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Al e-commerce en España aún le queda mucho por mejorar

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Social Listening: cómo aprender a seducir a tus usuarios

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Mejoras SEO, claves para el posicionamiento en buscadores

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#eShowBCN17: El futuro pertenece al e-Commerce

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5 enemigos de la creatividad y cómo vencerlos

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Redes sociales para vídeos en directo ¿Cuál es la mejor?

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Por qué debes empezar a optimizar el SEO en tus redes sociales

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La Super Bowl en 8 datos de Marketing Digital

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Instagram ya está en el podium

Instagram se ha consolidado en 2016 como una de las redes sociales con más proyección en el mundo y en España ya es la segunda red social más utilizada, desmarcando a Twitter.

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La inteligencia entra con fuerza en las relaciones entre consumidores y marcas

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Tendencias en Social Media para 2017: ¿realidad o utopía?

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Infografía: de esto hemos hablado en 2016 en Google, Facebook y Twitter.

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Tendencias SEO 2017: en busca de la Inteligencia

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¿Escribimos pensando demasiado en Google?

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Social Media – The Other Partner

The topic of social media has been discussed, debated and dissected in every manner and angle possible in efforts to grapple the phenomenon that is gripping our time, attention and lifestyles. There are the positive and the rebuttals. ´Sitting on the fence´ almost never gains as much respect, but, sometimes, it may be wiser to take a step back, and learn about the power and dependency on social media that trigger ripples.

Just a quick glance around you, everyone is in a relationship of all sorts. Whatever the base in purporting such bonds, it would be difficult to dismiss the importance of social media in creating, and even maintaining these ties. But just as tide and time changes, so do lifestyles. And priorities. Thus, one of the most important relationships from its very first initiation, would be the relationship between social media and its user.

According to Google, out of the 7.3 billion of Earth´s population, at least 2.67 billion social network users are estimated by 2018 from the 1.91 billion figure today. In short, social network penetration is only going to keep advancing. It ain´t just a passing phase.

Toy Story SM

By the nanosecond, social media is increasingly integrated into our day-today lives as the reliable partner that we accessibly have at hand – wherever, whenever. It isn´t a relationship that is demanding either. In fact, you could browse through multiple attractions at your own pace and liking. It doesn’t nag, it doesn’t force, it doesn’t complain.

But, it its perfect packaging, it pulls.

Social media8

And, once in too deep, just alike human relationships that inspire rap art and emotional ballads, it´ll leave you at loss in its absence. Although there is nothing wrong in spending time to network and connect with other humans in the virtual arena..there certainly calls for a limit when extricating from a world where you would still experience all of your five senses with:

Social media2



The Ideal

Speaking of marketing…How many social media users do you see showcase those recurring hashtags #bodygoals #relationshipgoals and #lifegoals that they promote?

Amidst perfect backgrounds, ´candid moments´and attractive angles, therein lies the major lineage of fabricated ´realities´with promotional tendencies for personal gains. The more you scroll downtime countless illustrations of those from your social circle or public figures, the more aware you´ll be of the pattern of postings for desired ´likes´and comments. Though there is no fault in vying for the social world to appreciate your post, there is a fine line when it comes to prioritizing so for affirmation and validation towards your own self-worth, relationships and lifestyle.

Social media is a great platform and in partnership to market. But the product should not include your self-worth or the health of any of your relationships and lifestyle. As it would result in quite a heavy price to pay.


Naughty, or Nice?

Truly, social media is not necessarily a bad partner to build ties with. In fact, it can provide the best benefits when projecting or marketing an aim, image or business venture and even build connections and networks, which is vital in creating your path ahead in today´s world. According to Shelley Galasso Bonanno, M.A. (limited licensed psychologist, mediator, and psychodynamic psychotherapist. Twitter: @shelleybonanno):

¨Social support can be a strong predictor of positive mental health. Emotional support has been shown to protect us from a wide array of both pyschiatrict and physical ailments.¨

Yet, it is also mindful to be aware when too much independence is meted, as relying on one´s own two feet and capabilities after may prove challenging. While it is easy to stay within the online sphere and zone of a virtual community, it is definitely not as enriching as the 3D experience.

C55GX0 Young couple using their mobile phones in a park with backs against each other. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.


The Verdict…

Social media can be the best relationship to build and nurture. It provides the space and platform to exercise knowledge, creativity and connectivity. Nor will it disappoint with the providence of a community and bridging circumstantial hurdles.

But at the same time…

Enticing as its 24-hour presence it can be, learn to give it some space from you too..for you to be able to smell the roses from time to time.



