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If you have not heard about Bitcoin, you are from another world, because its the fashionable financial product.


Nowadays, digital payment methods are solid alternative to more traditional methods such as transfer, direct debit or credit card payment. PayPal, Amazon Payment or Skrill, have taken the lead in classic methods. especially by allowing greater speed in transactions and by simplifying payments. Added to this are other advantages, such as buyer and seller protection systems or bank details.

How the Bitcoin born?

The Bitcoin network appeared towards 2008, in the hands of Satoshi Nakamoto. Its a payment method that breaks with the fundamental principle of traditional forms of payment and distributes its homonymous currency. Bitcoin is open source; its a public design, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can participate.

What is Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin is the first decentralized virtual currency with legal validity to b used in internet transactions. It pretends to be the currency of the web and its symbol is BTC or ฿.

Which are the beneficts?

Through its many unique properties, Bitcoin allows interesting uses not contemplated by any previous payment system.
adaptación img_post bitcoinAnother advantage they offer, and that this makes it better accepted among users, is that its not necessary to reveal information or personal data or credit cards.

When did it start to be used?

It began to be used massively in May 2011 through Silk Road, in an anonymous market but the sale of illegal drugs caused the DEA to close the portal in 2013. This fact caused its price to increase from 183 dollars to 979 units. Since then it has not stopped raising its price, today its price is around 4,200 dollars. But do not worry, the bitcoin can be divided into cents, called satoshi as its founders.

Each Bitcoin is unique because they are generators through a complex mathematical code, which prevents it from being duplicated. In addition, its finite with a cap of about 21 million, as of that moment they will no longer be able to generate more.

Its said that the first purchase with Bitcoin was two pizzas.

Scheme of Cryptocurrencies

In Cryptocurrencies there are two key figures, the nodes and the miners. The nodes keep the copies updated, the miners perform the operations among themselves. In principal it was designed so that anyone who had a good computer could work on any of the two figures, but now you need a specific hardware, very expensive and energy-intensive.

Why use the Bitcoin?

Despite being a virtual currency, Bitcoin operates in a similar way as the euro or the dollar does, and therefore, in recent months its most popular use has been speculation, since the lack of regulation of this market can cause the price of bitcoins to rise or fall dramatically, causing some uncertainty and unreliability about its value.

What future awaits this currency?

Although it is still a bit uncertain, it does seem that it can become a powerful tool as a payment system, for the security of transfers, the privacy of the entire process, speed, lack of intermediaries…

So much so, that there are already many companies and online stores that already accept payments through Bitcoins.


For there to be control in the amount of currency that circulates, there is a cap of 21 million for 2040, at that time it will stop growing and the benefits will come from the commissions that the miners begin to charge for the transactions. But these commissions will be very low due to the volume of use expected in the market.

The bitcoin in short, is an investment, an alternative to money and is also an escape valve to not lose more value in your money and savings.

Do you think it’s worth investing?

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