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Convergencia entre dispositivos. Electrodomésticos inteligentes

I recently bought a so-called Smart-TVs enraptured, in part, more for what it offered as amazing market of APPs and internet connection, that qualities more typical of modern television, such as inches, so the fashionable today 3D-view or a high hertz refresh.

TVs are, perhaps, the next appliance that is destined to become “smart” and it is clear that it will not be the last. Leisure activities and domestic work are increasing online, and actions such as listening to music, watching TV or even ‘get a beer “from the refrigerator will be activities that sooner or later, will have an internet connection, under the umbrella that are “social actions”, we can share with others.

The fact is that, after using a little Smart TV system, I realized that it’s not so “Smart”, it’s a platform that still has many things to develop, mainly because in my point of view has failed to solve vital  usability issues, that under the umbrella of convergence have been left in the background. For example, the menus seem to have the Look & Feel of any tablet. Problem: the mid-range & entry-point TVs are not touchable as tablets are, making the browsing experience through the typical remote control very painful, so that comparisons are odious …

How can you put a URL or access to a service user / pass with a control which at best emulates the obsolete T9 system of new phones? In the upper range is implemented the idea extrapolated of consoles “command with the body system”, an idea which makes a big difference and, as technologies become cheaper will be the future.

In any case, the concept of APPs and the “markets” where people can buy services and programs, or payment or with any freemium solution is a mantra that spreads like wildfire on TVs and acquires almost more sense with products such as Netflix or Spotify. Develop an app for these devices is as (or as little) expensive as a APP for a smartphone or tablet, in fact these televisions SDK can be in some cases an Android “prepared” so that common elements such as HTML5 and JavaScript are also used. In fact, businesses that might not seem related to a TV as Domino’s Pizza and BBVA already have apps for Samsung TVs, which “suspiciously” have  a look very similar to their counterparts for smartphone.

In conclusion, the convergence between devices is positive for the performance of applications with a commercial purpose or specific marketing, but for the end user, you guarantee absolute usability of the activity and make the app a outstanding user experience  (which tablets has been achieved), or smart devices will continue to seem to a little … “dumb”.

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