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Well, you’re here reading this article because you are probably a person willing to learn or soon you will be part of that journey of learning looking different perspectives. A new approach to what we are used about how to achieve the goals of the company. Maybe you’re part of a team and as such you wonder how we can stand out from the competition. Or just ‘re a curious person, which is very necessary to obtain an advantage over others.

Golden era

Let’s start around us. You’re part of something big, of a connected world. Multiple devices and an accessible technology is making the design more valuable than ever. So technology is the future? Perhaps it is what moves faster. But it is not the differentiator that it once was. Think that technology is special in itself and that will solve our problems is a big mistake. Now, there are no barriers or excuses for businesses. The money factor can not limit our purposes. Now businesses can operate housed in a single domain “.com” and built under lines of code. You do not need a physical and tangible place. As the software is eating the world and that is where design plays a key role. In the last  years companies revolutionize the model of doing business that began with entrepreneurs who are designers or have some baggage of design, companies like Pinterest, Airbnb, Flickr, Wunderlist, Kickstarter, Square, Etsy, Youtube, Slideshare, Tumblr, Vimeo and many more. This is a new phenomenon. The design has become the new language of business.

But we must be clear about the following with the term “new”. This is a new approach, no more science than that, because the design is part of our origins. Remember our history lessons. Thousands of years ago, cavemen represented what they saw around them through cave paintings. They sought to communicate a message. Do the first designers? Maybe. This is something elementary, but everything that humans use for their activities and make life easier, in a nutshell was designed. Thus, the design has always been part of us.

Paul Rand, one of the most influential designers of the West sums it easy: “Everything is design , everything. ” And talk about Rand, we have to mention a famous character with whom he worked: Steve Jobs. Some of the phrases of Jobs on design feature the following: “Most people think that design is a layer, simply decorated. For me, nothing is more important in the future than design. Design is the soul of all man-made. “

A new approach

And all this, this new approach lies in us, it leads and summarized in a group that we often forget: people. Jobs was aware of this. He put all his effort into creating the products based in people connection through the experience when using these products. In that line, how to understand how to build successful products is a competitive advantage for all businesses.

So that companies are beginning to realize the importance of focusing its products and experiences around the user. This experience that the user lives, in the end, after all it is the client who gives existence to the company, has become one of the biggest differentiators to highlight and achieve business goals. If you are able to create an amazing experience you ‘ll help your business grow.

As Scott Hurff says: ” The code behind the software is easy to copy. A great experience, no. ” Engineers think about features and systems, designers have to think about people in the emotional components that must awaken.

It’s not about doing something nice or sophisticated. Not only do something that is easy to use . It’s about creating something that is good and in line with the user to fully understand how he feels, how he thinks, what he wants. But above all, what he really need.

Simon Sinek presents something that is very true: ” If people do not understand, do not understand business. “

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