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We live in a society where consumers perform in a group and they are forced to choose products to meet their needs. Needing to lead a healthy life, being good about yourself or just joining the flood of fitness that is triumphing nowadays gives you a distinctive label. We are talking about the goal of doing exercise and that role model who becomes a discipline changes many routines.

Running or “fashionable drug”, as it is known, has become a social phenomenon in recent years and it is reflected in many popular races which gathers a large number of runners wearing bold colors in their outfits -especially the flourescent yellow ones-. Do you know what the three more addictive sports are? Running, golf and paddle. We have to be careful not to overstep the marks from the healthy thing to the pathological one.


There are many sort of sports and there is a lifestyle and way of dressing in any kind of them. It also has its own language. As we all know, every starting point cames from a necessity. Nowadays, we have all kind of mobile apps about anything and the sporty ones did not obviously wanted to let the change of creating dependency on their users in such a way that these apps are now indispensable. We all have a friend who shares on social networks every single kilometre he or she has run in an afternoon, also the calories he or she has lost in a morning or he or she has just taken a photo of himself/ herself in the gym with his/ her outfit of the day. Do we really care about it? Is it necessary to share that information publicly? The answer is ‘Yes’. Such is the necessity they have created on us that we really need to share our challenges and achievements to the world in any way and feel we are part of the sports world.

Sports applications have not only found their place into athletes’ arms, which is the most common spot where smartphone are fixed when jogging. They also have been inspiration for the plans of large sporting goods companies whose products have been modified in the last few months so to provide greater product profitability.

If you are those who get about the sports environment or that is your purpose for this year, take note of these apps. They are the most downloaded and used by users. It does not matter which sports you practise as there are a lot of applications to work out from home, go running or just take care of your eating habits. You will find the one that fits best with you and your lifestyle.



It registers the time, the speed and the calories burned in your sports activity.


This app has been designed not only for runners but also for cyclists since it has multiple workouts for all of them.


It allows the control of physical indicators through smart clothes .


You can find activities of more than 80 sports created by other users or specialized instructors, but it also allows the option to self-organise them or you can join groups of like-minded players.


Un clásico entre las apps para corredores. Creada en 2009, también vigila los niveles de hidratación de los más deportistas.


A classic among the apps for runners. Created in 2009, also monitors hydration levels of the athletes.


The app intends to carry seven minutes of daily exercise for 7 months to get build muscle, tone up and lose weight.

Daily Leg Workout:

This app is perfect to do exercise at home. Each exercise is explained on a video so the user can perform these activities correctly. It includes a timer.


Apart from monitoring and controlling the activity progress, it helps track the route via GPS if you are running or biking.

Yoga Estira:

It has a catalog of traditional yoga postures to improve strength, balance and posture.

Padel App:

This is the most popular Paddle app available on Android with over 10,000 downloads on Play Store. Padel App lets you keep track of your paddle games and view statistics about your progress in the game.


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