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Every decision Facebook made causes an earthquakes in the professional fields of those dedicated to the world of social networks and marketing. Some are undoubtedly positive, such as the one that was shown to the world last January by WhatsApp and its particular adaptation to the world of business with WhatsApp Business. However, the path taken by the Menlo Park on Facebook is much more daunting … for companies.

The excellence of this social network has undergone many changes throughout its history, most aimed at modernizing the aspect of it and improving the user experience. For example, recently the algorithm was changed to penalize as much as possible the phenomenon of clickbait and subtract reach all those publications that seek the cheap click with tricks like mysterious or exaggerated headlines.

Likes Facebook

What was Facebook looking for with this measure? In principle, improve the quality of the wall of its users and neutralize the ‘digital garbage’ that began to sneak into them in search of quick clicks that did not contribute anything inside. According to the explanation, this should benefit all those pages that published with extensive and worked descriptions, since it is assumed that this is an indicator of a higher quality content.

Fewer pages and more people

However, now things will get uglier for media pages and companies on Facebook. In an ad posted on Mark Zuckerbergs own wall, the creator of this social network announced to the world that from now on the algorithm of the same would change to show much less public content to users on its wall, to do so “encourage meaningful interactions between people.

Zuckerberg also said on Facebook they were aware that this measure would reduce the time users spend on the social network, but they expected it to be “more valuable”. All very altruistic and admirable, but… not for that reason the brand of Facebook has closed its last fiscal year with profits of more than 10 billion dollars, triple rised in 2015.

Pay to be seen

You have probably already noticed the change of dynamics in your personal Facebook wall. Many more posts of your friends in the social network and scarce from media pages and companies… except those that are marked as advertising. This leads us to think that, beyond the altruism of Facebook managers, the real intention hidden behind the latest decisions of Menlo Park is to support the Facebook Ads system.

Business Facebook

We have not yet reached the most feared measure between companies and media that has already been tested by Facebook in some countries: detaching the publications of friends and pages into two differentiated walls, which undoubtedly further reduce the organic weight of the latter in the walls of the users. According to a study managed by SocialFlow in 2016, the capacity of publications from media and pages had already been reduced by 42% due to changes in the algorithm. Undoubtedly, the recent change will aggravate these rate, something that will continue to lose organic effectiveness.

If the path traced by Facebook continues, most likely the pages of companies and media should change their strategy (once again) and increase their spending on advertising to reach their followers. The concept pf Pay Per View or Pay Per View, so well known in the world of television, slightly translates its meaning and becomes ‘payment to be seen’ in the digital world. A certainly less altruistic question… Mark Zuckerberg does not count on his wall.

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