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¿Cuál es la edad mínima para abrirte una cuenta en una Red Social?

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¿Crisis en tus redes sociales?

Saber actuar ante una crisis es fundamental para no dañar tu imagen corporativa. Hoy en nuestro blog te contamos los pasos a seguir para solventar una crisis comunicativa en redes sociales.

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El éxito de los fashion films

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Claves para trabajar en el marketing de contenidos

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Marketing Solidario: adopta una mascota con Getty Images

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Bicoin, ¿la moneda del futuro en internet?

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¿A quién benefician los últimos cambios de Facebook?

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RCS, el verdugo de Whatsapp

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¿Cómo crear una newsletter más efectiva?

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¿Qué es el linkbuilding? ¿Mejora la autoridad y posicionamiento de mi web?

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Create Your Own Strategy on Social Media

Nothing is casual on social media brands. Each tweet, image and GIF they published in their account are tactics that where previously defined on a social media marketing strategy.

What is a strategy?

Lets start by making clear what is NOT a strategy on social media. A strategy is not a contest that you launch on Facebook. Its not the number of posts that you upload per month. Nor the formats you uses.

Social media strategies are how you will achieve the goals of your brand in the social universe; usually there is a minimum of 3 objectives on social media, which will have their right strategies. Each strategy will be formed by tactics – concrete actions – that will carry out their achievement.

We give you an example to simplify the concept.

Imagine you have a women’s clothing brand and your goal on social media is to increase your community on Instagram. How would you create your strategy?

In a marketing agency, a social media manager would be the person who creates the strategy according to the objectives of the brand (in the social and global environment), and community managers, who would develop this tactics.

6 steps to create a good strategy

We already got clear what is a strategy and a tactic on social media. Its time to get some work done. For a strategy to be complete, it must include a thorough analysis of the current situation of the brand on social media, define which will be the future and what are the tools and factors by which goal will be achieved.

This plan, besides being the leader that guides your actions, will also serve to check whether you are succeeding or not.

Now we will give you 6 steps to start creating your brand’s social media strategy.

To establish objectives.

The objectives of your social media marketing strategy must be aligned with the goals of your business globally and, above all, must be S.M.A.R.T:

S – Specifics

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Time-Oriented

For example, a good S.M.A.R.T objective in social media would be: “I want to increase the engagement on my Facebook page a 1% in 1 month”.

Current situation analysis

In this step you will define your customer on social media (who is, what it is, which media do they use, how do they use them), how is your brand perception on social media (what content works better, what results need to be improved, what they think of it on network), and in what situation you are in comparison with your competitors.

To aid this process, you can perform the analysis following these points:

Know the social channels and target

Its a mistake to think that a brand should be on all social networks. With the previous analysis that you have done, you must select the networks you want to accomplish, abandon those that do not contribute anything to our purpose, and what our mission will be in each one of them. For example:

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-11 a las 11.53.05

In the same way, our messages cant be addressed to everyone. At this point in the creation of the strategy, you must profile the different users that make up your target. Create different groups for the different channels and types of content that you plan to include in your strategy. For example, on Instagram your target audience will be more youthful and modern, and on Twitter, fashion journalism professionals.

Choose your tone and style

This includes the language you will use to communicate with your users or the formats you will use to create engagement (gifs, photos of your employees, etc.).

Create a content plan

Your social media strategy should include content planning that answers questions such as: what post are you going to upload (contests, coupons, blog articles, live videos, stories…), how often are you going to post, who is going to create the giveaway, what user profile will consume the content, and what your social ads strategy will be.

Its very important that your content plan pursues the objectives of your brand in each social network. Therefore, it is advisable to create a content follow up in which you divide your content by theme and percentages. For example:

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-11 a las 11.16.18

Measure your results periodically

Your strategy is useless if you dont have defined the metrics that you will use to measure the results. Weekly, biweekly, monthly and annually you should check if your strategies are working (if they meet the objectives set) and how you can renew it in the case of failure, or improve it in the case of success.

