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Facebook is like a 24/7community manager. He never sleeps and is always looking for to all the demands of his main source of income: companies. For this reason, every so often the social network launches new formats or renews existing ones with the aim of offering a better experience to its advertisers. We tell you what are the latest 3 news from Facebook Ads and how you can use them to optimize your campaigns.


This novelty arose at the end of September in the United States, but some countries have discovered it these days. What does it consist of? The objective “Messages“, appears to you when you create a campaign in Facebook Ads, looks for generate conversations between brands and users to help on completing purchases, to offer attention to the client or to solve doubts.

Novedades Facebook Ads 14

From now on, companies can use this objective to optimize “Clicks for Messenger” ad format, in order to reach those people who, according to the platform, are more willing to answer their publications.

How can you use this novelty to improve your campaigns? For example, announcing a new product whose text encourages the completion of a question (for example, the price). In this way, users will click on the ad and land in conversation with your company. To do this, you can choose to create chatbot that manages the planned questions.

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A year ago, Facebook launched Canvas, a new mobile ad format designed to be the king of the crown thanks to its interactivity and immersion (full screen). However, when creating a Canvas, many advertisers had some difficulty on choosing the right content. Remember that this format allows us to mix text, videos, image gallery, collections, etc.

Apparently, Zuckerberg has noticed and has released 3 new templates to facilitate the creation of this type of ads. How can you optimize your campaigns with them? Each template has 3 different objectives: sell a product, publish your business or get new customers. Depending on your goal, you can create a Canvas following the model of the template.

Here is an example of Canvas with the objective of “making a business known”:

Novedades-Facebook-Ads-9 copia copia

Novedades-Facebook-Ads-10 copia

If you want to know more about these new templates, enter here. It’s much simpler now!


Although users know your products or your business through their mobile devices, most of the purchases are still made in physical stores.

Therefore, the platform launched last year a beta version of the “Events that occur outside the Internet”, which consists of relating data from the offline activities of a business (reservations by phone, visits in stores …) with campaigns of Facebook Ads to measure your real profitability and ROI.

Well, now Facebook allows you to create a list of “Personal Audiences” based on the data of the offline events that you have uploaded to Business Manager. This way, you will not only be able to reach those people who were at your premises last month or who called you for a specific offer, but also create similar audiences from that database.

Novedades-Facebook-Ads-12 copia

An example? Imagine that a business wants to reconnect with people who spent more than € 50 in the physical store in November. In order for your Facebook ads to reach only those people, you must create a personalized audience based on an “offline event of people who spent more than € 50” (that data is uploaded by hand from Business) that you have previously tracked . Here is a guide to upload an event off the Internet in the ad manager.

But that´s not all! Facebook now also allows us to build personalized and similar audiences of people who have interacted with your videos, Canvas in full screen, lead forms, your Instagram company profile or with your events.

Novedades-Facebook-Ads-13 copia

According to some media, the next developments in this regard will be aimed at the creation of custom or similar audiences, based on the time spent by users in an advertisement, as well as the “shared” that are made of it. Over time we’ll see if Facebook finally decides to implement them on its platform. For now, the only thing we can do is to assimilate these new developments and predict what the next steps of Facebook will be for next year.

We’ve told you what are the 3 most recent news with which you can optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns, but do you know any more? Do you think they will be useful to improve our ads? Leave us a comment!

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