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Today, I wanted to create a post of those whom we like particularly and whose I’m fan: the simple, practical comments and for all the family.

By taking advantage that now, Google + allows us to insert comments of its social network towards blogs, it would be good to review how it’s possible to insert contents of other social networks, isn’t it? It’s practically the same procedure for all social networks, except that it’s important to pay attention on each characteristic of them. Let’s go!

  • Twitter

The first option to insert a tweet is very simple. You just have to copy the URL of the tweet that you want you to show, and to paste it where you want that it appears. Easy is this step isn’t it?

If this option doesn’t satisfy you and if you want “to make up” your tweet, you will have to go to the option of classic introduction: you have to go on the icon “More” right bottom of the tweet that you selected, and once the unwound menu, you will have to choose the option “insert tweet”. Then, you will have a code which you will have to put on your post.

If you want to know how to proceed, click here  (English)

  • Instagram

Just like Twitter, on Instagram we have also two ways to insert photos and videos on our post. The first way is to copy the code of the image or the video which delivers you Instagram: you will have to choose the icon of three points (like Twitter on the right bottom) and to choose the option “to insert”. You will have to paste the code which will be delivered to you in the zone which will suit you most.

The second way is to insert the url of the image.

Estrenamos tarjetas Molonas! :-) #branding #imagen #grafica #QR #Business

  • Facebook

Even if sometimes there are some limitations, it’s true that to share a comment of Facebook is very simple from now on. But, it is only about posts of the page, not about the profile.

Just like Twitter and Instagram, another option would be to introduce the code. On the right upper corner of the comment is a small cursor which lets appear a drop-down menu when we click above. By selecting the option “to insert the publication” Facebook will deliver you a code which you will have to place on the zone which you want.

Other option is, naturally to insert directly the url of the comment Facebook.

Post by Tilo Motion.

If you think about why we indicate you the option of the code as the url way is simpler and faster, we remind you that the first option gives you the possibility of “making up” the post. In the case of the url, it’s not possible.

  • Vine

Concerning this social network you benefit of four options. In reality, there’s two, to copy the url or the code (as you can see, it’s always about the same operation), but in the case of Vine you can put a video of a tweet or directly since the application.

Because Vine’s videos are shared on Twitter, you can insert the tweet which contains it (with the url or the code). If you don’t want to insert the tweet but directly the video, you will have to go directly on the application. Also it’s possible to do it with the url, or with the code. You will find it below the video, in “Embed”


    • Google+




And we end with the most recent, the social network of the giant GOOGLE … As explains it perfectly José Fachin in his blog, Googles + offers you, recently, the possibility of inserting your comments on a blog or on web pages. At first, there was only a possibility to do it by introducing a code. And the negative point was that it could be do on platforms and web pages with Javascript, and those who did not possess this language couldn’t make the operation (for example Now Google + gives us the possibility of inserting posts by pasting url. It’s important to precise that only public comments can be inserted. To obtain the url, you will have to make right click ahead on the date of the comment then choose the option “to copy the address of the link “.


What do you think about it? Easy isn’t it? Now, we have just to insert some contents.

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