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crisis en redes sociales

It is nothing new that social networks play a key role in the communication of a company. All want to have their own, publicize their products and increase business sales through this channel.

Getting a good reputation in social networks can take years of work. But, in just a few minutes you can sink. Therefore, knowing how to act in the face of a communication crisis in social networks is key.

It’s better to prevent than to cure

A failure that many companies make is not having an action protocol created. We always think that it will not happen to us and when it happens it will be much harder for us to get the communications right and stop the negative comments. Acting quickly and effectively are two key points.

The ideal is to have a strategic plan with a clear organizational chart to know which person will be responsible for launching communications. All the messages that come from a company must go in the same line and be precise and transparent.

A crisis can not be predicted, but everything that has been agreed upon before will help to act more quickly at a time when nerves are on the surface

Meanwhile the crisis

Monitoring at this point is crucial. When there are negative comments or the media echoes our problem, we can not keep quiet.

First of all, we have to focus on the reason for the crisis: a failure of the company, a dissatisfied customer, problems with the workers… In the event that he is a user, we must give him a public response and contact him by private to be able to investigate the cause well.

What we mean, one of the main advantages of social networks is the bidirectionality and the closeness that they give. So once the message that is going to be transferred is defined, it is time to start answering comments. Even if the message is the same, personalize it, if you do not look like a bot. Put yourself in the user’s skin to see what response you would like to receive from the brand.

The ideal is to answer the messages as quickly as possible with a friendly and understanding tone. In the event that the problem that triggered the crisis is our failure: acknowledge it. Humility and transparency are highly valued.

And of course, you never block any user. By silencing a user you can anger thousands and turn against you.

Do not terminate it

frena una crisis de comunicacion

Having finished the negative comments and complaints, does not mean it has ended. Any small mistake you make can rekindle it again. Keep watching your tone and your usual publication schedule.

And it’s time to evaluate results. What has caused the crisis? How many negative comments were there? How long have we been slow to act? There were losses? Has our corporate image really been damaged?

All these questions are fundamental to prepare ourselves for another possible crisis in the future.

As you can see, a problem can damage our brand image a lot. Create your crisis communication plan and follow it when a problem arises that could affect us.

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