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It is difficult to determine a value we cannot interact with. It is interesting but, sometimes, coming to an agreement is easier than valuing a friendship. What if we talk about brands, let´s go to an ocean full of fish, would it be possible to know the 10 most influential tech brands?

We know a valuable brand is intangible every time it has more importance in our generation. Brand value is born precisely to measure a value we obtain due to the different variables and factors that are influencing the position of the market.

The importance of knowing the value of the brands drifts the saturation to a market where more products exist, more brands and less opportunities from what the consumer sees in. Therefore, between the best, it is not easy.


What are the 10 most influential tech brands in the world?

Google, is considered to be the most valuable brand in 2011 and 5 years later after Apple, recuperates its leadership. Besides increasing, 24% of its value last year, going over from 88.173 millions of dollars to 109,470.

However, in Cupertino, California, they are not happy. According to the Brand Value in 2017, besides staying in the second ranking spot, Apple has fallen 27%, passing from a valuable brand of 145.918 to 107.141 millions of dollars. Brand Finance indicates this city can overexploit the good choices from the clients and not demonstrate new innovative technologies in between the plans.

From Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, third, fourth and fifth place respectively, we have stood out positively in 2016, especially in Facebook where it has accomplished increasing an 82% of value in a brand.

In the 10 high influential rank brands, Google is situated as number one in the economic value due to, principally, to publicists. Followed by Apple and Amazon and after Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung, IBM, Ailbaba Group, Oracle and Huawei.

From the best 100 ranking brands of the country, practically the majority of the companies (47 out of 100) originated from the United States. Japan comes next, with 18 and China with 16. It stands out, for the first time these last couple of years, two Chinese businesses have positioned themselves between 10 years: Alibaba group (known for their powerful online Chinese bazar through Aliexpress) and Huawei. However, Spain, gets ready for one classified brand: Amadeus, which is found in the 85th ranking spot.

With the computer graphics we can see the classification of the best 20 brands (the first 10 detailed), the evolution of the 5 best in the last 5 years and in the countries the first 100 are found.

Computer graphics assigned to StampaPrint 

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