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Community managers are always rushing. They want everything for yesterday. We spend all day running around hoping for a miracle and we become desperate when there is an urgent manner. When the time comes to create, we will put boundaries and in that moment there is no way going back. Our enemies of creativity have invaded us. Some super villains that are terrifying with every step we take, but they end up like Gru; if you stop considering villains, they will stop to do so.

As a community manager it is normal to have a panic attack every now and then. Not sure what to say, unwilling to repeat content, not risking some situations…but something is clear: if we can handle difficult clients and last minute changes, we can do anything.

Do you want to know what are the 5 principal enemies of creativity and how to defeat them?

1. Perfectionism

Just like Erik Kessels would say, “perfection is not a good strategy for creativity” it is curios how they have accustomed us to think about the opposite: perfectionism is good and our idea can be better than the rest. However, it is not different from the reality. Perfection will end up with everything under control and that is impossible. Not everything will come out the way we want it to. There is not a remedy to assume.

What is the key? Stop looking for perfection and begin to look for a balance between quality and dedication. You will feel free to create and manage to surprise yourself.

2. Doubts

How many times have you blocked yourself to have two options and not know which one to choose? Surely more than one, but, the more time you spend thinking about a decision will always end up bringing new options and you will be absorbed with a temporal space you cannot leave.

3. Conformity

Sounds like a contradiction about conformity and perfectionism are on the same list, two concepts that are completely opposite, but it is possible. If perfection blocks our creativity, the conformity cuts our wings. Sometimes we are always on the rush and we begin to think our first idea is the best one. We think: “well, it is not bad at all” and we begin ahead with them, even if it is not the love of our life.

Just as my father would say: not too little not too much. Maybe your first idea is the best, maybe it is the one you end up choosing, but it is better to give it your all in order to advance.


4. Lack of Sleep

There are two types of people: the productive ones during the day and the ones at night. Many times a creative person is associated with someone who never sleeps, but even if you are productive during the daylight, you still need to sleep. When you do not sleep enough, it takes more effort to think. That´s why, it is important to respect 8 hours of sleep.

In fact, according to a study at the University of Haifa (Israel), when a person is more creative, he/she sleeps more. This does not mean the person sleeps better, so: do not expose yourself to electronic devices before going to sleep, avoid coffee certain hours, naps should not be more than 20 minutes and do a little bit of exercise (even though it is just walking around the hallway).

5. Hyper connection

I begin to write. I unblock my phone. I look at my Whatsapp. I look at my Instagram. I look at Facebook. I focus on memes and look at recipes that look easy to make but then come out like a churro. I begin to write. If you go through this way, forget it, you will then lose track of what you are doing.

Leave the places with your phone, computer, spaces with a lot of people, noise and if you are missing out, think about it. Being alone in a place where we feel comfortable, helps us eliminate unnecessary distractions that will only stop our inspiration.

Now that you know the 5 enemies of creativity and how to defeat them it is up to you to take control. Sometimes we do not notice we should keep our eyes open to small details.


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