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La estrategia de marketing detrás de los desfiles de moda

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Instagram tiene canal de televisión. Nace IGTV

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¿Qué sucede en internet en un minuto?

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Lovemarks: ¿Cómo alcanzar el corazón del consumidor?

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Posicionamiento SEO con el nuevo algoritmo de Google

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El 81% de los usuarios sigue a marcas en redes sociales

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La transformación digital en el sector moda

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Inbound Marketing en automoción

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Virtual assistant, another one in our day-to-day

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Nina… Names more than recognized and associated to the same term: voice assistant. Increasingly, the variety of attendees that appear on the market and its interface is an ‘extra’ that facilitates such daily actions as “put an alarm at 7:25″ or “where is the nearest bakery?”.

What are voice assistants?

Technological development has a fixed purpose and is none other than making life easier. Mobile telephony has progressively evolved to reach what we know as a smartphone.


The inclusion of virtual assistants to mobiles was the true leap of a technological development in constant evolution. Call a contact, check the time, send emails, set alarms, create reminders, know the traffic… The list of skills is growing, and everything within reach of the voice.

The positive trend in the penetration of voice assistants is noteworthy, since according to a MindMeld study, in 2015 45% of the users made use of some of the mentioned interfaces, while the following year the percentage rose to 61 %.

Although, following the line of his study, the results regarding the improvements that are expected of the assistants by voice on the part of the user mark the way of where all the development efforts will be directed to enhance the tool:

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-17 a las 12.27.48


44% – Understand correctly the words that I say

28% – Allow a more natural and fluid speech

27% – Get the answers I’m looking for

16% – More personalized answers

16% – Use in more applications or devices

15% – Faster answers

16% – Would not change anything

A greater understanding of the assistant as well as a greater fluency and naturalness in the conversation are two of the points that have been refined to make the experience more satisfying.

Where did everything start?

But let’s look back … Where is the true origin? In 1995, Microsoft opted for Bob, an animated personal assistant whose simple operation facilitated the user’s experience on the desktop of the then Windows 3.1. The interface explained the multiple options of use and operation of the various applications when accessing mail, settings, calendar … A funny dog ​​in the form of a cartoon, a speaker or a red ball were some of the appearances adopted by this assistant.

Microsoft continued in the line to improve the user experience and, in its Office version, launched the more than known Clippy, a small animated clip that through its tips corrected and facilitated access to the different tools of the application.

Clippy - Asistente creado para Microsoft Office97.

After this start, different types of assistants for PC, Mac and Linux followed one another. But the real importance and relevance came hand in hand with the mobiles. Use? Clearly greater. The fact of being able to automate tasks with greater speed make the Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) the present, and especially the future of a powerful tool

What awaits us?

No one will say “Hi Siri / Alexa / Google …” to start a conversation with the assistant. The first independent devices, without the need of linking with a smartphone, have already begun their commercialization in several countries: Germany, Australia, Canada, the United States, France, Japan and the United Kingdom.


From now on the artificial intelligence of the assistants will allow to offer a more personalized experience with the user. The objective is to create an interpersonal relationship with the device itself. With the voice as an emerging interface, the real experience can be achieved by engaging, in the first instance, a personal relationship with the user, to later achieve that relationship is achieved in a group.

Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri, says that “users are not yet aware that in a very short time virtual assistants are even more important to us than smartphones or web search engines like Google”. A talk on climate change given by a voice assistant? Organize a call or business meeting only by voice? Understanding and solving moral dilemmas? The amazing growth of Artificial Intelligence implemented in this series of interfaces makes any option possible.

What is Cluster Content and how to increase visits to my website?

Google keeps updating the algorithm and that makes us look for new ways and practices that give us good results on the Internet. Thats why today we are going to talk about content clusters, where you will discover what they are and how we have to use them to increase visits on out websites.

What is a Cluster?

The first thing you have to know is that the clusters categorize the content of the web within the search engine. The categorization of the content is based on the main theme of our page and from this, the rest of the topics are born, building the main pillar. So Google believes that pillar is an authority or expert in the field awarding him with the best positions.

The goal that Google has is that the content of the web pages is well ordered, or what is the same, wants a good architecture, simple and clean of our website. So that you can understand it better we leave you this informative video:

Cluster to categorize the content

Every day more companies that are dedicated to electronic commerce realize the importance of SEO on the internet and changes in the algorithm of Google, that is why they are changing their websites and begin to give importance to the content and the value it has for the user.

Currently the way to searching the internet has changed, before we did it for the keyword, today every time is done with the semantic search.

An example of this, to understand it well is, for example, if we search “i feel depressed” the results that Google will show us are the symptoms or treatment of depression. These answers are not what we are looking for, but as they are related, they appear.

To solve this, Google was updated in 2013 (Hummingbird) and ordered the results according to the questions of the users. But as it was not entirely accurate, in 2015 there was a new algorithm (Rankbrain) based on understanding the context of the searches.

Today the problem that exists in that al companies are generating a lot of content and competing with themselves for the same keyword and the rest of the pages, knowing that the cluster is based on organizing by a main theme and from it the sub-topics are born.

Cluster and organization by the topics

With the cluster we are going to position in a different way, we no longer do it for keywords but for topics, so we sill have a much clearer and simpler structure of our website for Google.

The change in the way of searching has made the clusters make sense, the algorithms in search engines are changed because users change the way they look for information.

Sometime ago, users searched through keywords without prepositions or connectors, that why they looked like searches made by a robot. Today is different, we write sentences and complete questions.

How to make a cluster: step by step

In order to create a cluster you have to know these three characteristics:

We take it to an example of a marketing website: if we want to create a cluster of “marketing content”, the first thing is to analyze the content we have on our page and group it by the different topics.

To create that main pillar of which we have spoken and to be able to highlight different aspects in a single page we must focus:

So at the end, we have to say that it is very important that everything revolves around the cluster and for it to work well it is good that the content is linked.

Country brand: what do we know about this type of branding?

Branding, process in which we build a brand, making its personality and objective clear. It is what you feel and think of a product, service or place, in a few words, its the impression left by the brand on people. It is not only the visual and graphic design elements, but also a series of experiences that make the relationship between the brand and the consumer more interesting.

The benefits of branding are clear as it gives credibility to the brand, transmits values, makes a brand more memorable, maintains its essence in its communication, is clear about its objective and, last but not least, humanizes the brand.

After this brief summary of what branding is, we are going to focus on what a country brand is.


Country Brand is a strategy to capitalize the reputation of a country used to attract tourists and new negotiations to it. It is based, like a company, on an image that evokes all aspects of a country, highlighting the cultural qualities of its inhabitants.

But a country brand is not easy to manage because it depends on its reputation. The country is made up of companies, leading brands, societies, even rulers, but the essential point of the country brand is to separate “perception” from “reality”; show the differentiating elements that you from one to another country.

Values, customs or culture, are developed over the years, so it is something not as manageable as would be in the case of a company where we have the particular way to establish our beliefs, directions or plans where we want project us more easily. Just as every company adapts to the coming changes over the years, a country does the same, only that it depends on the objectives set by the government in charge, taking into account the income it generated in the past years to improve its investments or know where they could get more potential.


Some countries maintain their identity unit with clear features of how they are known abroad, for example: Canada has the Maple leaf, Bahamas forms its islands with figures, the United Kingdom has the patterns of its flag, etc.

Many times you tend to confuse the country brand with your flag but it should not be like that. The flag is the representation of a group of people in a territory but as you know, this symbol is respected and untouchable. A country brand tends to evolve and be more open to design levels.

