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As every year, great professionals of the digital world meet on April 25 and 26 at Ifema, to promote the exchange of ideas, experiences, tools and, in addition, we know the point of view of the speakers and some attendees. We have not been able to resist going to OMExpo 2018. Do you want to join us?

Artificial intelligence, electronic commerce, retail, neuromarketing, virtual reality, marketing strategies, digital transformation… but the word that has most been heard at the fair has been EMPATHY. Yes, empathy, we have to position our self in the client’s place to be able to know what he truly feels and thus earn his TRUST.

Next, I will mention five concepts to consider in order to gain that trust with the consumer in the long term.

1. Understand what they need

Would you love to be at home calm and receive some garments for you to try and only charge the ones you do not return? Well, it exists. No need to make a prior purchase and we must recognize that Amazon does it very well. Laureano Turienzo, member of the Board of Directors of Retail Institute Spain & Latamen, in his Retail Horizon 2020 talk, mentioned the service of Prime Wardrobe.

You must request a minimum of three items to be sent free of charge. The big advantage is that you are charged a week to place the order and if you stay with more than three items you get a 10% discount. If you stay with more than five, 20%. The benefit of the next day shipping and the discounts that Amazon can afford, are the great advantages of being such a powerful company.

Laureano Turienzo

Laureano Turienzo, miembro del Consejo de Administración del Retail Institute Spain & LatamProvides value

2. Provides value

Sell, yes, but not (so) directly. Most major brands work their RRSS to sell us a product or use showcase influencers. Social Media does not serve to sell, it serves to create needs. It is a means of customer service that serves as a funnel to achieve the final sale. You have to know how to dose the ad (in different digital media and where it is sponsored). Products are no longer valid, the market is changing, experiences are worthwhile. To make it better understood, I’ll set an example for Coca-Cola. Coca-cola equals ‘Happiness’ and does not directly sell the product. Let’s try to follow this example in our digital strategy and look for our value to enhance it. If something excites, nobody cares if it has a brand behind, in fact, they will be delighted that the brand has shown it to them.



3. Spectator or protagonist?

What type of brand do you choose to be? Spectator or protagonist? If you are a protagonist, you can build the future. If you are a spectator there will be no window to claims. There are few leading brands because there is much unknown fear and it is, in that fear, where the treasure is found. These words are from Andy Stalman and mentioned in his speech by Cristina Delgado at the Retail Congress. After this reflection, you know the answer, you have to be a PROTAGONIST. We have to go a step further and not talk about the future, but to create it.

4. Permission Marketing

Jaime Valverde, head of social at Mapfre, mentioned businessman Seth Godin in his talk. Have you heard about the permission marketing? Our attention is an increasingly deficient resource. It is practically impossible for the consumer to pay attention to everything that is offered. The crisis of attention makes it increasingly difficult for professionals in the sector. Permission marketing is very simple: we all have very limited time, and learning to manage that time properly is a task that requires a conscious effort. To do this, you have to establish a dialogue between the user and the brand itself instead of «invading» their space with advertisements and interrupting it. The marketing professional should ask the consumer if they want to receive more information for the sales process. If we make the client participate in a raffle, coupon, discount voucher, we will have won something that no competitor can take away from us.

Jaime Valverde, head of social at Mapfre

Jaime Valverde, head of social at Mapfre

5. Trust

We have to think more what our clients wants to hear, not what we want to tell them. This could be a headline obtained from the talk how to turn users into #brandlovers and not #brandhaters by Lucas García, founder and head of brand strategy and innovation at Social Mood. The importance of Brand lovers is fundamental, since each time a comment or a recommendation from a user is sought, we rely more on the comments we read about people who have already had that experience before us and we let ourselves be carried away by them.

Lucas García, fundador y responsable de estrategia de marca e innovación – Social Mood

Lucas García, fundador y responsable de estrategia de marca e innovación – Social Mood

In short, to sell, the important thing is to think about the consumer and achieve empathy. It is proven that when you create true empathy with your client, you convey a sense of confidence and well-being.

Have you visited OMExpo 2018? What have you liked the most?

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