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Although we have not been aware at the time, all we talked with machines on the Internet. Most likely that it happened more than once, and if one thing we must realize is that it will become increasingly common. The Chatbots are no longer a digital trend, they are a reality that large companies and brands are being taken seriously.

A chatbot is a software with ability to hold conversations with people thanks to Artificial Intelligence. They act as if they were real people, able to get real-time learning and improving its functionality.

Although we know great examples like Siri, Cortana and Google Now, and although the first chatbot (called Eliza) was created in the 60s by Joseph Wiezenbaum, is the last few months when the popularity of Chatbots is growing like wildfire. Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Slack are guilty of it. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, language processing is becoming more precise and that is why this new channel of customer interaction is exploding.

Customer Support

One of the great advantages of chatbots (which often operate in instant messaging applications) is the ability to offer customer support 24/7. What do you get with this? Nothing more and nothing less than enhance customer loyalty. Today most queries and doubts are not made by phone, they are carried out through social networks. The inability of many companies to be all the possible questions outstanding customer makes Chatbots be a very promising tool time. In addition, its ability to analyze more data (as you interact online, what you click or what things you like) allow you to define more clearly the answer.

Facebook is one of the companies that is more betting on this technology, is precisely facilitating small businesses with limited resources can also have a Chatbot in the future.

But not only chatbots are to resolve doubts and problems, they are also able to manage reservations in hotels and restaurants, do business transactions, providing information and news or interact with children. Speed ​​response (crucial in our days) makes users more loyal, rigth?

Great strides … and some other problem.

As noted above, Facebook is one of the technology that is more committed to supplying these tools developers API tools to generate these softwares. We already have examples of bots via Facebook Messenger.

  • Wall Street Journal and CNN: provide information, latest news or the state of the bag. Lookup Apple can Tecleando know the status of the shares of this company
  • Hi Poncho: chatbot animated example. This is a cat that strangely gives you weather information.
  • Sequel Stories: bot telling stories… but driven by you. You can follow various adventures but having the power to choose among various options.
  • Job Pal: Yes, bots can also help you find work. Through a series of questions and tell where you want to work, this tool shows you job offers that may interest you.

These may be examples of success (at least have started well) but there are also not so good. The most famous case was the bot Tay, by Microsoft. This software was created for informal and fun conversations with users on social networks. According to the company it was an experiment where the bot would be learning as users commented with him. What happened? In less than a day it had to be removed for airing on Twitter racist and xenophobic comments (almost nothing)

What do the users think about Bots?

According to a study by ORC International conducted in the United States, not all are favorable. Although there are more favorable generational bands, mainly Millennials, bots still have a significant way to go to convince users.

Something to keep in mind also will determine which sectors and companies can benefit from these applications. Those companies involving small commercial transactions (food or clothing) seem to have more opportunities.

chatbots y usuarios

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