Influence on social networks


According to the study made by Google Traveler on the behavior of Spanish travelers in 2017: from inspiration to destination, travelers are willing to spend more time and money looking for a good activity. In fact, almost half of them start their trips in a different place than their residence and 38% of them added this place as an active part of their vacations … The inspiration of the trip is digital for the most part. In fact, 67% of travelers seek inspiration in digital channels. Online inspiration is full of value impacts. Online advertising, social networks, blogs, online agencies … the range is huge and brands have their opportunity on the internet from this moment…










As networks are a good platform to express ourselves, some country brands add touches of what represents them. Here we have some campaigns promoting the country brand:

Spain Brand


Its identity is based on the coat of arms of its flag and in a minimalist way with a San Serif typeface with a modernism connected to the colors that represent them. It highlights the country’s potential through its great heritage and the history that surrounds it.

Argentina Brand

ARgentina-MarcaPaissArgentina has a new image that has caused great controversy when criticizing the brand as minimalist, being similar to a technology brand. It keeps its particular blue with a shade darker than its flag. A neutral hashtag #VivíArgentina wraps us in its jocular way of associating things which are recommended by a taster of Argentine destinations. What you are looking for has a place.

US Brand


This brand presents a fresh identity that detaches itself from American patriotism. Each point has different colors making reference to each visitor, investor, countryman, is part of the great power that is the United States. His most recent video includes a trip through the musical genres that are linked to the United States.

Colombia Brand

Colombia-MarcaPaisThe identity unit of Colombia was redesigned. Blue to highlight the richness in rivers and seas, yellow for the sun and minerals, red for the talent, warmth and passion of its people, purple poila variety of flora especially the orchid (national flower) and green for the mountains, valleys and plains.

Dominican Republic Brand

RepublicaDominicana-MarcaPaisThis is a logo a little old for the identities that we have already seen (yes, I admit that it is not so flashy). Highlights the essence of the Dominican Republic island with an isotype full of color, mountain, beach and sun. In this identity, it remains in a space more focused on tourism.

A journey full of adventures, laughter and unforgettable moments is what makes this campaign clear. Step by step visiting Quisqueya (Dominican Republic) showing from its most crowded places next to its beaches, activities promoting ecotourism and its cultural mixture represented in the dancing, food and diablos cojuelos characteristic of the Dominican carnival.

Mexico Brand

Mexico-MarcaPaisA logo more focused on its culture and with a color that breaks the typical isotope that some country brands use. It maintains the essence and has been accepted as a very consistent identity that survives the passage of time firmly.

As its communication axis says: Let’s all travel through Mexico. Tell the story of a traveler who changed everything to venture and trip, changes your life.

Peru Brand

Using the P as a reference for the Nazca lines and, in turn, a @ is seen giving it a more modern and technological touch.

This is one of the most recognized brands in America. From identity to experience. Implement the experience as a main factor for your visitors. This documentary makes it clear that wherever you are, Peru will come to you with its unique culture!

As you can see, countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Peru or the Dominican Republic have managed to strengthen their image in the field of tourism and investment. The promotion of the image of a country or a city must start from reality itself, trying to promote the most competitive and the most interesting attributes of each place. Share your country brand!

Tourism Marketing Trends in 2018

Its a reality that tourism in Spain is in its golden age: we are the second in the world power rank in terms of income generation (only the US exceeds us) and the third by number of tourist. Tourism is one of the most powerful economic sectors in the world and, if there is an industry where innovation, technological advances and creativity mark a present and a future, that is tourism.


To develop a good digital marketing strategy, it is essential to know the sector, work it and be aware of the news of this. I will show you some of the trends in tourism marketing that i think will leave their mark in this 2018.

Artificial intelligence, the most desired trend

It is, without a doubt, one of the novelties that reaches the tourism sector with a strong impact. In a study investigated by the Hospitality and Restoration Research Group of CETT-UB for professionals in tourism, hospitality and gastronomy, artificial intelligence led the ranking with 56% acceptance among the 237 respondents.

Al is behind much of the technologies and innovations of the travel and tourism sector, there are many ways in which Artificial Intelligence helps the industry, and if we had to classify them, we would do it in: Machine Learning, Chatbots or TravelBots and Robots Operations that require human intervention and time are automated, which accelerates processes while improving quality and performance and decreases costs. In addition, the user experience is improved since, due to all the stored data and the interpretation of all of them, future behaviors can be predicted and doubts or problems resolved more quickly.


The video game, powerful tourism promotion tools

Pokémon GO  remember it, right? In 2016, this video game with augmented reality shocked millions of people, more specifically to approximately 20 million unique users within days of its launch. What is the difference between this and the other games in the sane saga? very easy, Pókemon GO is developed in the real world, so you have to move, with your phone to capture pókemons in the street. With this game, you not only have fun in the street, with your friends or family and you meet new people, you also discover places not so popular in your city and you know better everything around you.


Another famous game that everybody knows is Assassin´s Creed. His latest installment, ‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’, is set in ancient Egypt. In this, the developer has created a game mode called Discovery. This offers 75 tours, from 5 to 20 minutes, dealing with Egypt, the pyramids, the Romans, Alexandria and the daily life of that time. The information shown is complied and confirmed by historian and Egyptologists.

These are just some examples that I found it interesting the undeniable role played by virtual reality and increased in the promotion of tourism. There is still a long way to go, but the wind blows in their favor. Pokemón GO demonstrates every day that it is possible to do alternative tourism with a mobile and an application and, as far as traditional video games are concerned, the virtual world resembles the real one more and more.

The ‘branded content’ also reaches tourism

The trips are now planned by us. We have in our hands a wide range of available options that adapt to our tastes, budget and way of traveling. But the more competition there is, the more different communication has to be.

Embassy Row Hotel, a hotel located in downtown Washington, contacted a photographers community (@IGDC) to be able to boost their business through networks in an original way. The community held a contest with their followers in which they asked them to send their best images in the surroundings of the hotel with the #ghdcwalkingtour hashtag.

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-07 a las 18.51.09

After getting about 400 photographs, they chose 16 winners. The winning images were used to create small city guides, exclusively for the hotel, with the most “instagramable” places in Washington and places to visit around the city. The hotel added value to the users and, above all, to those potential clients who, if they were thinking about going to know the city, probably chose to go and stay at this hotel.

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-07 a las 18.51.47

Video marketing: the powerful format

This video is the star format of 2018 in the tourism industry. A study by SiteMinder states that:

The Marriott group, a couple of years ago, launched its campaign called #LoveTravels, a set of stories and inspiring experiences that focus on social minorities at the time of travel. They created a YouTube channel in which approximately 20 videos were uploaded whose content perfectly followed the claim: “be you, with us”. With this campaign, they managed to give an emotional approach through storytelling and in 100% video format.

Travel Journey: the client decides

Surely it does not catch you by surprise to know that the behavior of a client of the tourist sector is not the same as that of any other industry. You have to know how it behaves since entering the web to find information about a possible destination, through the different phases of search, comparison and purchase, until your stay or trip, where you share your experience and, finally, contribute your service evaluation. We have to know how to play our cards well, provide good content to our user adapted to each of the phases to offer you information you may need.


Music and sport, what tourist claims

Travel packages to see dreamy natural landscapes or fascinating historical places are in great demand, and that can not be denied. Nor can deny the new concerns of travelers, who are increasingly open to explore other scenarios, whether music or sports. That is why, both sports and music, are the great magnet attraction for this 2018. Sports tourism has been an enormous opportunity, especially for those destinations “not so touristed”. The mountain areas are now more visited thanks to ski resorts or the rise of, for example, sports such as climbing or hiking. The latter has indicated on maps to many towns that, if they were not for the practitioners of this sport, would not have visitors. The Camino de Santiago can be an example.


