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There are certain unavoidable events in the digital marketing area, where a host of industry experts gather to meet, share their knowledge, listen, learn, discuss and, of course, have fun in a close, relaxed atmosphere and the once highly professional.

One of these events was the recent Web 2016 Congress of Zaragoza , and Tilo we do not want to miss taking the AVE from Madrid and plantándonos there several of our representatives. Among them, the undersigned these lines 😉

There were three exceptionally productive days in which we mingle with other fellow online marketing professionals and we obtained valuable advice and knowledge in the form of beads, then we want to capture. They are not all they are, but they are all that are.

  • If you want they click, surround it of nothing

And, according to Arturo Marimon, in his presentation “Hacking persons” nothing reinforces the content and call to action, because if the continent does not accompany the content is useless.

  • Death to bullshit. El time to first byte is the key for anything

PedroMartínez told us the keys to the AMP project, which Google will show mobile pages much faster and with better visibility at Mobile SEO Organic. Everything accessory is irrelevant.

  • Doing SEO, you decide what is essential and start there

For Mister Muñoz and I think that for all that we are immersed in this world, the architecture of a web site is paramount and essential when optimizing a project. And how is designed touch is essential when facing a work of millions of possible combinations.

  • The machine learning will change the way we optimize the web

César Aparicio found us a growth of exponential knowledge and the rise of artificial intelligence leads us inexorably to a machine learning where the machines will be able to learn, with the consequent evolution of ( among other things) search engines: Penguin, Panda, semantics…

  • The inbounding generates short-term results

Inbound marketing consist in the complete sales process optimization: from acquisition, to sales and retention. This, Pau Valdes assured us that an investment in inbound marketing provides results from day one.

  • The magic tool does not exist

Lakil Essady spoke on “How to design a perfect SEO strategy” in a paper that was no lack of memorable quotes as your own header or the following: “The tactic is not strategy”, “the audit is not consulting”, “no do linkbuilding, generates notoriety” and “You only have competition only if you are poor”.

  • Ask people what they need and how much would they pay, and evaluate it

The costumer ir right. Their wishes should be our priorities, so the definition of a project, Victor Puig told us that we should be “simple, clear and direct” as well as knowing how to communicate because it is not the same know-how to know how to sell. “No money, no honey.”

  • Do not ask them to follow you in RR.SS., show them why they should do

Bruno Vázquez-Dodero told us a number of marketing strategies for small businesses on a budget and sectors priori complicated. Two key points were clear: we must introduce online actions within the development of our product or service, and “there’s nothing like recommendation marketing.”

Bruno Vázquez-Dodero nos comentó una serie de estrategias de Marketing para pymes con poco presupuesto y sectores a priori complicados. Dos puntos clave quedaron claros: debemos introducir acciones online dentro del desarrollo de nuestro producto o servicio, y «no hay nada como el marketing de recomendación».


  • Optimize your digital projects through testing with users

Many times users expect either method of operation as they are in physical or digital environment, and the UX is not always correct. Daniel Torres Burriel suggested we test the environment with users before and during the action to always get the best results and user experience.

  • On the Internet not everything is right. There are laws and very hard penalites

This was not a talk to use, but a set of legal questions from users Paloma Llaneza, in a relaxed and fun tone, legally advised us on the most diverse issues on the use of internet.

  • Doing SEO there are buccaneers, pirates and privateers

Miguel López warned us of the dangers of the sea and navigation. In the war of optimization, one juggles on the thin line between white, gray and black -hat, or directly plunders with hacking, copies, forgeries, thefts, attacks… You have to know what is a crime, how to detect and protect us.

  • If you do not measure, you do not know what works and what does not

Ana Soplón encouraged us to plan, measure and calculate the return on every euro invested with attribution models to understand and optimize our marketing strategy online user knowing the path to purchase. Measure, measure and measure. That is the question.

  • Successful strategies are built on strengths , not weaknesses

In a genuinely motivating exhibition, Xavier Colomés showed us how to go beyond tactics to design, implement and monitor online winning strategies. Some of his most captivating phrases were “the future is not expected, is created”, “strategy is what I do , not what I can” and “-people culture, values ​​, principles, mission- feeding strategy.”

We hope that these little capsules of knowledge will prove as evocative as we can get them and ideas to boost your strategy. For our part, we can only say goodbye to the next edition in which for sure come back with new ideas and renewed desire to continue learning year.

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