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The key to success in writing a good post lies in the ideas, inspiration and prior organization of the information we want to convey to our readers. Although at first glance it may seem very complicated, the secret of the “perfect post” for our blog is to establish a clear strategy and speak the same language as the one who reads it. And is that the only formula to truly connect with users is to know their needs and interests and offer real solutions, don´t you think?

Create a simple structure

Before writing a post, it´s convenient to stop a few moments to structure ideas, document and find the best way to transmit information to users. For this, we can not forget any of these fundamental parts in any type of article:

  • The headline should be direct, concise and creative to capture the reader’s attention at first sight. It is important that we include the keywords in a maximum of 70 characters.
  • The extract is the second “hook”, a new opportunity to attract the receiver and transmit the necessary curiosity to continue reading our content.
  • A brief introduction in which we explain the problem or issue to be solved, accompanied by the possible solutions that we propose to solve it.
  • The body text should be used for a well-founded and justified argument, supported by links to internal and external pages. That is, both the old entries in our blog are valid, as well as the use of other collated websites that can serve to support our reasoning. Also, the language used in it must adapt to the target we want to address. The important thing is to try to convey a novel idea that attracts attention and invites reading.
  • The conclusion and closing post is a fundamental part, despite being in last place. In it we will have to settle everything raised so far and leave a good feeling in the reader. Moreover, it is advisable to end up leaving a question on air to awaken the comments of users and open a debate whenever possible.

Cómo escribir el post perfecto

Define your audience, who are my ”buyer person”?

The definition of our audience will be one of the fundamental pillars on which strategy will be built. The term ‘buyer person’ is often used in Digital Marketing to designate a fictitious subject that we create in order to represent the different audience segments we want to target. It consists in specifying the abstract endowing name, characteristics and personality to what was previously a simple segment of the population. In this way, it will be easier for us to connect with each user class and generate the content that is demanding us.

Take care of the little details

When we create a new entry in our blog it must be in order to last in time, although we can update them whenever necessary, providing new information. Of course, we must take care of the spelling and grammar to be impeccable and use images with the necessary quality to enrich our post. Finally, a final review before publishing our post is never too much to take care of the details in the most objective way possible.

We have given you some keys to write the perfect post for your blog but do you know any more? Do you think that they will help you from now on to improve your publications? Leave us a comment!


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