Music has become an aspect to be have more attention by the marketing companies before all the variety of supporters who travel and travel long distances to live a unique multidisciplinary experience for them. The different cultures that converge around the preferences of electronics, pop, rock or indie make music festivals a very effective option to promote cities or destinations in the world.

These are just some of the novelties that the tourism sector brings us for marketing professionals. Do you already know what you will implement in your strategies? It’s good to try new things and, above all, to give your creative and original touch!

Marketing keys to sell online fashion

Fashion industry is one of the most important in our country -beside being one of the most important in the economy- and has been forced to face the difficult challenge of digital transformation in which we are currently.

Given the technological and digital situation that we live today in almost all areas, some say that `if you´re not on the internet, you do not exist´. And we add: if you are a new fashion brand and you are not on the internet, you do not exist.

The online universe is a fundamental tool that can not be lacking in the fashion of our fashion brand and involves constant care, attention and updating, It is our showcase for all those users who browse the internet and want to know or acquire our product online.

Key to win on e-commerce

As we have said, e-commerce is a fundamental part and more protagonist for the triumph of our fashion brand. Therefore, its important to dedicate time to both, creation and maintenance.

Ecommerce de moda claves para su funcionamiento

There are certain marketing keys that will help us achieve the success of our online sales:

Visual identity. It is important that we maintain a consistent visual identity to the values and identity of our brand. Having this clear, we must keep the image of our e-commerce, update and attractive for users.

Intuitive operation. There are many web pages and many e-commerce that do not make it exactly easy to find out the way of navigation and purchase. We must create a simple operation, which does not involve complicated methods and with an easy and intuitive classification.

The best thing is to create a series of categories, based on common sense, and leave the web clear and easy to understand at a glance.

Photo quality. The objective is to sell our products and for this it is fundamental that we show them attractive. The quality of the photo must be impeccable and fulfill the function of showing the real items as they are.

To do this, you have to dedicate time to these photo shoots, taking into account the light, that the clothes are ironed and the accessories well placed. In addition, we can add some props that go with the style of the brand and help us achieve a more attractive result.

Easy payment method. It is the last point in the purchase process of our e-commerce and we have to make it easy for the user not to leave the web now that he know what he wants and has decided to buy it. Many brands make the mistake of including infinite questionnaires and very slow methods when it comes to paying and this ends up tiring consumers.

The best to opt is a simple, fast and effective payment process that does not waste time and practice at the time of purchase.

Attractive packaging. Brands are increasingly paying attention to this point, offering an attractive and original packaging. It is a plus of quality which improve the experience of our customers and achieve a loyalty of these.

The bar is getting higher and we have to spend time thinking about an attractive packaging that goes with the identity and image of the brand and that is pleasant for all those who receive the order at home. Receiving something that we have ordered through the internet is always exciting and we can take advantage of our packaging to extend and improve this moment.

Security and communication with the client. The post-sale communication is indispensable. We must provide all possible security to users who have trusted our website to make their purchases and for that we must answer all the questions they ask us as effectively as possible.

In addition, we can include a tracking of each order through which each user can know at what point the process is your purchase. Surely they appreciate it and encourages them to return to our website.

The fundamental role of social networks

We already know the importance of social networks in the world of marketing and when we talk about a fashion brand, Instagram ranks first as the main marketing tool.

Instagram como herramienta de marketing

In addition to supposing a perfect showcase where to show in an attractive and close way the products and the identity of the brand, now it includes an own purchase tool that facilitates the users the arrival to the web page of online sale: Instagram Shopping.

This social network is betting increasingly on the shopping experience and from the e-commerce we have to take advantage of this impulse to attract a greater number of users to our website. It is important to maintain the profile of the brand updated and active, with a careful image and permanent attention to the feedback of our followers.

We are not talking about forgetting offline marketing, just the opposite. It is about opening a double slope in our business and keeping both equally cared and updated. Just as we want to offer the best shopping experience to shoppers, we must also get the best online experience.

Will large-scale growth continue to be seen in e-commerce? for the moment, we must take advantage of this online shopping boom to make our fashion brand grow and advance through all the possibilities offered by the digital world.

The reinvent of the wheel in online marketing

When you have the great opportunity to attend an event or presentation about your work field, you feel the little desire to know, to learn new things, to see the advances that are being made, to admire the results that are being obtained, etc. These exhibition are also usually carried out by experienced professionals from bigger companies, and that means that expectations are even higher.

No, i will not say that these events are in the end a disappointment, but the truth is that they always leave me with a bittersweet taste. Those of us who work in digital marketing can not complain about a few professional event about our sector, and if you live in a city like Madrid, you can create a good calendar of events every month.

The fact is that fortunately i have been able to attend several of them on the recent years and i have to admit that many time you get a little tired of hearing the same of things that are supposedly new but have existed all your life.

I know that giving a conference talk is not a simple task, but as it was said in the last edition of Omexpo in Madrid “if there is a lot of noise, your goal is to make a different noise”. These are some of the mantras that are repeated in the talks and that i personally already screeched (and its not because they are unimportant, but because i think they are repeated over and over again):

1. Listen to your users/customers

It seems that until the digital world arrived, nobody had thought about the importance of customers, knowing who they are, what they need, when they need it and in what way. A business that has triumphed is because it has managed to do that it is not something that is new.

What has changed is that both companies and users can know one more of the other than before. It true that there is more competition (not only physical, now also in online mode) but there are more points of contact and that translates into more opportunities to create relationships. The more you know these clients, the more success opportunities you will have.

2. Influencers trending topic

Here i think we have been blinded by the idea that an influencer is the typical young guy who make videos or post in public relations sharing his life (does not work) and that as thousands or millions of young people follow him, because the brands pay.

Although i disagree with this image, the concept of influencer is simpler and has really existed throughout life: a person with the ability to prescribe something thank to the trust that has been gained before.

As far as we can see, this is not a trend, there have always been establish, the only thing now, thanks to the different digital channels, you have the possibility of getting many more followers than the mechanic-determiner of a town to which all the neighbors they consulted when they wanted to buy a car.

The use of a prescriber today is not an easy job, you should be very aware that what he represents is consistent with the values ​​and spirit of your company. Fortunately, not everything is reduced to the influencer of the million followers of Instagram or Youtube.

3. The offline seller has changed

The reality of physical stores is not the same as that of 10-15 years ago, we know that already. The competition with the online stores is fierce (sometimes even those of the same brand: more and more people look and try on offline clothes, and then buy online) but say that the current seller should work more with the customer to get it converted… not that.

Sellers have always had to be experts in their industry, public relations and business. It is true that some were successful insured because they had no competition and there was no other option for customers, but that is a few cases. The goal has always been to sell and build loyalty, just like now.

4. Create quality content

This topic does not generate for me something fake, most of the talks that speak about this are usually always the same, they stay on the surface, a lot of theory but little practice.

In many occasions what we want the attendees is to see examples, big, medium and small strategies from companies, see what possibilities there are, what they did, results, how they came to that decisions, etc. I am completely sure that in this way the audience is inspired more.

5. Measure and conquer

Here is what is pointed at the previous point. Its true that, although we are aware that we do not analyze everything we should, in most events the conferences leave you wanting more, they stay in the basics, in the sentences, and you should investigate more by looking at examples, practical cases.

These are some of the issues that i miss most. Do you have any? now the stone is on my roof, when im the one exposes i will not be able to fall into any of these traps.

Sports marketing: content creation

The sport is one of the sectors in which more money is invested in the area of marketing, advertising or branding and, it is not surprising, as more and more products and services in this area are consumed. In this way, building a strategy and an elaborated analysis is an important aspect.

marketing deportivo

Marketing and communication

Communication and marketing are two aspects that are the top thing of now days and, although marketing is a technique of greater scope than communication, many of the tactics of marketing are based on communication strategies. Therefore, the sports world must be seen from three perspectives: advertising, sales and promotion.

