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Social Media Evolution

It’s amazing how we like (and how it makes us happy) to predict the end of things. I don’t know if it is for our ambition, but when someone comments that “this tool or this system will die in a few years”, some people smile with an usual comment like ” I was already saying it “.

In online marketing, we have a clear example, SEO. How many times we have read or heard that SEO has died? Almost daily.

The same thing has happened with Facebook a few time ago. The President of the Foundation for Free Software of Europe (FSFE), Karsten Gerloff, demonstrated in Euskal Encounter that social media had only 3 years to live, and that it was a mathematical rule. A curious thing is that Gerloff, who had announced this something positive (according to him we are only products for Facebook and Google) to many these declarations they used them as excuse to revive critiques about social networks.

And we know perfectly that about social networks, or we love them or we hate them, and the death of the most important social network makes them happy. I am not going to be involved in controversy saying if it is good (each one is free to think what he or she wants) but some people still believed that one day, social networks, and Social medias in general (blogs, forums, wikis…) will disappear. But I am sure that it will not happen like that.

Social Media is not Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Youtube or WordPress. These are only tools or web applications  that permit us to continue the revolution that has begun in Internet a few years ago, with the arrival of the Web 2.0. From simple webs of information (the web 1.0, where only you could read) it changed to a new era where it’s possible to exchange information thanks to the new active role of users.

It means that, the web has become social because users could have the possibility to be active. What I want to say is that the concept of Social Media, and Social Networks especially, is not going to die, it will progress. Those which will die are tools which allow users to interact, to exchange information and to collaborate with other users. Tuenti or Twitter will die to make way for new “links” which will enable to continue make change the web. Nevertheless, the fact that Facebook disappears will not means the death of Social Networks, but simply the arrival of another advanced social network.

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