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cómo conseguir más visitas en tu blog

Have you ever wondered how you can get more visits to your blog? Maybe you have a perfect website, with an enviable aesthetic, you share your content on your social media… But when it comes to making an analysis about the origin of the visits, you see that almost none comes through organic searches.

When we create a blog, we must be really sure on what we want to write on for our readers as to Google (which we often forgets the last one).

How i know im doing this well?

First of all, we must make sure that its indexed, thats it, Google needs to knows if the information really exists and what you are talking about. To check this, you can do a simple search in Google and in the case of not existing, go to Google Search Console. Once Google knows we exist, we must tell them what are we talking about as clearly as possible.

URLs play a key role and many times we dont remember them. Forget about leaving the URL created by WordPress or your text editor automatically. Always modify them and eliminate words that dont give us anything like articles or pronouns. If your editor is WordPress in case you leave the headline for the end, it will create a URL automatically composed only by numbers and, how will Google find out what you are talking about?

So its essential that the keyword you want to position on your blog be in the URL and the more you add to the left, better. Separate the words by hyphens (-) and try not to have more than 65 characters.

Surely it is not the first time you read that both internal and external links are fundamental for SEO. In this case, we will focus on the internal ones, since in addition to providing more information to the reader and keep it more time in our blog, they help Google to index and position the pages in a simpler way. The idea is that in each post theres at least one internal link.

To make it done, look for content that you can relate to the current post topic. It is very important that this link you do with an anchor text that includes the keywords of the post. For example, if you are talking about “Facebook for companies” tips, and then you have another one that deals with “tips for advertising on Facebook”, make the link in Facebook advertising. Never use words like “get more information on this link”, “click here”, “read more”, etc.

The importance of Keywords

The title is the first thing that all user would see, so its also essential to make your content known to Google. This headline must say what the post is going to talk about and, of course, include the keyword.

keywords para tu blog

It is essential that we think about how a reader will search for our content. For example, posts on “how to do…”, “tips for…”, “best tricks…” tend to receive many searches. If your content is about it, it should be titled as such, since it will be how users ask Google about the issue.

In addition, its important that the extract shows the keyword and in a brief summary of what you say on your blog, it must have between 150 and 160 characters. Although, since the end of 2017 Google does not guarantee that this is what will be shown in SERPS, the search engine shows the text that best suits the user’s search and can have up to 300 characters on PC and 150 on mobile .

Sure you spend a lot of time choosing the images to take care of the design and editorial design of your blog, so the great searcher will also have to teach it. When uploading a photograph you must change the name of the ALT and include the keyword, so Google also knows what you show in it.

Finally, it is important that you always update your blog frequently with fresh content. If you need ideas on topics, you can search Google Trends for the most searched topics of the moment, so you can attract more users to your blog. Use keywords in your content but do not fall into over-optimization, also use synonyms. Length is important, never make posts of less than 300 words. If you want to write a perfect post, we have already given you the keys in our blog.

Being number one on Google is something that no one can assure you. But sure that by following all these steps, you increase the organic visits.


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