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“Providing quality content is crucial to build relationships with the audience and enhance positive interactions “.

This phrase that for many of us is a no-brainer, is really one of the most challenging goals in digital strategies. Today, users look for information anywhere and when they do thousands of websites are struggling to be among the chosen. But it does not end there, the hard part is not that you are, how hard it is to stay and then return it. What is the secret? There is not, but Google through its ebook “The Adsense Guide to Audience Engagement” offers some tips on getting the long-awaited engagement.

consejos para conseguir engagement

1. Have a consistent brand presence wherever is your audience.

Being able to step away from your competition and provide services at those points where is your audience will generate a good impression on users. We don’t focus on a single channel: ” 60 % of millennials expect to have a good experience with brands either online, in store or by phone.”

  • Define your voice:  think well what your style is to have a brand that is distinguished.
  • Be consistent: when you ‘ve defined your voice, your content must be consistent with it. In this way, users will be able to recognize you, your brand will be familiar to them and you know what to expect when they come to your website.
  • Consider the interests of users: Define your style is important but insufficient. Users should see that what you offer is relevant and interesting to them. How can we know? Use Google Analytics, Google Consumer Surveys and note The Long-term Revenue Framework

2. Provides an action plan for each type of user.

Having quality content is the base, but how to access and interact with them is even more important. The user experience is not design a good website is to design routes to users.

  • Create a map of moments: identifies when users connect and when you really want to connect with your brand. In examining when and how they interact on your website, you will be able to anticipate to your requirements and design a website with a good user experience and you shall offer in the best moment the things that they need.
  • Quick and easy objectives to achieve: If you want users to subscribe to your site or fill out a form, they should be visible and be able to make in a few steps. 
  • Create clear calls to action and interactive.

3. Get to the minds and hearts of the audience.

All content that causes emotion helps brand – user relationships.

  • Create content that remember emotions: this type of content is more favorable to be shared, and more if they are also contextualized stories.
  • Diversify your focus on your strategy content: is not the same the seasonal content ( interesting at certain times of the year), trending content (very specific in time), perennial content (interesting always) or deep content (studies or articles very worked ). Everyone needs to be treated differently.

provocar emoción y conseguir engagement

4. Create content easy to consume. Be visual.

Connect with your audience is actually tell a story, people search, unique and creative way. And here the word can fall short, we must be visual as this type of content it has 40% more likely to be shared on social media.

  • Use computer graphics, lists, images, GIF or videos: so will achieve that users focus on your key messages clearly and interaction will be encouraged. Websites that includes video get an extra time visit from 2 minutes if you compared to those who don’t have.
  • Include images in your articles: especially if they are long articles and can include tables or graphs that can be better to know the content.
  • Incorporates Social buttons: You will promote your content to be shared. Do not stay only in buttons followers or shared on Facebook and Twitter, incorporating comments, ratings, testimonials, etc.

5. Be authentic.

Authenticity is also an element to take into account, about 80 % consider that offer real and original content is the most important to follow or not to a brand.

  • Acknowledge your sources: give credit to whom it belongs. Who knows if you can come something from you.
  • Generates links to your content: If you generate a good content, you’ll have more chances of getting that users and website links to your content. And we know how important that is for search engines … 🙂

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