These are some of the steps you must take to create an effective social media strategy. What do you think is the main point to get it? Would you add one more step?


SEO tips for your blog

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo conseguir más visitas para tu blog? Te damos algunas claves de posicionamiento.

Have you ever wondered how you can get more visits to your blog? Maybe you have a perfect website, with an enviable aesthetic, you share your content on your social media… But when it comes to making an analysis about the origin of the visits, you see that almost none comes through organic searches.

When we create a blog, we must be really sure on what we want to write on for our readers as to Google (which we often forgets the last one).

How i know im doing this well?

First of all, we must make sure that its indexed, thats it, Google needs to knows if the information really exists and what you are talking about. To check this, you can do a simple search in Google and in the case of not existing, go to Google Search Console. Once Google knows we exist, we must tell them what are we talking about as clearly as possible.

URLs play a key role and many times we dont remember them. Forget about leaving the URL created by WordPress or your text editor automatically. Always modify them and eliminate words that dont give us anything like articles or pronouns. If your editor is WordPress in case you leave the headline for the end, it will create a URL automatically composed only by numbers and, how will Google find out what you are talking about?

So its essential that the keyword you want to position on your blog be in the URL and the more you add to the left, better. Separate the words by hyphens (-) and try not to have more than 65 characters.

Surely it is not the first time you read that both internal and external links are fundamental for SEO. In this case, we will focus on the internal ones, since in addition to providing more information to the reader and keep it more time in our blog, they help Google to index and position the pages in a simpler way. The idea is that in each post theres at least one internal link.

To make it done, look for content that you can relate to the current post topic. It is very important that this link you do with an anchor text that includes the keywords of the post. For example, if you are talking about “Facebook for companies” tips, and then you have another one that deals with “tips for advertising on Facebook”, make the link in Facebook advertising. Never use words like “get more information on this link”, “click here”, “read more”, etc.

The importance of Keywords

The title is the first thing that all user would see, so its also essential to make your content known to Google. This headline must say what the post is going to talk about and, of course, include the keyword.

keywords para tu blog

It is essential that we think about how a reader will search for our content. For example, posts on “how to do…”, “tips for…”, “best tricks…” tend to receive many searches. If your content is about it, it should be titled as such, since it will be how users ask Google about the issue.

In addition, its important that the extract shows the keyword and in a brief summary of what you say on your blog, it must have between 150 and 160 characters. Although, since the end of 2017 Google does not guarantee that this is what will be shown in SERPS, the search engine shows the text that best suits the user’s search and can have up to 300 characters on PC and 150 on mobile .

Sure you spend a lot of time choosing the images to take care of the design and editorial design of your blog, so the great searcher will also have to teach it. When uploading a photograph you must change the name of the ALT and include the keyword, so Google also knows what you show in it.

Finally, it is important that you always update your blog frequently with fresh content. If you need ideas on topics, you can search Google Trends for the most searched topics of the moment, so you can attract more users to your blog. Use keywords in your content but do not fall into over-optimization, also use synonyms. Length is important, never make posts of less than 300 words. If you want to write a perfect post, we have already given you the keys in our blog.

Being number one on Google is something that no one can assure you. But sure that by following all these steps, you increase the organic visits.


Fashion on digital marketing

We know a lot about digital marketing and all the strategies that surround it, but does fashion digital marketing is different? Do you follow different guidelines to the rest of the marketing fields?

What is clear is that the fashion industry has completely changed its way of acting, both in the buying and selling of products, and in advertising and marketing with the digital age. Even more if we enter the world of social networks.

Social Media

The social media, as in the case of Instagram, are an open door to the world for fashion brands. A digital showcase through which not only show their products, but they own personality and they own values ​​of the brand.

Also, there are many brands that have been created in a unique and exclusively way through their promotion in social media. The clear example of Hawkers, who used the Facebook platform to make himself known. This brand of sunglasses has grown without stopping using only this platform.

