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#7dElDebateDecisivo Twitter

A few days ago was “the big debate”, which put the 4 main political leaders face to face … Specifically 3 of them … and a half (three leaders and a “vice” ;-)).

AtresMedia dominated very well 2.0 communication, basic for an event of this kind of technological moment we live. They showed an advance the debate, “as it was cooking” from within, put cameras in cars carrying candidates to the studio and made several connections via Periscope. #7dElDebateDecisivo was national and global Trending Topic with more than 2.5 million tweets. Amazing, isn’t it?

The debate did not go unnoticed on social networks and had outstanding more than 9 million people through TV (48.2% share).

At the beginning of the debate participants were like this on twitter:

Pablo Iglesias: 1,353,727 followers.
Albert Rivera: 415,381 followers.
Pedro Sanchez: 214,720 followers.
Soraya Sáenz: 207,534 followers.

However, at the end of the debate they ended in this way:

Pablo Iglesias: 1,359,024 followers (+5297 – 0.38%)
Albert Rivera: with 419,745 followers (+4364 – 1.03%)
Pedro Sanchez: with 217,271 followers (+2551 – 1.17%)
Soraya Sáez: with 211,000 followers (+3466 – 1.64%)


The most retweets tweet was a comment that launched Alberto Garzón (Popular Unity) joking about his intervention in the debate, which got nearly 8,000 retweets. The profile network had more impact was Podemos.The twitter of PP was the third, Ciudadanos sixth and in the eighth position was PSOE.

But we did not want to be just on that data, and we wanted to dig a little deeper, get images, a debate that I catch many images with gestures, looks and details for some of the more than 3 million tweeters who were very aware and they managed to bring a tone of criticism and humor to what was happening, with special mention for the “House Water Watch Cooper (without-S)” by Pablo Iglesias inspired to create your own website ( and corresponding account Twitter @HoWaWaCo in minutes during the debate itself, and that “ripped” the corresponding via Twitter PriceWaterhouseCoopers promise of “making a rebranding depending on who will win the election.”



Below we have compiled some of the best “animated tweets” that were shared, many of them showing a reality in plan satirical criticism that makes us see the debate from a mood but really “almost complete” at the same time.









And here was the debate on social networks, but until 20D anything can happen … A final thought, isn’t it wonderful that people be aware to other people who can govern them, even if doing “memes”? Will this agitation in social media a preview of a high voter turnout? Very soon we’ll know!

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