What do we understand by sports marketing?

Any person specialized in marketing needs a strategy that unites sports consumers with sports products. We can say that sports marketing is composed of several activities that have been designed to meet the needs of consumers in this field. Although those responsible for marketing in sports programs, for example, we are aware that winning is not everything, sports organizations focus more on producing and selling services than on identifying and satisfying the needs of markets and consumers.

An error in this area, is the lack of information that sports organizations have, in addition to ignoring the importance of this element for the business. With the increase in sports consumption, companies use more sophisticated techniques in order to have more possibilities.

The importance of social networks in sports marketing

Social networks change the way you sell. The news arrives at the same moment they occur, without having to buy the press to find out. Therefore, we face a change in style in which companies are aware that they must listen to their consumers and must give importance to the individual by offering them the information and needs they are searching.

marketing deportivo

Athletes, like the influencers of this days, are one of the most direct ways to get in touch with consumers. Sport is an aspect that moves passions, with a commitment as the well-known fan phenomenon. A tennis brand, for example Babolat, has as a maximum example a great world reference with Rafael Nadal, so there is no better way to be greatest than the competition than by joining the best player.

In this case, social networks and advertisements of athletes are essential. We talk about the most reliable and quickest way to reach the public in a specific community since, for example, it is not necessary to go to the Nike showcase to see what athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar have. This power is in the ability to create a community, so it has never been so simple to transmit and sell a product to the public.

marketing deportivo

We are facing a type of marketing with a major challenge: change the way to take the consumer’s purchase, so finding the right strategy in this field is very important. To respond to the real problems of the consumers or to have the clear objective is to bet on a communication strategy made for the interests of the public, perfect for sports marketing.

OMExpo 2018. Marketing based on empathy

Como cada año, grandes profesionales del mundo digital se reúnen el 25 y 26 de abril en Ifema, para fomentar el intercambio de ideas, experiencias, herramientas y, además, conocemos el punto de vista de los ponentes y de algunos asistentes. Nosotros no nos hemos podido resistir a ir a OMExpo 2018. ¿Nos acompañas?

Inteligencia artificial, comercio electrónico, retail, neuromarketing, realidad virtual, estrategias de marketing, transformación digital… pero la palabra que más se ha escuchado en la feria ha sido EMPATÍA. Si, empatía, hay que ponerse en el lugar del cliente para poder saber lo que verdaderamente siente y así ganarse su CONFIANZA.

A continuación, mencionaré cinco conceptos a tener en cuenta para ganar a largo plazo dicha confianza con el consumidor.

1. Comprende sus necesidades

¿Os gustaría estar en casa tranquilamente y que os llegaran prendas para que las probárais y solo se cobraran las que no devuelves? Pues existe. No hace falta hacer una compra previa y hay que reconocer que Amazon lo hace muy bien. Laureano Turienzo, miembro del Consejo de Administración del Retail Institute Spain & Latamen, en su charla de Retail Horizonte 2020, mencionó el servicio de Prime Wardrobe.

Debes pedir un mínimo de tres prendas para que se envíe gratuitamente. La gran ventaja es que se cobra a la semana de hacer el pedido y si te quedas con más de tres prendas te hacen un 10% de descuento. Si te quedas con más de cinco, el 20%. El beneficio del envío al día siguiente y los descuentos que Amazon puede permitirse, son las grandes ventajas de ser una empresa tan potente.

Laureano Turienzo

Laureano Turienzo, miembro del Consejo de Administración del Retail Institute Spain & Latam

2. Aporta valor

Vender, sí, pero no (tan) directamente. La mayoría de grandes marcas trabajan sus RRSS para vendernos un producto o utilizar influencers de escaparate. El Social Media no sirve para vender, sirve para crear necesidades. Es un medio de atención al cliente que sirve de embudo para conseguir la venta final. Hay que saber dosificar el anuncio (en distintos medios digitales y donde se patrocina). Ya no valen los productos, el mercado está cambiando, valen las experiencias. Para que se entienda mejor pondré de ejemplo de Coca-Cola. Coca-cola es igual a ‘Felicidad’ y no vende directamente su producto. Intentemos seguir este ejemplo en nuestra estrategia digital y buscar nuestro valor para potenciarlo. Si algo emociona, a nadie le importa si tiene una marca detrás, de hecho, estarán encantados de que la marca se lo haya mostrado.



3. ¿Espectador o protagonista?

¿Qué tipo de marca eliges ser? ¿Espectador o protagonista? Si eres protagonista puedes construir el futuro. Si eres espectador no habrá ventanilla a reclamaciones. Hay pocas marcas líderes porque hay mucho miedo desconocido y es, en ese miedo, donde se encuentra el tesoro que se busca.  Estas palabras son de Andy Stalman y las mencionaba en su speech Cristina Delgado en el Retail Congress. Después de esta reflexión, ya sabes la respuesta, hay que ser PROTAGONISTA.  Hay que dar un paso más y no hablar de futuro, sino de crearlo.

4. Marketing de permiso

Jaime Valverde, head of social at Mapfre, mencionó en su charla al empresario Seth Godin. ¿Habéis oído el marketing de permiso? Nuestra atención es un recurso cada vez más escaso. Es prácticamente imposible que el consumidor pueda prestar atención a todo lo que se le ofrece. La crisis de atención se lo pone cada vez más difícil a los profesionales del sector. El marketing de permiso es muy sencillo: todos tenemos muy limitado el tiempo y, aprender a administrar ese tiempo correctamente es una tarea que requiere un esfuerzo consciente. Para ello hay que establecer un dialogo entre usuario y la propia marca en vez de “invadir” su espacio con anuncios e interrumpirlo. El profesional de marketing debe preguntar al consumidor si desea recibir más información para el proceso de venta. Si hacemos al cliente partícipe de un sorteo, cupón, vale descuento, habremos ganado algo que ningún competidor nos podrá quitar.

Jaime Valverde, head of social at Mapfre

Jaime Valverde, head of social at Mapfre

5. Confianza

Tenemos que pensar más que quieren escuchar nuestros clientes, no qué queremos contarles. Este podría ser un titular obtenido de la charla sobre cómo convertir a los usuarios en #brandlovers y no en #brandhaters de Lucas García, fundador y responsable de estrategia de marca e innovación de Social Mood. La importancia de los Brand lovers es fundamental, ya que cada vez se busca más un comentario o una recomendación de un usuario, nos fiamos más de los comentarios que leemos de gente que ya ha tenido esa experiencia previa a nosotros y nos dejamos llevar por ellos.

Lucas García, fundador y responsable de estrategia de marca e innovación – Social Mood

Lucas García, fundador y responsable de estrategia de marca e innovación – Social Mood

En definitiva, para vender, lo importante es pensar en el consumidor y lograr empatía. Está comprobado que cuando creas una verdadera empatía con tu cliente, le transmites una sensación de confianza y bienestar.

¿Has visitado OMExpo 2018? ¿Qué ha sido lo que más te ha gustado?

Julien Tabet and the digital surrealist art



Julien Tabet is a French photographer and digital artist who is only 20 years old, he has surprised hundreds of people with his genius talent,  domain of the camera, his objective and the his expert skills editing in Photoshop.

His creations, whose protagonists are usually animals, already have a surreal and disturbing environments, but they are magical. There is no doubt: we are facing a phenomenon of surrealism.