A link between the brand and the target that Pompei also carried out. The well-known brand of sports shoes with their iconic colored soles are also the result of this digital marketing through social networks.

This leads to a double reef with a positive side, to create a direct and close link with the consumer, but also an overexposure to possible crisis of the brand’s reputation. Its a constant exposure to public opinion, in which consumers have abandoned their passive role to become continuous judges and opinion leaders.

Are the fashion influencers just another way of digital marketing?

Despite showing generally their lifestyle and even data, videos and images of their personal lives, these fashion influencers have reached the market becoming a method to reach the target audience in a more direct and reliable way.

El papel de los influencers de moda

In fact, many fashion companies have turned many of these influencers into ambassadors of their brand. We do not know the exact ROI (Return On Investment) generated by working with influencers in marketing campaigns, but more and more brands are betting to include them as dissemination of them.

The digital era has reform the world of advertising. The fashion world has come sweeping everything, eliminating all pre-established conceptions that had any fashion brand about the diffusion of brand and creating a relationship with the people completely different.

Do you know which are the top fashion brands on this digital marketing?

On Instagram Dior has been in the top during this 2017. The famous t-shirt with the inscription “We should be feminists” that was made by Maria Grazia Chiuri for her first collection for the maison (spring 2017) has resonated strongly in the Millennial generation through this social media.

Dior como marca top dentro de las redes sociales

The creative director of the brand has managed to create a product that, in addition to generating desire among its followers, brings an emotional connotation and brings a debate at a crucial moment of today regarding feminism. The active role of consumers is encouraged, making them protagonists of the campaign.

Hermes and Louis Vuitton succeed this brand, being another of those that had a major impact on social networks during this year. Its not just about increasing the number of followers of the brand’s profile. The media impact takes into account the number of comments and mentions, the people who access the profile and the number of visualizations of videos and images, among other things.

We dont know if the world of social media will become a bubble that eventually gonna explode. What we certainty have is that currently they do not stop growing and reinventing themselves, being one of the most active protagonists in the digital marketing of fashion brands.

Rural Marketing: Beneficts

The world of rural tourism is gaining more followers. Isn´t surprising that the possibility of being in contact with nature and disconnect from the monotony, or even enjoy all the accommodations offered by a house in the middle of nowhere bring more attention to us. Every day that goes on, this type of accommodation are more facilities to the consumer, which you can enjoy an unforgettable experience at both sides; inside and outside the house.

Made to disconnect

Not only in a network of a company, products, television advertising, the news… involve the use of marketing. In the case of rural marketing, the benefits and needs are proportional. First, the people  need to rest and disconnection, and in addition, they do it through nature. They seek tranquility, new experiences and good prices.

marketing rural

Therefore, we are facing an adventure for those who love freedom and seek all kinds of landscapes, tranquility in places without noise and pollution. The advantages that we can obtain with this type of tourism have nothing to envy to the most exotic trips, reason why many of the people that look for to give relief, choose to surrend with nature.

For all budgets

In addition, the prices of these types of trips make them totally affordable for any pocket. We have the option to rent from luxury suites in our dream place, to cabins where we can live with all the comforts in the middle of nature. In this way we can adjust to our budgets or our interests, having a wide variety of possibilities at all prices.

Without a doubt, this is an appetizing experience thanks to the landscape and the price they offer us. The options that we have in our search of rural houses are wide, and more, due to the growth and acceptance that this type of tourism is having. This benefits the consumer a lot since each time the competition is more on the agenda.

marketing rural

Finding the most valuable offer will not be complicated thanks to the technology we use today. We will not have any problem at the time of beginning with this pleasant experience as we enter into the nature and comfort that these homes can offer you, the purpose on which may improve the experience of all the guests.