Content Marketing, Yes or No? E-Commerce Included

According to Google, 56% of widespread ads are never viewed and there is a 40% unlikelihood for a user to click on a banner (found through a CTR of 0.004%). With this bleak horizon for advertisers, the surfacing of newer large, invasive and intrusive formats has consequently only managed to worsen the situation: A flock of European users have joined the ad blocking phenomenon, amounting to the less than considerable figure of 35%.

Amidst this background photo, quality content takes a fairly significant dimension to attracting users. Now that consumer habits have changed completely, experts are advocating an advertising model that centers on the user (although it is clear that content marketing is not advertising). Remember that users are 20% more likely to have a ´pull´ rather than a ´push´ reaction towards an ad, and so towards the necessity for the user to know where it stands, is where content marketing (though yet still emerging), is established. But the question is…do we really have a clear concept about content marketing and know for sure what it is and what it is not?

Push marketing versus pull marketing


Content Marketing Is Not What It Seems

So far, our conception of content marketing in general is that of a post on a blog, a detailed article which disengages the bowels of content through computer graphics, video(s), podcast(s), and many other media formats…But, if this is the view you had of this ´cautious´ marketing concept, it is already far cry from reality as it truly goes further beyond! The content itself adds prime value to the target audience of the product or service to sell, it is intended to spark interest in users and hence create customers for that product or service.


What Content Marketing IS, and What Is It NOT

Apart from disseminating content through videos, infographics, podcasts, posts or social networks, the world of e-commerce is where more confusion is created when identifying content marketing. With these examples we saw in eShow Madrid 2016 you will surely have a clearer view of what is included (and excluded) in this classification:


Knowing now what content marketing really is and what e-commerce concerns, it may be easier to identify in other cases, but the line separating the two sides is very thin, and thus can still continue to create confusion. In this sense, if it is a product page as we have seen, will there be a selection of products? The next question: Do you offer comparisons with other products? Is there any detailed explanation thereof? Do you provide some extra information regarding? If the answers to these questions are negative, then clearly content marketing is void, neither it is a registration page.

The conclusion we can draw is that content marketing adds value to the target audience of the brand as it is a content that focuses on targeted interests, so any format it which it is disseminated is valid as long as they comply with a number of features (product description, details, benefits, comparisons to competition, etc.)

After this, has your concept of content marketing changed?

Source:  Advertising Age

Mobile Shopping Yet To Take Off In Spain

According to the study by PWE Research Centre, Spain is the 4th country in the world (after Australia, Israel and the United States) when it comes to smartphone penetration. In Europe, we are leaders.

mapa de penetración smartphones en el mundo

This may not be too surprising a fact (as it has persisted so in recent years), but the interesting part is that in regards to the important mobile sector, m-Commerce (mobile purchasing) does not take the lead, nor does it even tail as second string. Instead, United Kingdom reigns ahead (as per by eMarketer, to pertain so by 2020) with Germany following as runner-up.

What exactly do us Spaniards primarily use smartphones for? Indeed, for social and recreational activities. The average daily use (of 2 hrs. and 34 mins. with smartphones and 1hr. and 19 mins. with tablets) is for chatting, checking emails, surfing through social networks, listening to music, or gaming activities. However, Online shopping through mobile, although this year showed improvement somewhat, is still far from being a major trend. 

According to the two recent reports from IAB Mobile Marketing Spain (2015 and 2016), in 2015: 6 out of 10 users shop via mobile. This year, although we would expect it would be more, only about 41% utilize their mobile to buy a product or service. This year as well has obviated shopping applications so we might assume that the data in question is more or less similar.

Estudio Mobile IAB Spain

We must also take into account data from the other conducted survey: The market is not the same, and neither is the sample from both studies either. In 2015, 15.4 million Spaniards of ages 18-55 years with smartphones were recorded. In 2016 however, there was a rise in figure with 21.5 million, though with an increase in age to now 16-65 years.

However, even with the positivity from this study, m-Commerce still has not yet fully bloomed, and only around 41% of users consider it an easy and comfortable process. 

These figures have hardly changed as with the use of mobiles in the purchase process (9 out of 10 do, and mainly with purposes to be informed about the product, price and to read reviews), and which sectors with more sales include: Travel, leisure, fashion and electronics.

Is trust towards purchasing via mobiles still the big problem, or is it simply consumption habits that is hindering m-Commerce from taking off in Spain?

#InstaWedding: The Revolutionary Photography

We are living, breathing in the age and long the wavelengths of technology. Every hour or every day, people are seen glued to their mobiles, tablets and gadgets, connected to the Internet on a 24-hour basis.

