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Let´s suppose content will now be displayed through videos. According to a comScore and Shareablee study, there was an investigation about behavior and digital consumption from users and content in social media and businesses in Latin America. Video content growing in social media produced by brands is at least 67% in the last year, increasing with brand and user interactions by 39%.

In fact, a study from last year from Global Web Index reflects young users are interested in audiovisual information in the Internet.

With YouTube growing and 4G expanding at a consumer level, social media´s interest is improving their functionalities, for example, in a video format integrating in a society. In fact, 30% of users share videos with video content.

But which social media should we use to connect with an audience?


Basically, it is a popular video origin. Since their launch campaign, it became the principal source for receiving 400 hours of content per minute according to Google. At the same time, the Latin American study revealed YouTube is used by 81% from Chilean internet users, followed by Argentines with 77% and Peruvians with 76%.

Taking note of the powerful Millennials

If we take note on the quantity of people connected, taking decisions, we are talking about Millennials. Do we know some of the reasons why users consent with this platform? More than 50% of them want to learn from this, or just to educate themselves more.

Due to people being more independent, we do not need to ask our parents for something we can find on YouTube. If we want to learn how to cook or fix something at home, it only takes looking at a tutorial in social media and following their instructions or steps. This is where the gender role begins to kick in with infoainment, combining information and entertainment and this is key for brands to become successful.

 If I did not see it on TV I´ll see it here

According to Google, 76% of Peruvian users confirm using this channel as a first option for seeing a program with different TV schedules, differing from Argentina and Chile since it is only by 66%.

We take note on Reviews

At this point, “influencers” influence a lot, since they are well known with reviews, for trying products, and they have more credibility to speak about your brand (the majority of cases, users trust themselves instead of announcers) The difference between an announcement selling experiences and who is showing you the experience “without anything in exchange” (apparently, a lot of cases ask for your loyalty and channel subscription) is evident and there is no need to despise income producing displays.


Since 2015, Facebook began changing their rules in regards to reproducing videos in their platform. Thanks to the automatic reproduction and the reproduction counter, began giving more visibility to posted videos directly through Facebook instead of posting everything on YouTube.

In 2016, video content produced by brands increased by 54% in Latin America and 95% in USA.

At the time, gender increased from 43% of engagement in Latin America and 52% in the USA.

How can we take advantage of this opportunity that is increasing? We should submerge ourselves at a swell level throughout the following years.

What Facebook recommends for creating attractive videos

Be brief: If our content is going to market young adults, the major value for them is great and short video quality, differing from older adults preferring longer videos.

Design videos without sound: As we all know, sometimes when we see a video we need to deactivate sound for various reasons. For these reasons, Facebook recommends including subtitles, logotypes, and products so it can be direct as possible without audio.

Have your business reflect on the video: By improving your branding, it is recommended your brand has a well-defined personality so your content has a spirit reflecting your business with colors, topics and images present from the beginning, this is how your brand will easily become known and remembered.

Capture attention quickly: In addition, and vital importance connects your public to the first seconds so your attention is immediate and captures your users´ attention. When you transmit the message quickly and capture their attention, you will have more possibilities.

You ask yourself, what is happening with Facebook? Ampere Analysis argued Facebook will be the platform used twice more than announcements producing brand awareness.

As a consequence, Facebook takes advantage of increasing video use for publicity, is not a something new (or a secret) since the social media from Mark Zuckerberg wants to win over Google. According to his statistics, everyday 100 million hours from a video are visualized, since Facebook has introduced announcements as a part of them, but what is this about?

The rules are similar to YouTube´s, it is all about creative content. The difference is that YouTube publicity is by pre-roll videos, Mark Zuckerberg´s social media is mid-roll, meaning announcements are 20 seconds long for reproducing and not at the beginning. We have to keep in mind another detail: videos 90 seconds long appear, since people in charge of creating content should make the effort to become attractive.


Since their arrival in 2010 until Marc Zuckerbeg bought it, we can see a huge impact this social media network began to have when it developed more functions, it reached 700 millions of active users in April 2017.

One of the reasons for this increase came from “inquisitive” information, however not with “Stories.” This new function came from Snapchat and has gotten 150 million people to log in the application, according to Mashable.

If it is true content is posted principally with a picture and videos. We must keep in mind the quality of the content is most important. When the time comes to promote our products, we need to know the type of people who are using this social media: users look to share experiences, cuisines, landscapes or their daily life.

These are some of the examples these brands know how to use in their new space:

Experiences and beautiful landscapes  


Experience with events and mark your presence!


Outfit ideas for users


Behind the experience, comes intimacy

Mercedes Benz

But, how can we connect to get other new users?

Everyone already knows what Instagram publicity is all about, especially with their “Stories”. But, in what way? In order to not interrupt the user while navigating through the app, story announcements will appear in transition from profile to profile. An image will take 5 seconds and videos 15 seconds. This is true, a user can omit this type of publicity in Instagram if he or she wants it to be, just like Stories people follow.

With all these new formats, brands have more opportunities to get the best of digital marketing, always looking for the quality content.

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