The importance of Marketing at Rural Tourism

Since tourism is really known, its the content generated from resources and products that has moved people to some interest points. Thanks to this, we can discover a place or a product that interests us and we could say that we create the commitment in the tourist. One of the biggest problems for the owners of rural accommodation is they depend on the channels specialized on marketing. This aspect can be changed by getting a great number of entries to the web hosting, which will have a better direct sales. A good example is to insert a part of customer comments on the web and spread it on our social media.

Marketing actions allow the promotion of the tourist destination and are an important task in which any agent involved in the destination should participate. From administrations or associations, to accommodation or restaurants… tourism is beneficial for everyone, and the more it grows, the greater its global and individual impact.


Pantone Ultra Violet: Color of the year 2018

At the end of the year, its usual to review the trends of the year. We are talking about the color of the year, a field that signature Pantone, experts in the creation of color identificator and communication system in graphic design and plastic arts.

Pantone follows the annual tradition of announcing on December the color of the next year, a tone that serves to modify their logo and also marks a pattern in sectors such as fashion, product development, interior design or graphic design.

To select the color, the experts analyze the trends of art, the films and entertainment industry, design, fashion, social networks, even socio-economic conditions and the most popular travel destinations. The Pantone of the Year selection is more than a simple talk about color trends, its a reflection of a collective cultural moment.

This 2018 will be Pantone Ultra Violet 18-3838, an intriguing, fascinating and magical color; a dramatically provocative and thoughtful violet tone that communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that teaches us the future and suggests the mysteries of the cosmos. This color replaces the Pantone Greenery 15-0343, chosen last year.


Ultra Violet also has a powerful personality that symbolizes experimentation, nonconformity and creativity.

In addition, its a generically neutral tone that is associated with inclusion and mindfulness, which automatically makes it the perfect color to create connections and build design refuges in an overstimulated world.


Leatrice Eiseman, vice-president of Pantone Color Institute, explained that “The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean much more than ‘what is trend’ in the design world; Its really a reflection of what is needed in our world today. We wanted to choose a color that brought hope and an encouraging message. “

With this choice it is clear to us that a color has a meaning behind that goes beyond the aesthetic. The enigmatic purples were a symbol of counterculture and artistic brilliance. With this, it should be remembered that the purple is, precisely, the color of the feminist struggle, and although until now we may not know the term Ultra Violet, it is without a doubt, the exact tone.

The color of the year is slightly similar to Love Symbol # 2, a tone that Pantone launched last August after the death of singer Prince in 2016. The tone was inspired by the artist’s legendary violet Yamaha piano.


In Pantone they have created a color palettes in which they give guidelines to the designers on how to combine Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet.

Captura de pantalla 2017-12-11 a las 13.43.25Captura de pantalla 2017-12-11 a las 13.43.41 Captura de pantalla 2017-12-11 a las 13.43.56 Captura de pantalla 2017-12-11 a las 13.44.05 Captura de pantalla 2017-12-11 a las 13.44.24 Captura de pantalla 2017-12-11 a las 13.44.31 Captura de pantalla 2017-12-11 a las 13.44.43Captura de pantalla 2017-12-11 a las 13.44.54

And what do you think of the new Pantone of the year 2018?

Millennials vs Generation Z

Each time more is invested in understanding how the new generations really are trying to approach their way of showing themselves. Making deep research of their day to day, when are the key moments to approach them, what really interests them, with what intensity and what are the brands that are occupying your attention depending on the time of day or the place where you are find. These new consumers are immersed in the digital world, especially in social networks.

Are companies able to take on the new changes? How to manage the work dynamics with these young generations? To know their behavior in these platforms, Smartme Analytics has carried out the study ‘Conquering Millennials and Gen Z’, where it is observed that up to 86.2% of young people of these generations use networks in their mobile phones.

“The differences in behaviors and interests between both generations are clear, but its a valid fact that social networks occupy their attention much higher than the average population.” affirms Javier Pérez, Data Analyst of Smartme Analytics.

post millennials vs generacionz

60% of members in Generation Z say they prefer a cool product rather than a good experience, compared to 40% of millenials who respond positively to the product. When the table turns, the difference is overwhelming, millenials say they prefer a good experience to a good product, compared to 23% of the Z.