Therefore, we find it hard to imagine a day when we have not taken a picture, send it via WhatsApp, or update a new Facebook profile picture. It is difficult to disconnect from a world in which millions of updates are published per second. In fact, more than 80 million photos are uploaded daily at end on Instagram. .

Bride squad #bat_gio #gioandoscar 👰🏻👭👭👭

Una foto publicada por Natalie Massenet (@nat_mass) el


What is the Evolution of photography figure in recent years?

We have become addicted to take pictures of anything and everything in our midst and horizons, ranging from: #instafood, #selfies to snapshots in the gym. We want the social spheres to know what we do, what we eat or even who we are with at all times. And of course, it would be a pity to miss photos of large events such as weddings. Ten years ago, the role of a photographer was pivotal to capture an important time such as this, thus to eliminate any worry or doubt is crucial when hiring services. Fast forward to the present however, since smartphones and other devices have evolved their camera pixels, and almost everyone now owns one at the very least, this professional work has been fogged by guests vying to embezzle the best snapshot of all time.

#mesadulce #candytable #boda #bodas #bodasunicas #bodasbarcelona #weddingplanner #wedding #weddings #weddingbarcelona #inspiration #matrimonio #eventos #inspiracion #events #details #instaboda #instawedding #dulces #bodasenlaplaya #beachwedding #bodasplayeras #organizaciondebodas #casarse #organizaciondeeventos #candybar #dessertbuffet #ideas Una foto publicada por TAILORED ILLUSIONS (@tailoredillusions) el

These people are dedicated to capture moments to upload on social networks and make their mark at the right time and step to usually – I must say – gain a extra follower (or ´like´). Guests want to capture the bride´s entrance, the kiss, launching of the bouquet, showering of rice or petals, the couple dance, etc etc. … Indirectly, we are enslaved. Thus, the rise of #InstaWedding.

Y seguimos apostando por el rojo para el cortejo del gran día 👰🏻🎩 El rojo le da el realce al banco puro de la novia, el contraste es genial y si @franciscoveliz1 está presente capta este momento para la eternidad. ✅ Insistimos en que esta combinación no ha pasado de moda representando la pasión, la energía, poder y riqueza. 😉 Escribe a Franciscoveliz1@gmail.com para que sea su fotógrafo de bodas 👰🏻🎩 Foto de @franciscoveliz1 📸 #bodas #instabride #ideasparanovios #bride #noiva #novias #ideasparanovias #consejosparabodas #fotografodebodas #fotografovenezuela #casateenlaisla #bodasmargarita #bodasvalencia #photographerwedding #photographervzla #fotografoenmargarita #haztuboda #franciscoveliz #instaboda #bodasvalencia #weddingdress #vestidodenovia #cortejo #bouquet Una foto publicada por Haztuboda (@haztuboda) el


Applications Derived From the #InstaWedding Movement

Taking advantage of this social tug, for example, the INSTAWEDDING app offers among other things..pictures of the couple in real time or book of signatures. Or the webpage Bodas.net putting a foot forward on a platform by the name of Wedshoots in which by using a code, will give your gusts access to the photos by a mere click on your link. According to Ana Poyo, current affairs and fashion editor of Vogue.es, #InstaWedding can be defined as the ¨nuptial link that is the meat of Instagram; 0% natural and 100% processed.¨

At any rate, Instagram also serves as a springboard for professionals in the photography industry who want to make themselves known.

And the digital transformation we are living in is also leading to changes in other bridal elements: For example, one of the emerging apps, http://wedreality.comallows the bride to even design her dress and try it on.

This reveals to us a significant fact, according to a study by The Knot this year: In a survey conducted upon more than 18,000 brides and grooms, 89% of the couples use their smartphones to plan their wedding.

Now, after knowing that we are gradually being developed as an elaborate product by our own social networks…The questions are: Are you in favor of it? Until what limit is reached regarding our shared love for #instantshare? 

