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It is not a secret Internet has changed the world: people´s values, how quick people receive information and the way products and services are sold by brands. Everything has changed!

Every time it becomes necessary to use the Internet. It is important having web and social media allowing a “match” with their clients, keeping them informed and making sales.

This digital transformation process is seen as lots of businesses beginning to understand their digital presence is fundamental to their potential clients, but there were some issues that appeared. Brands recognized through social media began having issues with their connections, it is already time to humanize content.

Humanizing the brand is possible

An extremely powerful marketing tool by promoting loyalty and multiplying it is the relation between the brand and their clients; a simple smile, treating them well, a tone a voice; brands should offer more than products and services, creating experiences and generating emotions. Is this possible through a computer?

Even though imagining it seems impossible, reality is another thing. During the last years, brands are beginning to humanize themselves, giving themselves personality, adopting a head position, achieving fundamental links to clients. Let´s not forget: behind a brand there are people working in services for other people.

Humanizing a brand does not consist in being a cold shop, by changing to a devoted community, thanks to the link produced, means becoming the center of attention in your messages once your services and products are offered. These are some ways.

People for People

 By demonstrating to people you are part of a team is key when you are humanizing a brand, since it denotes transparency, proximity to users and giving a prideful business sensation.


Take advantage of the situation

Some important factors are events and determined dates for our target. Including link content becoming effective when we look for empathy in a community. 


Content Value  

No one goes to see the first deal on social media, it is important understanding, if we do not offer any interesting content to our users, slowly they will begin unfollowing us. We need to post interesting topics and they need to relate to our product in an indirect way. This way everyone appreciates the brand even more.


Demonstrate an experience  

Show people the true spirit of your brand and the feeling of experimenting your product. Let them imagine and share their experiences.



More than a product and service, your brand should reflect a living style. Your brand should have enthusiasm, share stories and should be human.


Brands looking for influencers 

Another effective resource and when brands begin implementing influencers. This practice results to be very profitable and innovative for some brands, even though, in general, it demands a high inversion, since not all brands are the kind to call out these types on announcements.

For example, the prestigious brand, Calvin Klein, hired two youthful models.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber and the model Kendall Jenner made an impact on millions of sales for garments all over the world. In this case, the hashtag #MyCalvins, the same one worked to obtain 1,6 millions of references and an increase of 3,6 millions of followers in social media for a couple of days.



This year, Oreo, one of the most sold cookies all over the world, launched the “Challenging Oreo” campaign. They used the singer, Christina Aguilera and the soccer player Neymar. The advertisement posts in social media, we can appreciate celebrities showing fans different ways of dipping the cookie in milk.


In the beginning of 2017, the model Bella Hadid was hired for Nike´s image for sneakers. It is all about x RT Nikelab Dunk Lux Chukka. In several social media advertisements, we can see the young 20-year old girl showing off her shoes, sometimes in Riccardo Tisci company, tennis designer.


These are the new directions for digital marketing, where the brands find the way to connect to the consumer in a subtle way, binding the brand together with feelings, real stories, people and experiences.

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