Origins of surrealist art

Surrealist art is an artistic movement that emerged in France from Dadaism, in the 1920s. Its origin is in The Interpretation of Freud’s Dreams. It develops as a way of being able to forget reality and find some way of the artist enclosing himself, a psychic impulse of the imaginary and the irrational. It is a incoherent, dreamlike and very original art. This type of art tries to find inspiration in the artist’s mind, make him forget all logical or rational thought, and let his subconscious work. Therefore, as the subconscious is something totally personal, there is no “surrealist style”.

Tabet’s digital surrealism

Tabet’s works challenge reality as it is, and creates his own creative universe. Their creations play with the skins or body parts of animals to create new and impressive species, or turn them into containers of oceans with independent histories.




Photoshop is one of his big allies in the creation of his artworks and make possible this fantastic animals get out their usual habitat. His art are really colorful and got a lot of passion within, they make you dream and, of course, make you fall in love with his talent and imagination. In his Youtube channel, we can find the creation process of some of his artworks step by step:

His Instagram profile, which already has more than 38,000 followers, is his main platform to show his work to the world. On Facebook, it only has 1,900 fans. His profile picture in both networks is a cat hidden under a ocean carpet, the same one he has used for one of his videos and which has become his hallmark.




With the genius of this artist we realize that the world is full of wonderful elements but, with the help of Photoshop, can become magic.

Stories: How they make us fall in love

The Stories have invaded our day to day in RRSS is a fact. Now you feel weird if you go to a restaurant for lunch, celebrate a birthday or go on a trip and do not upload a story to your followers. The boom of this phenomenon comes from the need of users in Social Networks to retransmit practically everything live of what is happening.

Snapchat was the pioneer in seeing that users in RRSS prioritize speed and usefulness above all, and that in a few minutes you can see everything that has happened to your friends. Seeing that he triumphed, above all, among the most adolescent audience, Instagram decided to copy this idea and it was when he turned the Stories into a success.

Snapchat invented it and Instagram raised it to fame

Snapchat is officially launched in September 2011 but it was not until October of the following year where its flagship product was born: “The Stories”. Since then, Snapchat has not stopped growing, especially among the youngest. In 2014, 40% of 18-year-olds from EEUU used this social network on a daily basis, reaching in a little more than four years the 100 million daily users around the world.

Everything changes in the moment that Instagram in August of 2016 decides to do the same and creates its Instagram Stories copying the idea of ​​Snapchat to upload content that only lasts 24 hours and after that time disappear. After this launch, a study by TechCrunch revealed very conclusive data:

Instagram is committed to “renew or die”

People are addicted to Instagram Stories and is something that has no discussion, as shown in less than a year, Instagram has exceeded Snapchat in active users on a daily basis becoming the third most used social network in the world just below of Facebook and YouTube according to the latest data of the “2018 Global Digital” report.

That is why Instagram after being bought in 2012 by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, does not stop to update to prevent this social network is a fad and consolidates over time.

In these months they have not stopped taking news:

capturas-pantalla-instagramMore than 800 million users per month and 500 million active users per day make Instagram one of the most economical and effective social networks from the business point of view. This is because the format of the Stories is so visual and fast (10 – 15 seconds long) that you can hook a potential customer of your brand in record time.

Without forgetting that these stories can carry sound, it is estimated that 70% of users see the stories with the sound activated. A very important fact for companies when creating successful ads in this format.

Knowing the way they have with companies, and that the number of advertisers in this social network exceeds 2 million, Instagram decided that they can upload up to three Stories at once, instead of one as it was at the beginning, so that no company has any doubts in announcing itself.

Why do not you succeed on WhatsApp and Facebook?

All ideas that succeed tend to copy, this went well to Instagram with the Stories of Snapchat but it seems that the same has happened on Whatsapp and Facebook. The idea of ​​implementing the Stories in its three star products, Mark Zuckerberg custom, is due to the desire to link the most famous functions in all its social networks.

The inclusion of the Stories in WhatsApp is related to the intention to promote the states, while Facebook is aimed more at the leading social network in the world can not leave out this function that is so striking.


But why does not it triumph among the millennial generation? One of the reasons is that the Instagram audience is much younger compared to the other social networks and that many of them come from having Snapchat as their first social network, and therefore they have grown up with this type of Storie that encourages Instagram.



Creativity and SEO positioning, the key to success

Nowdays, any blogger, copy or journalist who works in a digital medium must be aware of the growing importance of SEO positioning in the communication sector.

Companies that have know how to take advantage of this new technological era have managed to sell their products and services through the network in a way that was unthinkable just a few decaes ago. In the sense, SEO positioning has played a fundamental role, although not definitive, because what would SEO be without creative content and quality? and in the opposite case, would users reach a creative and quality content without a good SEO positioning?

Creatividad y SEO, una apuesta ganadora

 Creativity and SEO, a winning bet

SEO is one of the disciplines that has evolved the most over the years. Its integration with the rest of communication sectors is growing, especially in the field of digital marketing agencies. This fact has caused that the SEO has stopped begin an exclusively technical work to try to look for spaces where creativity and lateral thinking are key to position themselves above the competition.

Theres is no doubt that the relationship between creativity and positioning is becoming more intense. So much so, that the profile of the editor specializing in SEO is one of the most demanded in recent years in the field of digital communication.

How do users search the internet?

A vast majority of users turn to search engines to find the products and information they need.

The key to a SEO strategy lies in recognizing those terms and keywords most sought after by users. In this sense, these are three types of searches based on the reason that led to them:

However, what it the use of the consumer to reach these pages if the content found in them is outdated or can not meet their needs completely? for this reason we ant to reflect on the importance of the symbiosis that must exist between the visibility of a website and the quality of its content.

¿Cómo buscan los usuarios en Internet

How to incorporate creativity for a SEO?

Its true that the first results offered by Google are the most visited, but are the results with higher quality published on the internet? we invite  you do a search on a content that really dominates and interests you and check the result, surprising, right?

The dilemma arises when combining both aspects so that the user ends by clicking on the most complete, collated, documented, creative and invite reading result.

Why not include creativity as a factor in the positioning strategy? in this way be able to offer our users a product that in addition to entering through their eyes, can bring you what they really expect from them. But where can we locate or focus this creativity?

Remember, only a creative SEO team is able to find visits where nobody is looking for them or find ways to keep the keywords that everyone wants to get.

Marketing Retail Experience

Seduce, attract or conquer the consumer. We know that these are some of the keys to success with a brand, but currently it is not easy to do so, much less create an authentic emotional engagement with him. However, when it seems that everything is invented, the brands reinvent themselves and convert the purchase act into a lifestyle, associated with new experiences, seeking new brand-consumer relationships.

If we focus on the fashion industry in particular, it evolves at a dizzying pace. Its a business model forced to reinvent itself regardless of seasons and trends. People use fashion to reflect their identity and personality, this social characteristic of marketing makes the digital environment the perfect space to share tastes and interests about the sector.

Fashion marketing focuses its messages to generate emotions and uses social channels to take advantage of that added value by modifying the user’s behavior. You just have to look at the success in number of users and activity that have the platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. The fashion sector is one of the most connected with consumers because there is an emotional approach and provides value.

Evolution of Retail Marketing

The traditional store has lived in recent years a great transformation due, in addition to the crisis, the rise of the Internet and the emergence of a new customer more informed and demanding. For its part, the online store has grown thanks to the deep knowledge it has of the customer, their needs and their tastes. While the offline store lived in ignorance, the online had data on how many customers visited, how long they were, where they came from, how much they spent, whether they repeated or not, whether they were men or women, ages, etc.

The online experience has exceeded all expectations as customers. We no longer like to wait in a store, we do not like queues and we have the possibility to compare prices, establish preferences or look for products with just one click. In addition, we are already in the generation on demand, the customer expects a unique and personalized attention according to their tastes or preferences.

