SEO strategy lies in recognizing those terms and keywords most sought after by users. In this sense, these are three types of searches based on the reason that led to them:

  • Corporate search: The user is interested in a specific firm or brand and will search directly for the name of the company. In this case, the user is clear about what they are looking for and usually only visits the page of the brand that interests them at that time and not others.
  • Informative search: They represent around 70% of the total volume of searches and their purpose is to find information on a specific topic. On this occasion, the user does not have in his mind a specific page in which to find results, but is willing to navigate to find the most useful and complete information for him.
  • Commercial search: Behind this type of search there is a clear intention to purchase. In it, the user uses the internet to find a specific product or service, comparing prices, models, features, quality, etc.

However, what it the use of the consumer to reach these pages if the content found in them is outdated or can not meet their needs completely? for this reason we ant to reflect on the importance of the symbiosis that must exist between the visibility of a website and the quality of its content.

¿Cómo buscan los usuarios en Internet

How to incorporate creativity for a SEO?

Its true that the first results offered by Google are the most visited, but are the results with higher quality published on the internet? we invite  you do a search on a content that really dominates and interests you and check the result, surprising, right?

The dilemma arises when combining both aspects so that the user ends by clicking on the most complete, collated, documented, creative and invite reading result.

Why not include creativity as a factor in the positioning strategy? in this way be able to offer our users a product that in addition to entering through their eyes, can bring you what they really expect from them. But where can we locate or focus this creativity?

  • Title and Meta Description: Its essential that both, in addition to being optimized in relation to the keywords we have selected, also capture the attention of users when searching on Google. It does not help to appear in the first search results, if we do not stimulate the potential client to click on our website.
  • Graphic creativity: If we want an user to stay as long as possible by browsing our website and sharing our content with their followers, we must take care of the design of our website so that it can attract their attention. In addition, its not advisable to make the user dizzy with too many links, because he can get distracted and not get to find the product or service he is looking for. Therefore, it is preferable to opt for a minimalist and creative navigation, which encourage users to continue navigating the different sections of the web.
  • Creative and quality content: This is the fundamental element for positioning, along with the creation of links. To archive this, the services of a creative content editor who knows the market trends, which got the true interests of the users and offers innovative ideas that differentiate your website from the rest of the competing pages.

Remember, only a creative SEO team is able to find visits where nobody is looking for them or find ways to keep the keywords that everyone wants to get.

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