The two generations not only came face-to-face when they are at the product purchase, but also the relationship they have with the brands. How do brands get in touch with them?

Millennials want brands to use mails (43% vs. 33% of generation Z) and also traditional mails (16% vs. 13%). The members of Generation Z are the ones that present higher percentages in social media (34% versus 29% of millennials), in online ads (28% vs. 16%) and in outdoor advertising (a 14% vs. 9%).

As you see, the behavior of both generations is different as their online shopping sites. The favorite website of the millennials is Amazon versus the Z that is YouTube. Millennials have 63% more desire to buy compared to 55% who prefer to do things for themselves, Do It Yourself.

After all the differentiating points that we have seen between both generations, its time to put it into practice on ads. The part that makes the most allusion is the emotional one, since they play different roles when it comes to reach each group. Millennials are more inclined to absorb those ads with an emotional connection (31% vs. 20%). Members of Generation Z connect better with those ads that feature celebrities (27% vs. 20%).

Consumers force brands to create marketing strategies with social trends. And to reach them we must bear in mind these words: hyperconnectivity, visual communication, experimentation, interest in learning and multichannel media.

Meet them today and tomorrow.

A new digital F1

The Formula 1 season officially ended on November 26 at Yas Marina circuit in the United Arab Emirates. With a world championship that already had the name of Lewis Hamilton, the one who pointed another year to the palmarés of the silver arrows and Fernando Alonso finishing his Via Crucis with Honda, it could seem that the 2017 has been ‘one more’ in the history of F1. Nothing could be further from the truth.

On January 24, 2017, Liberty Media acquired the entire F1 (which it already owned 19.1%). Announced with great cheerful mood the same day on a press release, this American company that unites several media outlets dismissed the man who did and unmade until then – and during the last 40 years – in the category: Bernie Ecclestone.

It was the first of a long series of decisions that are leading Formula 1 towards a digital opening that had not been seen until now, aimed at improving the image on the public and enhance marketing and brand utilization.

The one that grows on Social Media

We live on social networks. The brands have found a new reef which their users can reach, sometimes more aware of them even than what they have in front of their eyes. However, Formula 1 had left aside social channels due to distrust its usefulness… until the arrival of the new owners. In Liberty Media they have understood that a potential audience of millions of spectators cant be ignored as they have been until now.

Aficionados a la Fórmula 1 en Monza

The changes not took so long and already from the first pre-season tests the teams were allowed to show their images of their new cars, as well as several moments of the official trainings. In addition, we have been able to attend a huge change of perspective also in the official channels of the category itself, with examples on Instagram stories narrating live careers, post-race interviews or instant teamradios.

All this has helped the F1 brand take off on social media, a very important impact to take into the account, if we check the delay that the competition had in relation to other engine categories such as NASCAR or the undisputed queen of the digital world: MotoGP.


Let’s see the numbers: according to the study of The F1 Broadcasting Blog they produced annually, the F1 has gone from having 7.91 million followers in its official channels to 9.57, overtaking NASCAR on a spectacular 20, 99% increase. Although they are still far from MotoGP – more than 19 million followers endorse the category that best manages the digital world -, Formula 1 finally shows its fans on social channels.

From the real world to the digital

A good strategy in social networks must necessarily be linked to a good product in real life. In Liberty Media seem to be aware of it: in addition to the changes that will be introduced gradually with the years in on category, the different events raised in some circuits have also been a fresh air breath for the fans.

Fernando Alonso en Silverstone

One of the greatest examples we found in the past GP of Great Britain, where the F1 cars drove in July through the streets of London to promote the race, filling also the profiles of the followers of the category of selfies, photos and videos of the cars. And thats not all, since this type of events, Liberty Media intends to go a step further and try to bring the category to those who are not yet fans of it, or just are in it by casualty.

