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When we publicize a product or service there are many ways and options that can be followed. We will focus on the phenomenon of buzz marketing, also known as ‘advertising by word of mouth’. In the last years, consumers have acquired an importance of 100%, where their experiences and opinions are essential and that the product or service is released more easily.

This method is based on three stages:

  1. Teaser: Here the mark is not public, only it addresses the most important target audience in order to create interest, excitement or curiosity; for example, through a video. A clear case was the famous campaign of MTV “I Love Laura” that at first launched a viral video, attributed to the fictional association ‘Nuevo Renacer’ without naming the brand, and became a success. (Later we will discuss this particular case)
  2. Disclosure: In this stage, the intention is to reach a wider target audience, making public the brand, service or product.
  3. Explosion: It is in this last stage in which they communicate techniques press, radio or television to attract more potential users.

It must be noted that this process does not remove that they can take other subsequent campaigns as support and maintenance; such as merchandising, events and public relations, complementing each other.

Have you thought of referencing this technique in your next campaign? Here we’ll show you some cases of brands that have done it and it has been a real hit.

Who does not remember the famous campaign ‘I Love Laura’? The objective was the MTV brand awareness and specially to reinforce its position as a first channel music and entertainment among young Spaniards and carried it through a viral. Can you guess what was the result? Massively shared and discussed videos. Before the brand be public, still in the teaser phase, the video had already obtained 400,000 downloads being a boom.

Another brand which openly acknowledges that its main advertising is by word of mouth is Starbucks. Its main objective is to attract more people but to generate conversation between them. To do this, they write the name of the employee in the glass, they have free wifi, and comfortable seating, music environment to relax and reward customers with a loyalty card. In 2013, the company Expion measured which brands were more successful on Facebook, and Starbucks received the award for greater participation and conversation by his followers. They have created the expectation that a coffee becomes an experience through buzz marketing and making more and more pictures are shared in social networks by consumers with their products.

starbucks, buzz marketing

And we can not fail to mention Apple where this technique has been his greatest ally over the years. At the launch of iPhone5, only in Spain, they received 15,000 comments on Twitter by consumers and sharing their experiences with the product and recommending it. In fact, we owe the company the concept of “evangelization“, where the main objective is to involve consumers in promoting a brand. It was Guy Kawasaki, in the 80s, at that time responsible for the success of the Macintosh that continues lasting until today. A curious fact is that they has created a job of Buzz Marketing Manager aims to ensure that products appear in television series and some celebrities use their products in public events.


Previous experience, to present satisfactory using and consumption, and especially the recommendation by a third party service are the keys that move the user. Therefore, we are committed to buzz marketing campaigns. What about you?

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