¡Mesas bonitas! #weddings#bodas#banqueteboda#banquete#instawedding#instaboda#weddinginspirations#inspiracionbodas#weddingideas#ideasboda#instablogger#weddingblog#blogboda By: @cocottecatering   Una foto publicada por @uninstantesempiterno el

eShow MADRID 2016: Across The Seas

Have you ever experienced that moment when in front of your mirror while piecing together the last jigsaws of your image before taking a step out of the door, asking your suddenly still reflection:

´Am I really actually here right now?´


Being an (international) intern at a marketing company like in Tilo Motion certainly brings about moments of learning and opportunity for growth in your field or sector (that hopefully leads to a fulfilling career path), especially when you take that step beyond your comfort zone. And in this case, I can finally say so happily, the sector that I have always loved for an opportunity to create a career path in. After all, having spent all those years of late nights, stress-inducing deadlines and doubts to graduate a degree…


Apparently, it is not a step many would take. Hailing from a diverse multi-cultured Malaysia, and living abroad in Australia for the past seven years with travels in between for studies, events, work experiences and leisure in the United States, around Europe and Asia and more…it still astounds when it registers that I am now in another city, another state, another country and another continent at this point in time. And to add a cherry on top, gaining enriching international experience in my career interest.

Only a year ago on the other side of the world, I was mulling over why am I still stuck in a high-fashion retail job amidst other odd jobs to survive. Then a random encounter of an advertisement on Facebook, some research and connecting on social networks, an overseas phone interview while on my way from work by foot with The Intern Group (Madrid) and a few more months of extra jobs and paperwork after, I now find myself writing this at my desk in Tilo Motion with a horizontal view of Paseo de la Castellana in front of me.

Never have I thought any of these would be possible…
To be on an international internship after struggling to find a job in my field for the past two years since graduating in Melbourne Australia…and as follows the main point of this article, to have the chance to partake in conventions and social media involvements of relevance. Since this was my very first e-Commerce and Digital experience, it would only be fair to further divulge and share

Transforming digital companies

Held on the 21st and 22nd of September 2016 at the IFEMA Madrid, #eShowMAD16 made its mark in four primary social network sites which includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter (though noting its absence with Instagram was a little unfortunate). An eCommerce and Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference, it is also the biggest trade show in dedication to digital business in Spain and Latin America:


According to a RetailMeNot conducted study and cohesion of a few, it is shown that e-commerce will increase by over 13% over the next two years, and what´s more, a likelihood of Internet sales in Spain in 2016 to reach 12.81 billion Euros.

Hence, as aptly emphasized by Augustin Torres, CEO of eShow, whether companies have a digital presence or not, ¨…It is a reality that is already being experienced in Spain, Latin America and around the world. In addition to having a business offline or not, the presence and coherent digital strategy today is a prerequisite for business growth¨.

With an array of professional speakers and relevant companies like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, eBay, Hawkers, Uber, Iberia Express, BlaBlaCar, Red Refrigerator, Ulabox, Doctoralia, idealista.com and more…it was undoubtedly a social media haven for the passionate. There were both brief and detailed coverage on different aspects of the digital spectrum. Which includes business opportunities in shared mobility, marketing one-on-one, Marketing advancement, online travel, fashion, eLogística challenges and so forth. These talks were also highly interactive with active participation from attendees, allowing further insight into existing controversial issues, industry trend currants and the intricacies of social marketing.

Essential Tools

The smallest step goes the distance

From the number of stand-out talks provided, a prime example was the dynamic Bruno Vázquez-Dodero, Founder and Director of Aula CM and SEO and Marketing Consultant, who focused on the importance of sharpening SEO skills in changing the course of your business´ online presence. Highlighting the competitiveness within the SEO market, key points to keep in mind include:


1. Keywords 2. Visibility 3. Traffic 4. Backlinks 5. Web Architecture

Mr. Vázquez-Dodero even proceeded to pull out a business venture from one of the attendees in the audience who markets the Thailand ointment product Tiger Balm. Showcasing the projected webpage, visual explanations and pointers were meted ranging from the pixel size of images to keywords and content strategies to incorporate or change, for more a successful and effective SEO marketing.

Other presented talks also touched upon other online sectors, such as content marketing, etc.

Next one, perhaps? Sí

As a beginner in this evolving industry, I highly recommend venturers of all levels´ active participation in expos and conventions such as these. No matter how much you already know, there is always another whole new world to learn. From this experience with eShow Madrid, I learned that not only do you garner tips to master your business and even personal social networks, you are also exposed to touch base with various apps and services to help provide you more information and guidance in expanding your relevant social media presence. Though I speak nil Japanese, I’m definitely making a point to head to the eCommerce EXPO 2017 Tokyo! (Or perhaps even the Berlin EXPO 2017?)

Time for some new basic language preps. Stat.

The #Rio2016 Olympic Games Viral(s)

Más allá de las medallas, nuevos récords y las imágenes de triunfo, los Juegos Olímpicos de Río 2016 también nos ha dejado este año con virales muy comentados y compartidos. El Social Media es una herramienta fundamental para los eventos en vivo. De esta forma podemos comentar, opinar, compartir fotos, vídeos y llegar a convertir todo ese contenido en viral. Hablaremos de algunos ejemplos de virales más destacados de los JJOO y del ranking en social media.

