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One of the most difficult aspects during the realization of an e-mailing campaign is, undoubtedly, the creation of the Database.

Certainly, some people think that it’s easy because there is a possibility to buy databases. Personally, I don’t recommend it to you as far as you will spend your money to buy people e-mails’ whose don’t expect (and don’t want) to receive your mail. That’s why It would be preferable to create your own database with persons who are interested in you or in your sector of activity.

To proceed in this way it will not be easy because it require a lot of work, big efforts and time, but it’s worth doing it this way because the potential of a good e-mailing campaign cannot be neglected.

Even if there is still a possibility of getting databases in an offline way (through post, telephone or either physical coupons), I’m rather going to concentrate on the way I’m going to get myself subscribers in an on-line way.

How to create an on-line Database:

  • Know the purpose and information to be collected: it’s essential. The first thing is to know the objective of your campaign, with who you want to address you, how, with which frequency, etc. To define this kind of objectives will help us to know better which are the informations which we want to collect (do I have to know gender? address? age?)
  • Do not send too long forms: nobody likes spending 10 minutes to complete a form. The less you ask information, the more it will be easier to you to acquire subscribers.
  • Offer something in exchange: nobody leaves his data without finding an interest. It will then be necessary to introduce a “bait”
  • Create campaigns including promotions, drawing lots and reductions: With this, users will leave their personal informations to participate.
  • Use the co-registration: even if it doesn’t satisfy me at all, it’s a common technique. The co-registration consists in the fact that the user joins on several sites by having completing only one form. It means that when the user fills the Lead (form) and accepts legal requirements, is offered to him the possibility to join with other companies (normally with another check box). On numerous occasions, the user is obliged to accept the second company to be able to join the first one. But it’s not a good technique because the user doesn’t join because he wants it, but he’s almost forced to do it. He’s not a qualified user because he joins “forced”.
  • Persuade your users to share your contents: in the e-mail, you have to offer more of social networks icons. In this way, user can offer to his followers or friends the possibility to share your contents and, can be, arouse the interest to someone. Also propose the possibility that the user can forward the e-mail to his contact (viral email marketing). Furthermore, thanks to the management platforms of emails, you have the possibility of seeing which are the addressees to be able to send them a personalized e-mail so that they can join in their turn.
  • Take advantage of social networks: you will not get a database literally, but you can share your newsletters, and appeal to the inscription in them. Furthermore, within numerous social networks such as LinkedIn, it is possible to send e-mails. You can do it by creating a group there and send the updating to various members.

These are some some ways to manage to have quality subscribers. As you were able to notice it, the practice consists in the fact that the users are interested in the reception of our communication, and not that they receive it by mistake at the risk of considering us as a SPAM.

And about SPAM, we leave you a little gift of Monty Phyton:

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