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Creating a campaign in Google AdWords may not seem like a simple task, but certainly it is not impossible. The high visibility it provides and the fact that we can get new customers and increase the benefits of our project or business are enough reasons to try it. Don’t t you think?

This indispensable tool in almost any digital strategy should be studied carefully. Before we launch into action, we review six important tips that we should not miss:

1. Set up conversion tracking and linked with Analytics

Once it is clear for you what kind of conversion is the most beneficial for your business (sales, phone calls, app downloads…) one of the first things you should do is use Conversion Tracking, a tool that will tell you what users do after clicking on your ad and will determine whether it is effective or not.

You ‘ll know which keywords are converting, which device is more effective in your ad and of course and you will determine the ROI of your campaign. You can read the steps to configure it here.

One important step further is to link your AdWords account with Google Analytics. This way you’ll have a much more concrete vision of your campaigns and your website traffic due to the interesting feedback data from both tools.

2. Do not neglect your website

One of the main goals of any campaign is to be a relevant campaign, offering the closest thing to what users want. To do this, the chosen keyword should be similar to the ad and the ad should be similar to the website. Do not mislead users because when they click and see something that they do not , they will go back to Google and they will see something that they do not like.

Google places great emphasis on the experience of the destination page: providing useful, original and quality content and promoting transparency, confidence and facilitate navigation. Before starting to campaign, revise and think over your website because it will be crucial to establish a quality level of your ads, a ranking and costs.

3. A high bid does not guarantee a better positioning

AdWords is based on an auction system, but that does not mean that the one who sets the most will win the battle. On the Search Network , the ranking is calculated as follows:

rankingg anuncios SEM

The CPC Maximum is the maximum amount of the bid, the quality level is the relationship between the expected CTR, ad relevance and the expertise of the landing page. Finally, it is also important the impact of extensions (location, call and so on). As you can see, the maximum CPC is not everything!

4. Target your ads well. Segmentation

Ensure that your target audience really show your ads because is essential to succeed. You can work your text but if  you don`t teach anyone is like do nothing. You need to know who your audience is , where is , their interests, how they interact , when it does, etc. From there , you can segment your campaigns effectively. In the search for Google and the Search Network you can target by:

  • Keywords: The more relevant it is, the more likely it will have a good position.
  • Geotargeting and language targeting: You can include or exclude sites or languages ​​to make your ad more effective. Very Important: To determine the language, Google takes the user’s browser language.
  • By device.
  • By Audience: segmenting for users who have previously visited your website (remarketing)

5. Familiarize yourself with keywords and concordances

We surely feel unsure on the first campaign or we aren’t concrete in the campaign but studying, testing, measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of keywords will be avoiding mistakes and be keeping improving the different processes. With practice you can make interesting tactics such as the use of negative words crossed by concordance.

6. Your work does not end when you launch the campaign

Yes, it may costs a lot to launch some campaigns, but the best comes later when you see your operation and you realize that you can further optimize and can make more profits. Segment, measure, improve, check… and again … segment!

campaña SEM efectiva

Do you think there are a more essential thing to include in the list? Leave your comment!

Images: Google Academies

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