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Cómo hacer la landing page perfecta

To design an airport must not be easy … I have not even idea of the topic, but surely we have to choose a sufficiently flate space protected from air currents and, if it’s possible, with good facilities and infrastructures … It will be possible construct this airport without follow criterions and recommendations but the return will not be the same and pilots will avoid to land there. So, for a landing page the same thing happens!

As I say, if you want that users come to your page, you have to take into account a serie of guidelines and recommendations in order to build your “airport” perfectly as we can see in the next graphic:

Element <title>, target and URL

  • You have to take care of these three basic elements, which are in charge of showing the information in the rich snippets of Google’s SERP.

The only value

  • This only content, simply means that words used in this order, do not appear in any other place in the web. As the only value refers to the usefulness obtained by visitors of this page.

Good user’s experience

  • A clear order and disposition of the elements which form the page, a few visual solid effects, and a nice and simple design, they do that the page is profitable and easy to use. Without forgetting that is rapid in loading and visibly in any browser and device.

Accessible for the robot / spider

  • Make sure Yourself that there are no obstacles in order that bots come correctly to the page. Also, do that the address page is the only one in which the content appears, and if it’s not the case, the rest of URL addresses will have to canonize the original one.

Orientated to the keywords

  • Primary and secondary keywords will have to appear in positions emphasized as the head, title, body, URL, attributes of image, internal and external links, target- description, and target – keywords (that, in spite of what it is said, never are left over).

Easiness to be shared in social networks

  • The page will have so many button to share in social networks as believe that our users are inclined to use them, but not a lot of them either, which are unknown and that could do that the user gets lost and leaves his idea of sharing. A good URL, descriptive and short, also helps to share with a simple one cut and paste.

Prepared for multi-device

  • Solidly tested and with a design which is adapted, the page will have to be seen without problems in any device, size of screen and search-engine.

Authorship, targets, schema and enriched fragments

  • Google offers options rel = author and rel = editor to show a picture and details together with results of the profile or of the brand, also a wide range of options for the enriched fragments across through the marked, that show of diverse ways to the side, raises, or below of search. Results You can see the Google’s tool to test the enriched fragments here.




With all this informations, an optimized landing page must be like this:



And you, how do you optimize your landing page? 😉

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