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I wonder how our life will be without our smartphone as many of the apps make our everyday life better. We use some mobile applications such as WhatsApp to communicate each other, Google Maps to get about the city, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date… There is an endless list of apps for our mobile phones but now that 2015 is about to end, would you know what apps to use on your smartphone to make the most of the New Year’s Eve and have a nice start? We are going to show you a range of possibilities thanks to Social Media. This way, you will not miss any detail of it!


Let us start with preparations for the New Year’s Eve. Are you going to take the famous Spanish 12 grapes? You will be able to practise with the App Uvas de la suerte (lucky grapes) and therefore, you will begin 2016 gaving a satisfactory toast and knowing that you have finished eating your grapes at the time of the 12 strokes.

uvas 4 uvas 5

It is dinner time. Is it already prepared for that? There may be drinks missing and you may not know what to serve. With My cocktail baryou only need to select the ingredients you have and the app will show you a list of suggestions to make cocktails in order to offer to your guests.

03 cocktail 1 03 cocktail 2


Are you already having dinner and cannot you find anything interesting to watch on TV? This situation may bring you memories back to the past and a sentence will come to your mind: “TV of today is not what it was”. Well, you will be able to watch all the videos you like the most with Martes y Trece Goldthe humorous duet that accompanied million of Spaniards at dinners throughout many New Year’s Eves.

02 martes y trece 1 02 martes y trece 2

But be careful! TV is sometimes a simple company and we do not pay too much attention to it most of the time. This could make us distracted from watching TV and we can start talking with our relatives about different hot topics at the dinner such as politics and this could make us lost the thread of what we are saying. If you do not want this to occur, watch out for this app Noche de paz:


It could happen that you are having dinner at a relative’s home and they do not have a TV set. The time to take your grapes is close but… do not spread panic! You will be able to follow the strokes live with your smpartphone thanks to the app and therefore, having practised with the app ‘Uvas de la suerte’ will not have been in vain. 😉

04 rtve 1 04 rtve 2


After gaving the toast, we have the pressing need to manifest our joy because of the celebration of the New Year. There is no a better way to celebrate it than using fireworks! However, we cannot always throw them from the place in which we are situated so you can play a joke. The app Petardo Pro will be your perfect ally.

05 petardo pro 1 05 petardo pro 2

You have already taken the grapes, have given a toast and have celebrated it with fireworks. Now it is party time so that you close your year with a final flourish. You may have already planned something beforehand but do not worry about that in case you have not. Find events, the most popular parties, bars, discos and pubs in your city with the following app: Madrid y Barcelona partys.

06 fiesta 1 06 fiesta 2


Having celebrated the New Year’s Eve has taken your toll on you? You will find a list of remedies that will help you with heaving, headache, dehydration and other typical symptom caused by a hangover thanks to the app Hangover Cures:

07 resaca 1 07 resaca 2

Congratulations! The New Year is here but now it is time to make the New Year’s resolutions, the ones you expect to meet. The app Mr. Plan Propósitos Año Nuevo will be your new personal trainer on productivity. You will be able to easily organise yourself and get rid of stress out of your life. What a best way to start your New Year?

08 proposito 1 08 proposito 2

We hope all these apps for your mobile are helpful for you. Do you know any other app?

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