If we cross the puddle and we go to the Mexico GP, held on October 29 at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, we find out how the good management of this type of events has its impact on social networks. According to the Latin American consultant ClowderTank, during the race weekend the posts related to the GP increased by 1.092%, taking 97% of positive mentions. The result? Third consecutive award as best GP of the season.

Nuevo logo F1

Its undeniable that a product of this size of Formula 1, considered the highest category of motorsport, could not continue in the digital unawardness in which it was immersed until now. Liberty Media has come with changes on their hand and the goal of renewing an image, logo change included, which began to suffer and lose the train of the digital age. Will they get it?

Which are the top posts in 2017?

When the year is over its time to review which is the post that got more ¨Likes¨ on Instagram or what tweet has been the most RT.

Within the world of social media, the mainstay that is on Instagram which has consolidated in 2017 as the most complete social network and accepted by users since it is not used only to upload photographs as in the beginnings, but has become the favorite social media for the broadcast of live videos, upload stories, publish photo galleries or to have a private group with your family or friends.

This has led to the incredible number of 25 million businesses that have a corporate profile in this social media and that has grown by more than 100 million users in the last five months.

Lets start!

Babies takeover 2017

On Instagram, Beyoncé and Cristiano Ronaldo were fighting for the post with  more “likes” exceeding 11 million. The curious thing that both publications have in common is that they show the arrival of a new baby to the family.

The singer was the first person to overcome the barrier of 11 million “likes” on this social network with the photo that appears with a veil and a blue background full of flowers announcing her pregnancy:

We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters

Una publicación compartida de Beyoncé (@beyonce) el 

While Beyoncé savored his triumph, Cristiano Ronaldo show up, a man accustomed to break records in sports and that takes advantage of his status as an athlete with more followers in social media, he try to snatch the record of the singer and be still pending until the last day of the year to see who will be the winning publication with the photo that announces the birth of his daughter Alana Martina with his girlfriend Georgina and his eldest son Cristiano Jr at the hospital:

A Alana Martina acaba de nascer! Tanto a Geo como a Alana estão muito bem! Estamos todos muito felizes! ❤️ Una publicación compartida de Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) el 

 Which is the most used hashtag on Instagram?

This 2017 is a special year for the hashtag that celebrated its tenth anniversary on Twitter and that has been consolidated on Instagram as a fundamental element in the users lives on Social Networks.

If we follow the clues that the posts of Beyoncé and Cristiano Ronaldo have given us, its to be assumed that one more year has been #Love the most used hashtag on Instagram.

The list show it:


“Nothing is impossible” on Twitter

On Twitter, the social network in which the troll side triumphs and where the challenges that may seem most absurd become reality,  since the RT tweet on which Carter Wilkerson, an unknown citizen from the United States, challenged Wendy’s, a fried chicken brand, asking them how many RTs he had to get to give him free food for a year.

The Community Manager of the brand responded that 18 million retweets and although it has not reached that figure can boast of having the most RT in history, even surpassing the on of Ellen DeGeneres and her famous selfie at the Oscars gala.

You are the host on Facebook

#yearinreview returns to Facebook, the leading social network in our lives, which collects through a video the best moments we spent in this 2017 and takes your nostalgic side.

Facebook as you know that there are things that you may not want to remember leaves you the option to enter Facebook.com/yearinreview so you can change the photos that appear in the video and publish it whenever you want.

We put an end to a great year in advance in social networks, but… what does 2018 hold for us in the Social Media world?


The perfect post: The keys to writing the best post on your blog

The key to success in writing a good post lies in the ideas, inspiration and prior organization of the information we want to convey to our readers. Although at first glance it may seem very complicated, the secret of the “perfect post” for our blog is to establish a clear strategy and speak the same language as the one who reads it. And is that the only formula to truly connect with users is to know their needs and interests and offer real solutions, don´t you think?

Create a simple structure

Before writing a post, it´s convenient to stop a few moments to structure ideas, document and find the best way to transmit information to users. For this, we can not forget any of these fundamental parts in any type of article:

Cómo escribir el post perfecto

Define your audience, who are my ”buyer person”?

