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The Annual Social Networks Research 2016 has already come to light and it allows us to know a little better the user behaviour on social networks in Spain.

For those who unknow it, IAB Spain is an organisation representing advertising, marketing and digital communication area and they have been performing this research since 2009.

Thanks to this, we know such important data like the fact that Facebook is in the lead as the most used Social Network (94%), that other apps like Whatsapp has been considered as social networks and have been included on the research and that the use of Twitter has decreased compared to the last year… but what lies beyond all this data? We can deduct many conclusions out of this research! Digital advertising, e-commerce and brands have also a high relevance on this. Watch out all this key data!

1. 81% use social networks in Spain, less than the last year

It does not seem much but this figure represents more than 15 million users in our country, being 1% less than in 2015. Likewise, we can conclude that there is little difference between sex and that young people, which suppose an average of 36 years old, is still the predominant user who uses social networks the most.

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IAB Spain

2. The main use of social networks is still “social”

This is evidenced by this research that states that 79% of users use social networks in order to chat, send messages or just to see what their contacts do. For certain, all this is because of the rise of the use of apps like Whatsapp or Telegram.

Youtube and Spotify are two social networks (can we really consider it as such?) with increasing penetration on users. And the thing is that watching videos and music is yet to be a very common activity.

3. Mobile is up but PC is still the winner

The use of mobile phone is on the rise (91 %) and this reflects on applications such as Whatsapp (89 %), Facebook (69 %), YouTube (41%) and Twitter (38%). However , 94 % of users access to social networks through the computer, being from 20:30 to 00:30 h the ‘prime time’. In spite of the decrease that it has experienced, Facebook remains the most used (89 %) on the computer network. Youtube (59%) follows it very close and also Twitter (33%).

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IAB Spain

4. A 85% follows ‘influencers’

A 29% of users read and share the content of the influencers they follow, whereas 71% of the users only read it. On the podium of this section is current issues as a most interested topic for users. They are also interested in politics and society (15%), fashion (13%, sports (13%) and information technology (8%).

5. 47% follows a brand profile in order to keep up to date

This is not the only reason. The connection with the brand and the fact that you can obtain profit of it through raffles and discounts are reasons why users began to follow brands on Twitter or became fan on Facebook. This has happened in recent years , although the decline has experienced about 2014 is noteworthy.

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IAB Spain

6. 42% follows a brand on social networks for the interesting content they share

Interesting contest… that is the key of what users expect of brands on social networks! Users like promotions and updated content, being the dynamism and publishing content highly relevant for them.

On the contrary, loyalty offers falls back one more year. However, the interest te be in contact with Customer Care and engagement with the brand has increased.

dato 6

IAB Spain

7. Facebook is the most chosen social network to follow brand updates (81%)

One more time, Facebook leads back a category of this research, even though it experiences a decrease of 7% with respect 2014 (88%) and Twitter is very near of it with 25%. On the other side, Instagram (11%) achieves a 5% rise compared to 2014.

dato 7

IAB Spain

8. 51% thinks advertising is positive

This is a fact by which many professionals of this sector are surely keen to! There is still no perception of saturation in advertising on social networks. However, facing 51 % of users who think that advertising even provides them information, a 9 % believe that social networks should not be used for that purpose and more than 20 % state that advertising bothers them.

9. Facebook influences 65% in the purchasing process

This is another fact that will not go unnoticed by professionals of this area! What is curious is that only 14 % reported having ever bought through a social network, being the youngest people the most likely to purchase through this digital mean.

Users take into account good prices and interest in the product when it comes to purchasing. Clothes, footwear and accessories are the most demanded products.

10. 1 out of 3 look for the brand after having watched an ad

Here is another data which could interest us a lot and manifests the importance for brand to have presence on social networks.

La frecuencia de visita a redes sociales a través de anuncios de viajes, estancias y música sube considerablemente. The frequency of visits to social networks through ad journeys and music rises considerably.

Regards as sex interests, women show more interest in beauty and fashion whereas men are more interested in trips, devices and information technology.

dato 10

IAB Spain

What do you think of all this data? Would you stand out any other one from this IAB Spain research? Do you think brands in general should reconsider a change in their content strategy? We would love to know your opinion.

Source: IAB Spain

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