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Nothing is casual on social media brands. Each tweet, image and GIF they published in their account are tactics that where previously defined on a social media marketing strategy.

What is a strategy?

Lets start by making clear what is NOT a strategy on social media. A strategy is not a contest that you launch on Facebook. Its not the number of posts that you upload per month. Nor the formats you uses.

Social media strategies are how you will achieve the goals of your brand in the social universe; usually there is a minimum of 3 objectives on social media, which will have their right strategies. Each strategy will be formed by tactics – concrete actions – that will carry out their achievement.

We give you an example to simplify the concept.

Imagine you have a women’s clothing brand and your goal on social media is to increase your community on Instagram. How would you create your strategy?

  • Goal: increase 1000 followers on Instagram in 6 months.
  • Strategy: collaborate with influencers to speak well of your brand and recommend your profile.
  • Tactics: once a week, the influencer will take ownership of my brand’s Instagram and publish images of their looks with my clothes.

In a marketing agency, a social media manager would be the person who creates the strategy according to the objectives of the brand (in the social and global environment), and community managers, who would develop this tactics.

6 steps to create a good strategy

We already got clear what is a strategy and a tactic on social media. Its time to get some work done. For a strategy to be complete, it must include a thorough analysis of the current situation of the brand on social media, define which will be the future and what are the tools and factors by which goal will be achieved.

This plan, besides being the leader that guides your actions, will also serve to check whether you are succeeding or not.

Now we will give you 6 steps to start creating your brand’s social media strategy.

To establish objectives.

The objectives of your social media marketing strategy must be aligned with the goals of your business globally and, above all, must be S.M.A.R.T:

S – Specifics

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Time-Oriented

For example, a good S.M.A.R.T objective in social media would be: “I want to increase the engagement on my Facebook page a 1% in 1 month”.

Current situation analysis

In this step you will define your customer on social media (who is, what it is, which media do they use, how do they use them), how is your brand perception on social media (what content works better, what results need to be improved, what they think of it on network), and in what situation you are in comparison with your competitors.

To aid this process, you can perform the analysis following these points:

  • Make an X-ray to your brand. Define your weak and strong points, update your list with your products or services, investigate what your brand is talking about (positive, negative or neutral), how its talked about, in what media the activity is more concentrated, etc.
  • Watch your competitors. Its not about copying the same strategy as your competitors, but studying their tactics to extract ideas to adopt and improve for your brand.

Know the social channels and target

Its a mistake to think that a brand should be on all social networks. With the previous analysis that you have done, you must select the networks you want to accomplish, abandon those that do not contribute anything to our purpose, and what our mission will be in each one of them. For example:

  • On Facebook, our strategy will focus on attracting traffic to the web to achieve our goals.
  • On Instagram, our strategy will be to create a close fashion brand image to achieve our goal of engagement with the target.

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-11 a las 11.53.05

In the same way, our messages cant be addressed to everyone. At this point in the creation of the strategy, you must profile the different users that make up your target. Create different groups for the different channels and types of content that you plan to include in your strategy. For example, on Instagram your target audience will be more youthful and modern, and on Twitter, fashion journalism professionals.

Choose your tone and style

This includes the language you will use to communicate with your users or the formats you will use to create engagement (gifs, photos of your employees, etc.).

Create a content plan

Your social media strategy should include content planning that answers questions such as: what post are you going to upload (contests, coupons, blog articles, live videos, stories…), how often are you going to post, who is going to create the giveaway, what user profile will consume the content, and what your social ads strategy will be.

Its very important that your content plan pursues the objectives of your brand in each social network. Therefore, it is advisable to create a content follow up in which you divide your content by theme and percentages. For example:

  • 70% of your content will be fashion, lifestyle and beauty to achieve your goals of brand awareness and engagement with your community.
  • 20% of your content will be promotional to achieve your sales goals.
  • 10% of your content will direct traffic to your blog to achieve your goal of generating leads on the web.

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-11 a las 11.16.18

Measure your results periodically

Your strategy is useless if you dont have defined the metrics that you will use to measure the results. Weekly, biweekly, monthly and annually you should check if your strategies are working (if they meet the objectives set) and how you can renew it in the case of failure, or improve it in the case of success.

These are some of the steps you must take to create an effective social media strategy. What do you think is the main point to get it? Would you add one more step?


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