The definition of our audience will be one of the fundamental pillars on which strategy will be built. The term ‘buyer person’ is often used in Digital Marketing to designate a fictitious subject that we create in order to represent the different audience segments we want to target. It consists in specifying the abstract endowing name, characteristics and personality to what was previously a simple segment of the population. In this way, it will be easier for us to connect with each user class and generate the content that is demanding us.

Take care of the little details

When we create a new entry in our blog it must be in order to last in time, although we can update them whenever necessary, providing new information. Of course, we must take care of the spelling and grammar to be impeccable and use images with the necessary quality to enrich our post. Finally, a final review before publishing our post is never too much to take care of the details in the most objective way possible.

We have given you some keys to write the perfect post for your blog but do you know any more? Do you think that they will help you from now on to improve your publications? Leave us a comment!


Brand Engagement: The importance of transforming the consumer into a ¨Brand Lover¨

In the world there are thousands of brands and products that go virtually unnoticed by consumers. Those consumers without emotional connections to brands focus only on the attributes of the product. This type of consumer is the one who will change brands easily if he finds another one that works better. But the consumer who maintains emotional connections with a brand, has a strong and powerful relationship that will try to follow everything you do.

Consumers have a wide range of possibilities in the market and brands must stand out and strive to create and take care of this relationship with the customer. We know that purchases increase when there is emotion behind and repetition is more than likely. It is clear… we must make the consumer happy!

Can you imagine having customers who share their passion for your products? Well, get ready, some brands have achieved it thanks to Brand engagement. Getting customers to become true brand bearers is something that happens very rarely. They not only buy your products, but also communicate their passion in a much more powerful way than the brand itself. Excellent! The difficult thing is not to attract customers, but to keep loyal those who already are and turn them into “brand lovers”.

brand engagement

The exchange of values

We can define Brand Engagement as the process of providing communication and brand experience that adds value to the audience, reinforcing the relationships between both. For years the Brand Engagement was exclusive of large companies, only those who had a strong investment in marketing could afford it. But today’s companies play with a big advantage. Technological evolution allows everything to be more immediate. Therefore, Brand Engagement can now be available to all companies, regardless of their size.

Companies create products but those who really give them life are the people, because they create emotional connections and powerful links. As in any relationship, emotional connections are fundamental in brand strategies. The Brand Engagement implies a step forward that moves the brand, inside and outside, of the transactional terrain towards an area of ​​value exchange. We always associate the term engagement with social networks and we believe that it was born with them, but that is not the case, since it is a term that was born with Gary M. Reynolds in 1977 when he began to implement engagement marketing. When a brand wants to work with commitment marketing, generate engagement and convert the consumer into a loyal customer, they must design and implement a strategy that takes into account the following variables:

And it’s been a while since the brands stopped being an entity that only manufactured products or offered a service for its client and began to generate content. So, what is the best way to create content linked to the brand for an appropriate Brand Engagement? These are some of the features that characterize this type of content:

Popeye Spinach

A clear example of Branded Content is the case of Popeye, which arose from the need of the Chamber of Producers of Spinach in the US to encourage the consumption of spinach in children of the generation of the thirties. Finally they came up with the idea of ​​developing a comic strip of a muscular sailor who became strong by taking spinach. The success of this campaign was such that the increase in production achieved by the farmers who produced spinach reached values ​​never before seen. You can say Popeye was the first Branded Content strategy in history that generated a high Brand Engagement, providing added value to the consumer.


Find Your Greatness by Nike

The message that Nike transmits in this campaign is totally empathetic and emotional. Nike is one of the masters in developing this type of marketing, creating images that deeply motivate your target group and using digital tools to continue with communication. Zero sales search. Pure engagement.

As you have seen, the connections that consumers feel with brands are purely emotional and the links that are created are very important as they mark a present and a future. Good brand management is able to overcome any barrier. Turning our users into Brand Lovers and maintaining them is a winning action that we must know and value.