There is no doubt that the shopping experience through contact and personal relationship is the advantage of physical versus online commerce. But it is necessary to make this advantage efficient, creating sensations and emotions towards the brand, with attitudes and behaviors of purchase and future linkage to the brand and its products or services. How do we do it?

Augmented reality in retail business concept application for discounted or on sale products.

From online to offline and viceversa

We are in the middle of the multichannel era and customers expect a brand to offer them the greatest possible comfort to make their purchases, facilitating their choice through personalized recommendations in the channel they use.



We are in the era of “all line Marketing”. Consumers do not recognize channels, they only see the brand. The tendency of consumers to make online purchases sharpens the need to improve the digital experience, the user experience.


Online and offline are feed back and we must take advantage of the ROPO effect. It is the acronym of “Research online, purchase offline”: find out in the online channel, buy in the store. The Internet serves, in this case, to compare prices and read the reviews and ratings of other consumers, before going to the corresponding physical store and buying the item there). The BOPIS effect (online purchase and store pick-up) that is gaining popularity also comes into play.


Customers want to buy at any time and place, by any device, quickly and conveniently. In the online purchase, customers expect the delivery, be timely, very fast and where they say.



Advice and customization

The balance between advice, personalized sales and making the customer feel at home, without pressure, is the challenge of the customer experience in the sector. The chain of American department stores, Macy’s, is able to meet the customer who enters through the door with information from their social networks.


mangoSocial networks


The purchase through social networks is a phenomenon on the rise. Brands can enter the lives of their customers through social networks, to offer them a more personalized value. In terms of key interactions, the ability to respond to queries made by customers through this channel immediately is a challenge for companies. The opinion and participation of customers is increasingly valued and will have a useful application in the creation and development of products.


As the customer changes their purchasing habits, the retail sector is transforming to create new experiences. On the next years we will see very important changes in the way we relate to brands, machines and consumers. In short, the key is to think about how we would like to be treated, to stop thinking about what we want to sell to client to start thinking about what we want to make him feel.

Marketing Strategy – 5 Essential Keys

To start an impact on the internet, its essential to have a call to action strategy that will define all our growth within the scope of online marketing. In any new project, whatever it may be, the main thing is to define the goal and build a strategy from it.

It is more common that it seems, that many of the online businesses that are born, have hardly a defined goal and the strategies have not even been through of. I recommend that you should start by creating a SWOT, Communication and Analysis Plan, know your Strengths and Weaknesses along with your Threats and Opportunities.

The day to day of an agency, is the entry of customers who normally do not know what they want to archive, much less how they want to archive and it is normal that these projects or far reach the profitability that could with a previous study.

Estrategia de Marketing

Therefore, and to prevent this from happening, we are going to see 5 essential keys on how to approach a Marketing strategy.

Online Marketing Strategies

One of the most important things in this sense is if we are going to mix the offline with the online world, in most cases it is usually yes, therefore we can see how to make these worlds work together and in symbiosis.

We will start with a series of basic objectives focusing on the online world: our website. How can we start to make a mark in the main search engines?

estrategia marketing online

Sell more

All e-commerce are born with the intention of selling as much as possible and we want to create conversions and transactions through our website.

For this type of web, you have many platforms that offer you all kinds of possibilities, but if what you are interested in is something professional, i recommend that you make your website with one of these platforms:

Prestashop, Woocomerce o Magento

Creating a clear, clean and fast website is the perfect recipe for a correct business operation. Study your product and investigate what is the best way to show it so that it looks attractive and desirable. Take great care of the photos and all the information about the company, plus you must pay attention to the User Experience or UX.

Therefore once we have uploaded the asset on the web, (attractive photos, clear and visible prices, careful description…) do not forget that users like to touch the products, but through the internet is complicated, so tell all about the product you want to sell me.

And of course you need to replace the Buy button in a large and clearly visible.

Get Customers

To have customers, the first thing we have to get is traffic to our website. Right now there are many types of traffic, which work and convert very well:

  1. Traffic through social networks like Facebook Ads and Instagram.
  2. Traffic through Google Adwords or CPC and Remarketing.
  3. Traffic through Refferal or Linkbuilding well created, if you are interested in this action consult the post about Linkbuilding.
  4. And the most important is SEO Traffic. Why is it the most important? because it is the user who is really interested in buying your product and has done the search with conscience.

For this i recommend that you take care and work your website at the SEO level, take care of your Titles, Meta-Descriptions, Headings, Internal Links, Keywords, the Robots and the Sitemap. If your website has original and relevant content, it will not take long to place you in very interesting positions.

As useful advice, investigate your competition, analyze what they have and improve it.

estrategia de marketing para conseguir clientes

User behavior

Know your customers.  Its important that you accept, that a user before making an online purchase, will consult many more pages and will think a lot about making the payment on your site.

At this point you must rely a lot on web analytics, which will give you a lot of information about how the user behaves within your website. It will show you the most visited pages, the average time of the session and, most importantly, the rebound percentage of each page and the vanishing points. Knowing the strengths of your site is vital, but knowing the weak points is more important. Work those points and you will see results.

estrategia marketing comportamiento usuario

 Improve the sale

Review and analyze the entire purchase process, since the user clicks on buy or place order until he is enjoying what he has purchased.

That is known as Funnel. Check that all steps to make the purchase work correctly and are simple, so that the user feel comfortable buying on your website. To be able to investigate all this you need that your Analytics has been well created all the steps of the purchase process and the improved e-commerce module.

Take care of phone service. One of the most important factors when making the purchase, is that the user feels well cared for and supported by the company, who feels that their product will arrive in perfect conditions.

estrategia de marketing para mejorar la conversión

Branding, Customer Service and Reputation

We could talk for hours on this point, and even write several books (which exist), but in this case we will summarize the most important factors, although it would be of great help if you investigate a little more about this topic if you want your brand to have an important impact.

Information and user loyalty metrics, good experience with your brand and loyal and cheap traffic.

At this point we are not interested in buying so much, but the user knows you and talks about you or with you. Why is this type of traffic cheap? because you can take advantage of social networks and make announcements with a very low cost. A good deal of advertising on Facebook and Instagram will help you socialize and connect with your customers and users. Its really important that  you always answer them, if you dont do this, you will not get anything done.

You can also use display ads which are also cheap.

The big brands take great care of this point and if they do it is for something, they already have traffic and sales, however they want to get more, they want to be wanted for what they are and represent.

estrategia de marketing reputación online


Think about what you want to achieve, work so that  your future clients trust your business and try to make them feel loved, because you cant exist without them.

If you dont have knowledge in Online Marketing rely on experts who will advise you in everything, to make your business shine.

Good luck in you adventure and we invite you to contact us for any questions.

Social Networks: the brands with the most engagement in Spain

After the last modification of the Facebook algorithm, every day community managers squeeze our brains to the maximum to find the final formula that connects with our audience, despite the continuous decline of organic reach in our publications.

However, there is no Holy Grail of the strategies. The success of the brands appear from a continuous improvement that follows the trends of our sector and the demands of an increasingly volatile public. Today i will talk about those social profiles that, thanks to a series of tactics and strategies, manage to connect with their target. Lets know which are the brands that have the most engagement in social networks in Spain.

The most relevant brands in social networks in Spain

A few months ago, the technology company Epsilon Technologies presented the study Panel Icarus Q3: Trends in Social Networks of the Consumer Goods sector, where it analyzes the activity of the main food and hygiene consumption brands in Spain, as well as the most important trends of the sector.

In this analysis, the brands that obtained the best results in the third quarter of 2017 were detected, according to the weighted market average of followers, interactions and share. What do you think are the ones that occupy the Top 10?

