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Do you know everything about Social Networks? We are confident that after this little-known list, you will change your mind…

After the outbreak of the “Internet bubble” and the arrival of Friendster (2002) or Facebook (2004), sites that allowed connect with real friends, social networks were expanding in every directions and categories, reaching very high points maturity and activity levels ever designed.

Precisely these networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn…) which most people connect us every day, or even every minute of our existence, although today there are other networks, not very popular and kind of strange, we have at our disposal.

Let’s start with the ones that caught my attention the most:

1. Livr

Nothing less than a social network aimed directly to people who have more than one drink over, and when we say only, is because no one who is not able to enter mildly drunk as you will have to undergo a breathalyser test.

Once inside this app you could share pictures, stories and even send pictures of those moments of “joy” of course if your alcohol levels permit. Amazing, isn’t it?

2. RedKaraoke

Going to a karaoke just to sing is a thing of the past and with this social network you will forget all nightclubs (and if you are someone who does not sing very well, even more) because you will have at your fingertips an app to catalog the world’s largest karaoke.

The best part is you will share your talent with over 2.5 million music lovers willing to hear your songs. This app has an editor and especial effects to polish these details voice that sometimes fail. 😉 Do you want to have a go?

3. Prison Inmates

This network, known in the US, is a tool specially designed for all those who purged a prison sentence. This network has many possibilities and types of connections, including the possibility to keep the contact between prisoners and their companions who have completed their sentence.

If you were ever imprisoned, you should think about using it.

4. Cloak

If you are someone who don´t like to run into unpleasant people, or just want to avoid any person, or ex-partner, definitely this is the Social Network made for you. Cloak is a tool that is based on the geolocation of the contacts we have in our networks, in order to tell us when we are about to meet them so you can avoid unpleasant encounters. Do you want to try?

5. Couple

This Social Network is distinguished from many others, because in it your friends list will be reduced to 1. Couple is specially aimed at couples, and it can share important events, messages, photos, videos, drawings and many more options, all with total privacy. Now you will not have excuses to get the “cheesy” side in you.

6. Vinovino

If you are a wine lover and you like sharing experiences, you have to have this app in your directory. This is an app that allows you to conduct meetings with like-minded people as you like and have a good time enjoying good wine. A rather striking feature is that it uses augmented reality to recognize bottles of wine and make suggestions. It sounds interesting right? Have a try!

7. Twindog

If you’re looking for a partner for your pet here is the tinder for puppies. The app has a performance very similar to tinder and allows for a complete profile for you to get to / the perfect partner a for your pet. This app is based on geolocation, so you can find a partner for your cocky as sooner and closer to home.

8. Pheed

We could not fail to mention pheed. A social network back in 2012 was so famous that it would be the queen of networks with the power to leave behind Facebook and Twitter.

In this network, users were able to share text, pictures, audios and videos. Even it had the ability to share live broadcasts with pay-per-view option, which users established prices to its content. A very interesting network that disappeared without a trace.

9. Learnist

A Social Network designed for eye-catching all those who like to sharing quality content. In Learnist you can participate in sharing content, selected the best content and grouped by subject. The collaboration in this network is essential and worth it and the most of the content is in English. This network is available to all devices.

10. Ello

Auto network called “anti-Facebook”, is a platform that is against the collection of user data and seeks to be an alternative to other existing networks. Its operation is similar to other networks and provides a new system of free advertising.

After seeing this list, would you like to try any of them?

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