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How many times have we heard about the famous sentence “The content is the king” in the last few years? Maybe you have read it many times, right? Every brand or company that wants to succeed on the Internet has an obligation to devote efforts and provide good content to users if they want them to be “hooked” on their products or services and therefore, these users can become into customers.

Content Marketing has become an essential part of any digital strategy and today one of its factors to keep in it mind is video. According to many posts,  video on the Internet is one of the trends in 2016, but some information does make it a reality. Do you still doubt of the power of video? Read the following impressive pieces of information!

1. “One minute image has the same impact as 1.8 million words” ( Forrester )

McQuivery James Forrester analyst, made ​​this shocking assessment. If you prefer still write, keep in mind that you should do it for 150 days in order to have the impact of one minute video.

2. It is 41% likelihood that a user clicks on a video before reading a text

Right now, video format is more attractive and interesting for users as it captures their attention faster and further information is retained better.

3. 62% of Google results contains a video, 80% of them are from Youtube

It is not only the fact that this format is preferred by users, but also it makes your content is better positioned on search results. Of course, it is because Google ‘favors’ its audiovisual network, Youtube .

4. 10 seconds is what a corporate video needs to catch your attention

A study by Visible Measures says that 20% of users hold up to 10 seconds or less. After 30 seconds 1/3 will be lost.

5. 70% of the companies consider video the most powerful skill in their strategies

Two out of three of them even believe that video will dominate its whole strategy in the future.

6. Vertical video represents a 29% on mobile

Which for many it can be a nightmare, for others it is considered a trend. Mobile phones and applications have changed the way we make videos and Youtube has also adapted.

7. We spend more than 100 hours per day watching a video on Facebook

The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg wants to get videos into our head. Apart from making important contributions such as autoplay or 360 videos (I recommend you test it out on your mobile phone) Facebook has admitted working on an exclusive channel for video. In addition, we will be able to access video streaming via Facebook Live very soon. Currently it is only available for iPhone.

8. On Snapchat, 6.000 million videos a day are played

This fetish social network for teenagers is growing day by day. Long self destructible video up to 10 seconds have been multiplied by three since last May in 2015.

9. Periscope has already reached 100 million streams

Live video is trending. In this world where Facebook almost just landed, Periscope is ‘the Queen ‘app on Twitter (for now). They recently announced their partnership with Go Pro and the chance to view videos directly on Twitter .

10. Spotify, the last one to jump on the bandwagon

According to the music that every single user listens, Spotify will offer videos. No, they will not be videoclips but episodes of popular television shows.

In case you would like to get further information, I leave you a gift below with more interesting facts:

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Source: Europa Press, Techcrunch, El País, Fast Company and Puromarketing

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