  1. Ybarra
  2. Fini Golosinas
  3. La Magía
  4. Estrella Damm
  5. Nestlé Postres
  6. La Lechera
  7. Mahou
  8. Gallina Blanca
  9. L´Oréal
  10. Garnier

Are you surprised? Why do you think these brands are at the top of this study? What is your secret to get more interactions than the rest?

The brands awaken emotions

It is more difficult than it looks. Through the use of nostalgia, the feeling of belonging, self-esteem, closeness, humor... these brands made a hole in the hearts of its users. Lets see some examples.

Central Lechera Asturiana. It exploits its local elements to create closeness and feeling of belonging.

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 13.36.55

Garnier. It uses its main characteristics (natural ingredients) to awaken a sense of identification.

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 14.09.17

Estrella Damm. Like Central Lechera Asturiana, the beer brand uses the local element to get closer to its consumer. In fact, on their website they have a guide with the best places of the Mediterranean.

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 16.28.02

Fini Golosinas. Use humor and great creativity to reach the hearts of its users. In addition, they manage to click with their young target with a close and informal language.Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 14.03.12

Brands include their products at times of consumption

It is not about introducing your product with shoehorn at any time, but to include it naturally when you KNOW that your product is part of the lives of users. For this, its necessary to previously analyze our audience, to know their reality.

Fini Golosinas. They are experts in including their products in fun situations and at times of key consumption, for example when you are study.

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 14.05.55

Garnier. One of the secrets of the success of the brand is that they include their products at times of consumption that have an aspirational air characteristic of their sector (beauty).Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 14.07.47

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 14.08.19

 Direct interaction

Comment, mention, label, share… we must not coerce users to perform certain actions, but to incentivize them in an original way. Keep in mind that they are willing to participate if the content seems interesting or if the participation is linked to an incentive (either material or aspirational).

L´Oréal and Fini Golosinas. Users follow us because they like our products. Dare to ask questions related to them!

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 16.51.23

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 16.49.49

Users Generated Content

Users are our greatest source of inspiration. Value your publications! Give them the prominence they deserve in your network, always asking for permission and mentioning the person who has done it voluntarily. Lets see some of the best examples of the brands that have the most engagement in Spain.

Estrella Damm

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 16.54.49

Fini Golosinas 

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 16.55.39

They are Useful

Craft, recipes, ideas, tips… if you dont offer anything to your consumers (more than prizes), they will surely stop interacting with your brand. Search your concerns, detect frequently asked questions in search engines and solve them, use your product to create useful things, etc.

Garnier. The beauty brand uses the underground curiosities (did you know?) to talk about the properties of the ingredientes of their products. Their hallmark is Naturalness so they take advantage offering valuable content to their users.Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 14.08.32

Nestlé Postres España. The brand gets a very high number of interactions with easy and video recipes (no more than 1 or 2 min) that fit the context (Spring Break, Fathers Day…).

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 13.32.50

Central Lechera Asturiana. In addition to recipes and local content, it ha a section on its Youtube channel with crafts ideas with its products.Captura de pantalla 2018-04-02 a las 13.38.02

Innovative Formats

There is no doubt that the new formats in social media attract a lot of attention and increase interaction. But we must not forget that the static image is still the format with the most engagement in 2017. My recommendation? mix, try innovate. Every day more formats emerge, but we must learn to use them and, for that, we hace to experiment.

Example of Garnier

These are not the only successful brands in Spain. Others like Lidl, El Corte Inglés, Vodafone or Burger King also generate a high number of interactions with original and fun social networking strategies. Which is your favorite? Why do you think it connects with you?

How to create a Communication Plan

Communication in a company is a very important part. Sometimes, we have a brilliant line of business, but lack of good communication we can not reach our target audience. In this sense, it is essential to know our company or product well and make and effective communication plan.

The first point we should know is that there are many types  of communication: external, internal, corporate, crisis, corporate social reputation, public relation… Analyze what type you want. Today we are going to focus on how to make an external communication plan. With it, you will get to publicize our company or product in a effective way.

Steps to create an external communication plan

Before starting to publicize anything, we must make an analysis of our own. Analyze your positioning in the market and think about where you are with respecto to your competitors, keep in mind the internal and external factors.

A good formula for this is to do a SWOT analysis to keep in mind our weakness, strengths, threats and opportunities. Stop what  you need in this step, but it is very important to find the space in which you want to position yourself. And do not forget the external factors such as political and economic, since they can also effect your market saying. Also perform a PESTELI analysis in which you will see the political, economic, social technological, ecological, legal and innovation factors that may harm you.

If we are already clear from where we started, the time has come to set your goals. They will be te base of this plan. Put some that are achievable, measurable, quantitative and realistic. It is useless to put some objectives that you are not going to achieve.

plan de comunicación

At this point you must create your strategies, that is, what are you going to do to archive the objectives marked in the previous point? Think if you want to do a digital campaign, advertising and who you are going to address. Segment well your target audience. It is not the same communication directed to the entire population or to a specific segment such as sportsmen, experts in X matter, children… This will be very interesting to be able to establish the next step:

Prepare an appropriate message. It is one of the most important elements. Create slogans with which you want to reach your target. Remember that the message must always be unified and be the same. Both in what is done in social networks, as in media… they have to be coherent and always be in the same line of action.

Now that we have the message and the public, it is time to decide which channels you will use. Bet on both the online and offline media. And do not forget about your own, such as your website, social networks, internal magazine… look for agreements with the media if you consider that your target audience is there.

Another point to keep in mind are the activities you are going to do. Events? Street marketing actions? Conferences? Publor-Report? Make a brainstorming with your team and sure bright ideas come out.

brain storming plan de comunicación

Once you have outlined everything you are going to do, it is time to establish budgets. How much money do you want to spend? How many hours of your team do you want to invest? In addition to all the expenses that you already have controlled, leave a part for possible contingencies, which are sure to arise.

An finally, make a schedule. How long do you want to meet your goals? When will the main actions be carried out? Make everything coherent and create a calendar that can be seen at a glance everything you need.

Now that you know the necessary steps to create a communication plan, you only have to launch and publicize your company products.

Youtube and Videomarketing


We live in a digital society that is constantly changing. Digital and technological advances are the order of the day and the public increasingly demands a more elaborate content. Audiovisual content has become the most acclaimed format and is currently the most complete way to complete our digital marketing strategy.

Youtube is the perfect platform that has put this audiovisual revolution in motion. In fact, it has become the first video website, the second most used search engine after Google and the third largest site in the world that brings together more than  7,000million videos viewed per day.

YouTube´s relationship with brands

Taking into account the scope and engagement that this platform generates, it is a very useful tool that has become a great marketing attraction for brands.

YouTube y el videomarketing

Its not necessary to be a great brand or a great company, any person wishing to promote themselves through the digital world must take into account this tool and consider developing an audiovisual content for further dissemination.

YouTube has not stopped growing exponentially since its birth, reaching today more than one billion users. It uploads more than 300 hours of video every minute and is present globally in 75 countries and in 61 different languages.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the brands have not been slow to get on the car of this new method of reaching a massive and global audience. However, we must bear in mind that for this form of audiovisual marketing you can not create purely advertising content.

Audiovisual marketing is immersed in attractive content, through videos that offer more than just publicity to the user. It must connect with the user through audiovisual content and thus generate interaction and loyalty with our audience.

How can we know what the target wants to see and consume on YouTube? If we want to reach a broad audience and be successful with our audiovisual content, we must take into account and take advantage of the use of Big Data in video marketing.

The Role of Youtubers

The aim of brands, in addition to reaching a large audience, is to create their own fans who become loyal consumers of the product or service offered. For this task youtubers are the best mobilization tool.

They are influencers who use the YouTube platform to create their own personal brand through the audiovisual. They get many subscribers who are interested in the content and format of these videos and even have real fans who follow each of their movements. 

