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People have changed the way they buy products, but most companies have not changed the way they sell, and what it’s worse, many companies have no idea about what to do to re-engage theor customers.

New technologies have changed our day a day: laptops, tablets, smartphones… and have changed the way in which the “search, compare and buy something better” is now done without leaving the chair. Companies know this, but many do not know that the technology is so great, so changing and so different, as many do not know how to use it. We hear that having thousands of fans on Facebook is amazing for sales… and that website with shopping cart and “PayPal” makes the products sell themselves, and that having an App for Smartphones is the best way to reach the customers… But not all companies are equal, and each kind of client is different, so if we are dedicated to selling “lollipops and licorice” is not the same as if we sell “office furniture”, nor the client is the same and the type business is the same, and it’s likely that we have to use technology differently to get a benefit.

So when a company evolve arises the fact that customers want to improve through technology, not to do just what we hear that works for others. You have to reinvent, explore all options and choose those that are best for your business, and most importantly, do these “things” in the proper way, because being on Facebook (for example) can be in many ways, but the important thing is to find what’s really “our way”.

Suddenly there’s a lot of “stuff”: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Youtube, Smartphone, iPads, QR … if before there was only “have a website and be on google” now we have to keep up with many other options compatible with the website and give another dimension to our business. All this is much faster than us, but not something of the future, if not present, technologies that are already here and are changing the way people act when to buy, sell and socialize.

Years ago, we were going to buy a car traveling from dealer to dealer to request prices, compare them and then decide. Today we look first to the Internet, we report on the brand, model, version, extras … (many times the client knows the product better than the commercial itself), then look for dealers where you can buy and see its website , their social profiles … to finally connect with those who show more confidence and seriousness to us.

The best way to be on the internet and use new technologies effectively is to find someone who really knows, not a “friend that knows about these things” but a professional to guide us and help us to use new technologies to return captivate our customers. There’s no need to spend fortunes or be in all social networks, or have a website so sophisticated that even the contact section is hard to find, it’s enough to know where are my clients now and how can I reach them again.

“If you are within five years doing the same thing now, you’re out of business” Philip Kotler

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