What is ROPO? Concepts of online marketing

Known as ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline)Online Search Buy Offline, is one of the many types of buying trends.

It can also be known as ROBO (Research Online Buy Offline) and O2S (Online to Store).

It consists of the user or consumer looking for the information of the product or service that he wants to buy on the internet, in this way he makes the decision to compare and acquires it in the physical establishment. That is, consult and compare the characteristics and prices of that product or service and go to the store to buy it.

It is a more usual buying trend than we think and of course… it is measurable. Great, right? Keep reading and find out how you can work this type of conversion.

How are ROPO consumers in Spain?

consumidor ROPO

According to Opiniac, a company specializing in the analysis of user behavior, 70% of consumers perform this practice, but this thing does not stop there, since according to Fnac France, users who previously consulted the products on the Internet, spend a 33 % more in store, than those who do not.

Unlike the so-called showrooming, which tests the products in stores and then purchases them online, the webrooming (ROPO consumers) are mostly men, 75% compared to 63% of women. They are active users of smartphone, laptop and tablet.

All these data confirm us that the physical store is still the queen of sales, leaving the internet as an information tool, provocative and persuasive. In this way, Content Marketing gains strength, that is, the more specialized and clear the information, the greater number of users will be able to make the purchasing decision, as opposed to other e-commerce whose information is not so illuminating.

How to elaborate a digital strategy with ROPO?

estrategia de marketing

Knowing the trends of our potential customers is what will help us define our specific Marketing strategy, to succeed our business.

It is known that around 54% of consumers want to be informed before buying a product on the Internet. However, only 16% opt for an immediate off-line purchase to be able to own that product immediately.

This means that the compulsive purchase has gone into the background, and that the user is more interested in previously finding out about the product or service, to find the highest quality or the best price.

How can we take advantage and measure the ROPO effect and the showrooming?

estrategia ROPO

These effects are an advantage for those businesses that are present in the physical world and in e-commerce.

The secret is to unite social trends and make them work in symbiosis to benefit our business.

Conclusios about ROPO trend

ROPO compra en tienda física búsqueda online

In recent times we have focused on getting as many online sales as possible, but as we can see the triumph is to combine online and offline purchases.

There is a world full of possibilities on creating fantastic marketing strategies that help us to know our users and offer them what they are looking for. Also, do not forget the segmentation and usage of Social Networks. Invite your customers to be part of your brand and offer them advertising that interests them.

Enjoy this new information and take advantage of the market to achieve the best results in your business.

Subway: New identity. A fresh and colorful image

Time goes away for us and also for logos and brands. In recent years, a large number of brands have redesigned their visual identity because it had been out of attraction  and is a good option to attract the attention of our main audiences, as well as a perfect excuse to communicate and generate notoriety around the brand.

Subway, fast food chain, redesigned its brand image last year. This logo redesign is a more minimalist and got a striking design than the previous one. The brand defines this new logo as grow, bold and confident. It seeks to capture the essence of the brand in a fresh and contemporary look.

logo, marca, rediseño

The symbol is the newest element of this visual identity. It is a derivative of the logo, it´s an “S” hidden between two arrows.


Now Subway is also committed to a new identity with images related to food and day to day, globally. This visual renovation was presented on October 27 and has been carried out by the agency Turner Duckworth. Presents the business chain of restoration with pieces of conceptual art from its ingredients. A new image attractive to the eye, striking with their colors, which shows the products full of flavor and with a very appetizing pint.

colores, producto, fresco

The objective of the brand is to position itself in the number one fast food chains in the markets that operate. Analyzing the new visual identity we highlight:

alimento, fresco, color

alimento, fresco, color

alimento, color, sano

alimento, fresco, color

alimento, fresco, color

alimento, color, sano

alimento, color, sano

alimento, sano, color

And you, what do you think about the new visual identity of Subway? Leave your comments!

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