The ability of youtubers to integrate products and services into their audiovisual content strategy makes them a great attraction for brands. Depending on the target and the theme in which these influencers move, they will capture the interest of some or other brands.

It is important to keep in mind that, if you want to use the youtuber as a marketing tool, do it as a method of supporting the main strategy and not as the only way to create content. In addition, this influencer must go in consonance with the identity of the brand to have credibility and assertiveness with the product or service. Therefore, not only the number of youtuber subscribers matters, but the content quality and type of target of the same.

Of what there is no doubt is that audiovisual content has an appeal that has been gaining ground within social networks, blogs and digital marketing. Will YouTube follow the audiovisual content broadcasting summit?

Instagram Revolution

We all know that today social media have an important role in the world of advertising and Instagram is one of the most relevant in this view. What until nothing has been a simple social media of photography where expose your whole life, now come one of its star tools to sell: Instagram Shopping.

What is Instagram Shopping?

The brands were already advertised in this type of platforms through more traditional marketing strategies, but now they are looking for a new shopping experience as easily as possible. Hence the idea of ​​launching one of the tools with the most expectations of the market. The ads take time within the personal profiles of each brand or company, and we have seen how the stories of these walls made it easier for you to enter your pages to buy something. But now, Instagram has wanted to go further with a new technology that will allow companies to put links within publications in order to click on it and open the web with the product we want to buy. A good way to label the products and price them!




How does this work?

Instagram wanted to make the new tool easy to use, as if you were tagging a friend in a photo. You can upload the image and then label the products where the price will be and some more detailed image about it.

This update promises to change the application and the way you use it. So it will be a good option to call attention to your products. In order to use it, companies must only register on the Instagram website and must meet the following requirements:


Buy without leaving Instagram

It is true that ir is a new tool that directs you to the website of the company itself, but the truth is that you remain on Instagram. So, when a user sees the publication, you can press the ‘‘Buy’’ button to know the details of the product.

Therefore, we are facing a new tool that will facilitate purchase of brands and companies will see positive results in their purchases. Is it true? We will have to wait until Spain is in place and functioning to see it.


Algorithms Control Our World

With the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing, the algorithms are fulfilling their task, the resolution of problems. The computer algorithms demonstrate their potential day by day. They are present in our appliances, in the programming languages ​​of our computers, in Internet search engines… We are so used to living with them that we are less and less aware that we interact with an algorithm.

Nowadays, the content that people decide to see is very specific, so bombing strategies are not always the best option because they can be blocked by the same user, likewise, with the use of these search methods and a great market research work can reach the target audiences target segments.

Brands invest a lot in these computer processes to accumulate data about your habits. In a few years it is expected that when you do one of the most normal things in your day to day, a Google search, you will get a personalized result.



“If you take a look at the 200 highest grossing films of all time, you will see that, when they were released, their protagonists were unknown”

Thanks to a virtual assistant who knows your behavior, your tastes and your way of interacting, you will have a result adapted to you. This artificial intelligence assistant or chatbot will not put at your disposal a list of content ordered in a generic way or taking into account your location, but it will give you a unique result, adapted to your need.

The Machine Learning is also used for search engines, medical diagnostics, fraud detection in the use of credit cards, stock market analysis, classification of DNA sequences, recognition of speech and written language, games and robotics…


Which is the association between digital marketing and algorithms?

Both are involved on social networks, since these have become the main medium where marketing strategies of companies are presented and show where most people spend on average 11 hours on the Internet and from that time it almost 1 hour on Facebook. The great success of social networks as digital marketing strategies is due to the use of search and sorting algorithms in the various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat).

Advertising Future

With this panorama, the advertising future in social networks is clear: the only way to obtain visibility in the future will be to invest in digital advertising. It is already a reality today but it will be even more relevant in the immediate future.


Lacoste change their crocodile for animals in danger of extinction

Nowadays there are hundreds os species of animals in danger of extinction. To defend this cause, the French brand Lacoste has decided to replace its isotype, iconic crocodile of the brand, by the silhouette of ten endangered species with the aim of preserving them.

Lacoste, took the crocodile as isotype in honor of his creator, the French tennis playerRené Lacoste, nicknamed “Crocodile”.

The temporary substitution of the brand isotype has created this new collection called “Save Our Species”, limited edition. In total 1,775 polos have been manufactured, exactly the number of specimens of each species represented that should remain alive as a whole group.

The selected animals are: the Vaquita Marina from the Gulf of California, the Batagur turtle from Birmania, the northern Lepilemur, the gibbon of Cao-Vit, the parrot Kakapo, the rhino of Sonda, the California Condor, the Saola, the Tiger of Sumatra and the Iguana of the Anegada Island.







The specimen that is in a more critical situation is the porpoise at the Gulf of California, of which there are only 30 specimens left. The porpoise is a fanatical mammal for swimming in shallow waters. It weighs an average of 48kg and measures about one and a half meters long. He is the victim of shrimp fishing nets in which he ends up trapped. The collection is sold exclusively through the Lacoste website and each polo price is 150€. The raised money will go towards the preservation of these animals.

This campaign has been announced through social networks, with the hashtag #LacosteSaveOurSpecies, seeking to contribute its own arguments to the environmentalist discussion.

The collection is the result of collaboration between Lacoste and the International Union of the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The agency responsible for developing this campaign is BETC.


The polo of this limited collection were released for sale in the French version of the Lacoste website and in just one day, most of the collection was sold-out.

A striking and daring collaboration, since any brand would change its logo, and in this case, an isotype as representative in the world of fashion, to support an initiative like this and to sensitize the population about the need to preserve nature.

Which is the minimum age for social media?

According to the latest INE studies on “Equipment and use of information and communication technologies in home in Spain”, one out every four children of  10 years has a mobile phone, and its from the age of 12 when these data go up considerably and three of every four children have a mobile phone.

The first smartphone is usually a gift from parents. The reasons are that in principle this will help to have the child controlled when there are not, increasing the degree of security of the child since they will always have the possibility of contacting them. However, children with their friends, and this is when social networks come into action.

According to the legislation of our country, access to these platforms is regulated in article 13 of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21, which approves the Regulation for the development of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, protection of personal data, which states that data may be processed for those over fourteen years of age with their consent, except in those cases in which the Law requires the assistance of the holders of the parental authority or guardianship. In the case of children under fourteen, the consent of the parents or guardians will be required.

Each social network is a world

As explained adobe, if we are strict to the regulations, its not legal to use social networks for people under 14 and it would be forbidden to register without the prior consent of their legal guardians but from theory to practice…

Not all social netwoeks have the same minimum age to open an account. For example, on Snapchat you can register with 13 years while in LinkedIn you need  16 years.

 Check the infographic:


Are you anonymous as you think?

Teenagers are not aware of the danger that can lead to upload everything to the internet and especially on social media. In reference to this fact, UNICEF launched on February 6th on “Internacional Day of Safe Internet” a campaign called #NoSeasEstrella where it alerts parents of the privacy that their children have in the media and the dangers in which they can be see wrapped in a future.

Through a video made in a Madrid school where a journalist begins to ask different children about their private lives to the children being surprised and uncomfortable to see that they have so much information about them.

The campaign has been a success and achieves its goal of raising awareness among parents of the importance of warning their children to be careful with publications and always be prudent with the content they share on the media as it can be used by a third party and can also affect their safety and reputation.

The technological world invades us and its important to grow fields of education focus on the usage of social networks for both parents and children, so that from the moment children go to school they educate them and raise awareness of the responsibility of their actions for their future.

This also affects the fashion of parents to massively upload content of their children on social media without falling that is indirectly providing much information of family habits and customs to criminals.

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