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One of the objectives we seek in Tilo is to digitize our customers with applications, resources and technological support to enable them to perform their work in a more agile and optimally. We tried to make technology and digital communication help them in their daily lives.

Digital transformation is a process that undoubtedly helps companies, connected companies sell more, because they reach customers in a continuous directly (through mobile devices) and (with a simple search the customer can contact the company)

This digital processing also allows you to collect a lot of information about customers that can be used in the future to reach them almost personalized also digitizing companies also improves your reputation, modernizing the brand image and making them closer your prospects.

Based on this goal, we thought about how we could help other sectors through digitization and for this we have compiled some of the apps directed the union of teachers who can make your day more enjoyable day.

1.- Too Noisy 

This app has been developed to keep the noise level in the classroom with visual encouragement aimed at students (primary in this case) The application interface is changing depending on noise levels, making students aware of when they are ” revolutionizing ” too. In this way students are aware of the noise being generated and can reduce it without the teacher having to intervene. This application can be used on tablets and electronic whiteboards and that is a great way to give students responsibilities through something that they love as is technology.

2.- GoConqr 

GoConqr is an application with almost two million users sharing notes, notes, tasks etc… between students and teacher. This ability to share not only improves communication in the classroom but also helps students to work in the digital world generally used only for leisure.


3.- Remind 

Remind is a mobile application that allows teachers to communicate not only with students but also with their parents. With this tool teachers can directly involve parents in the education of their children (not in education ) to share with it and also avoid “blind spots” of students when remembering tasks with their ads via mobile phone and even live chat.

4.- Educreations

Educreations gives the possibility to share with students all kinds of notes, comments and reviews both the lessons that are given as of the doubts that might have students through graphics, drawings and text. The application is designed for a classroom 100% digital and allows sharing all information across multiple platforms such as Dropbox, Drive and even Facebook or Twitter.


5.- Socrative Teacher 

This application helps teachers continually assess their students allowing you to create tests of open questions, true / false multiple choice… plus Socrative Teacher sharing these tests between other teachers so that they can measure the progress of students in different subjects.

6.- Class Dojo 

ClassDojo improves the classroom environment through continuous communication between teachers, students and parents. Allows sharing notes, homework, chores, activities and even photos of classes with parents. Also, the application can communicate with the father privately through direct messages or send a broadcast as an advertisement for all parents. With this application, teachers can also evaluate students daily depending on the behavior they have had and share this assessment with parents to involve them.


Do you know any tool that can help teachers in their work? Would you recommend any of the applications we have selected?

We look forward to your comments!

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