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Claves de marketing para vender moda online

Fashion industry is one of the most important in our country -beside being one of the most important in the economy- and has been forced to face the difficult challenge of digital transformation in which we are currently.

Given the technological and digital situation that we live today in almost all areas, some say that `if you´re not on the internet, you do not exist´. And we add: if you are a new fashion brand and you are not on the internet, you do not exist.

The online universe is a fundamental tool that can not be lacking in the fashion of our fashion brand and involves constant care, attention and updating, It is our showcase for all those users who browse the internet and want to know or acquire our product online.

Key to win on e-commerce

As we have said, e-commerce is a fundamental part and more protagonist for the triumph of our fashion brand. Therefore, its important to dedicate time to both, creation and maintenance.

Ecommerce de moda claves para su funcionamiento

There are certain marketing keys that will help us achieve the success of our online sales:

Visual identity. It is important that we maintain a consistent visual identity to the values and identity of our brand. Having this clear, we must keep the image of our e-commerce, update and attractive for users.

Intuitive operation. There are many web pages and many e-commerce that do not make it exactly easy to find out the way of navigation and purchase. We must create a simple operation, which does not involve complicated methods and with an easy and intuitive classification.

The best thing is to create a series of categories, based on common sense, and leave the web clear and easy to understand at a glance.

Photo quality. The objective is to sell our products and for this it is fundamental that we show them attractive. The quality of the photo must be impeccable and fulfill the function of showing the real items as they are.

To do this, you have to dedicate time to these photo shoots, taking into account the light, that the clothes are ironed and the accessories well placed. In addition, we can add some props that go with the style of the brand and help us achieve a more attractive result.

Easy payment method. It is the last point in the purchase process of our e-commerce and we have to make it easy for the user not to leave the web now that he know what he wants and has decided to buy it. Many brands make the mistake of including infinite questionnaires and very slow methods when it comes to paying and this ends up tiring consumers.

The best to opt is a simple, fast and effective payment process that does not waste time and practice at the time of purchase.

Attractive packaging. Brands are increasingly paying attention to this point, offering an attractive and original packaging. It is a plus of quality which improve the experience of our customers and achieve a loyalty of these.

The bar is getting higher and we have to spend time thinking about an attractive packaging that goes with the identity and image of the brand and that is pleasant for all those who receive the order at home. Receiving something that we have ordered through the internet is always exciting and we can take advantage of our packaging to extend and improve this moment.

Security and communication with the client. The post-sale communication is indispensable. We must provide all possible security to users who have trusted our website to make their purchases and for that we must answer all the questions they ask us as effectively as possible.

In addition, we can include a tracking of each order through which each user can know at what point the process is your purchase. Surely they appreciate it and encourages them to return to our website.

The fundamental role of social networks

We already know the importance of social networks in the world of marketing and when we talk about a fashion brand, Instagram ranks first as the main marketing tool.

Instagram como herramienta de marketing

In addition to supposing a perfect showcase where to show in an attractive and close way the products and the identity of the brand, now it includes an own purchase tool that facilitates the users the arrival to the web page of online sale: Instagram Shopping.

This social network is betting increasingly on the shopping experience and from the e-commerce we have to take advantage of this impulse to attract a greater number of users to our website. It is important to maintain the profile of the brand updated and active, with a careful image and permanent attention to the feedback of our followers.

We are not talking about forgetting offline marketing, just the opposite. It is about opening a double slope in our business and keeping both equally cared and updated. Just as we want to offer the best shopping experience to shoppers, we must also get the best online experience.

Will large-scale growth continue to be seen in e-commerce? for the moment, we must take advantage of this online shopping boom to make our fashion brand grow and advance through all the possibilities offered by the digital world.

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