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cómo hacer un plan de comunicación

Communication in a company is a very important part. Sometimes, we have a brilliant line of business, but lack of good communication we can not reach our target audience. In this sense, it is essential to know our company or product well and make and effective communication plan.

The first point we should know is that there are many types  of communication: external, internal, corporate, crisis, corporate social reputation, public relation… Analyze what type you want. Today we are going to focus on how to make an external communication plan. With it, you will get to publicize our company or product in a effective way.

Steps to create an external communication plan

Before starting to publicize anything, we must make an analysis of our own. Analyze your positioning in the market and think about where you are with respecto to your competitors, keep in mind the internal and external factors.

A good formula for this is to do a SWOT analysis to keep in mind our weakness, strengths, threats and opportunities. Stop what  you need in this step, but it is very important to find the space in which you want to position yourself. And do not forget the external factors such as political and economic, since they can also effect your market saying. Also perform a PESTELI analysis in which you will see the political, economic, social technological, ecological, legal and innovation factors that may harm you.

If we are already clear from where we started, the time has come to set your goals. They will be te base of this plan. Put some that are achievable, measurable, quantitative and realistic. It is useless to put some objectives that you are not going to achieve.

plan de comunicación

At this point you must create your strategies, that is, what are you going to do to archive the objectives marked in the previous point? Think if you want to do a digital campaign, advertising and who you are going to address. Segment well your target audience. It is not the same communication directed to the entire population or to a specific segment such as sportsmen, experts in X matter, children… This will be very interesting to be able to establish the next step:

Prepare an appropriate message. It is one of the most important elements. Create slogans with which you want to reach your target. Remember that the message must always be unified and be the same. Both in what is done in social networks, as in media… they have to be coherent and always be in the same line of action.

Now that we have the message and the public, it is time to decide which channels you will use. Bet on both the online and offline media. And do not forget about your own, such as your website, social networks, internal magazine… look for agreements with the media if you consider that your target audience is there.

Another point to keep in mind are the activities you are going to do. Events? Street marketing actions? Conferences? Publor-Report? Make a brainstorming with your team and sure bright ideas come out.

brain storming plan de comunicación

Once you have outlined everything you are going to do, it is time to establish budgets. How much money do you want to spend? How many hours of your team do you want to invest? In addition to all the expenses that you already have controlled, leave a part for possible contingencies, which are sure to arise.

An finally, make a schedule. How long do you want to meet your goals? When will the main actions be carried out? Make everything coherent and create a calendar that can be seen at a glance everything you need.

Now that you know the necessary steps to create a communication plan, you only have to launch and publicize your company products.

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