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hacer un buen briefing, las claves

In life there are two types of people: organized and people who is the complete opposite. However, when we talk about work there are no excuses.

Even if you are disorganized, if it´s your clothes piling up on the chair or several plates left in the sink…work is work and the time has come to organize your ideas so everyone understands your work. Therefore, if you do not how to do a good briefing keep on reading.

Let´s Begin…

Briefing or brief, comes from the latin root breve, anglicism refers to a document or report that works with whatever action or necessary information.

We normally brief for the person or team to create a document with the necessary information to plan and implement a correct action. A good briefing is key since it allows us to save time and makes sure we have a result online with what we are finding.

claves para hacer un buen brief

How to make briefing a GOOD briefing

• It should be concrete as possible

For whatever reason your briefing is literary, if you only understand it you and Cervantes will not get along… try to be direct and concise, use simple phrases and do not overdue it. Instead of saving time, the person who receives it will interpret better. It is better if it is good and brief.

• It must contain structured and organized information

Do not begin directly by explaining what you want, contextualize what is most important. Briefing must be concise and must include the following parts:

• Presentation
• Objectives and Strategies
• Target Audience
• Content
• Style
• KPIs
• Budget
• Timming

This way, the person who reads all the information necessary and should not be asking about the line you want, if it corresponds with a brands philosophy, etc.

• Realistic

If we ask for miracles, it should be reflected on the budget and timming. We cannot demand them to have everything with good quality, well, and inexpensive. Being realistic about what we ask for and what we offer does not only help us, but people will take us seriously.

aprende a hacer un buen briefing

Briefing is one of the fundamental tools in which we work with communication agencies but, however, it is a document that we do not pay attention to. Now you know how to do a good briefing, you will not have any difficulties 😉

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