Beyond the medals, new records and images of spectacular triumph, the 2016 Rio Olympics this year has also left us with some of the most memorable and shared viral materials to date. Social media, truly, is an essential tool for live events. Through this platform, we can comment, post, share photos and videos and in totality, convert all that content into a viral result. We will discuss some of the viral highlights of the Olympics and its ranking in social media.

From the hands of protagonists in the networks or by the work of followers, countless images day by day of the games in Brazil were featured, generating a viral effect that circulated to every corner of the world.


According to official data, Twitter gets the bronze medal, though its 75 billion imprints does instill further respect. In earning a total of 187 million tweets in relation to the event, the social network thus stands tall in its third placing.

The silver medal, on the other hand, is presented to Instagram. With a total of 916 million registered publications, it gains its second placing. An interesting face is that all that volume was produced by a mere 131 million users.

And of course, the gold medal is awarded to Facebook, who prides in its total of 1,500 million interactions. In this case, there were 277 million users who contributed their own material.

Some of the curiosities that have been part of the Olympic Games include:


What were the Virals?

JJOO volley


Dos Coreas




Which was your favorite viral?

Certainly the next #Tokyo2020 Olympics will pique even more virals, and we intend to support our athletes again!


Awaiting Your Comments!

The Rise of the Pokemon Go Fever!

La llegada de la aplicación Pokémon Go es, definitivamente, el suceso del verano, del año, e incluso, de la década.

Be it cruising along in your car or by foot, it is inevitable to cross paths with small groups of young people with their eyes superglued to the screens of their Smartphones. No one in verbal communication, no one looking to check the traffic, and all seemingly in search for the same thing. Almost overnight, this strange situation has converted into a normality. And though the outer circle may raise eyebrows towards these small herds of technology influenced zombies stalking the streets, there is no denying this phenomenon is changing the world.

Danny Caminal

Danny Caminal


The arrival of Pokemon Go is, undoubtedly, the raging success of the summer, of the year, and even, of the decade. It´s creator, John Hanke, is a great lover of maps and also a true visionary. Thus birthing the combination of the concepts of geolocation and video games, utilizing advantage on the current pull of augmented reality. And additionally, making dreams come true for kids from the 80s and 90s generation: To be Ash Kechum, i.e. Pokemon Hunter.




After its premiere some ventured to wave off the success of Pokemon Go as a phase, but the reality is that half the world lives and breathes this game. So it seems this phenomenon isn´t declining anytime soon. In fact, just the opposite. Proof of its success is annotated in 5 Guinness Records, already making this application in their first weeks in the market:

Records aside, what Pokemon Go is generating is also what has not been seen in a long time. Starting with the bad news (although somewhat predictable knowing self-destructive human nature) with disturbing cases like: The fatal accident in Japan causal by a driver who played while driving, a collision between a Pokemon player and the police in the United States, the case of a Norwegian lawmaker who was caught playing Pokemon Go in the Parliament, that swarm the front pages of the media everyday.

But..not everything bears negativity. Following the launch of Pokemon Go, it has managed to surface the best outcomes in exploit of the wake of success piqued by the app. A good example of this would be the emergence of job positions to cover the needs of users, jobs that never existed until only a couple months ago. They are:



And, of course, travel agencies are taking well advantage of the Pokemon Go phenomenon by marketing related organized trips. For example, tours in Segway to effortlessly find the pocket monsters, boat trips to hunt water Pokemons, and safaris to ´hunt´in the most exotic places in the world.

There are so many new features, news and business opportunities related to this game that arise and increment daily…it would certainly come with a cost to ever see the end of this phenomenon.

Hopefully the tides will not turn for Pokemons to hunt us in return..

DARK SOCIAL – The Most Hidden Content Network

About 82% of global content shared in mobile phones are done by the act of copying and pasting via URL in emails, chat or SMS, according to a study released by RadiumOne. In hindsight, the data bears no harm on its own. But when we squarely factor in a digital marketing strategy as a whole, would then surface the surge of disadvantages.

82% of content in mobile phones are shared through email, chat or SMS

This practice is more common that it seems (to data referred) and in correlation to the Dark Social, a term coined by Alexis C. Madrigal in the magazine publication The Atlantic, in 2012. The term principally refers to web traffic that cannot be traced by web analytics programs, because it is shared through traditional mediums that are difficult to be measured (and in other cases, an impossibility). It is, in definition, content that is sent via e-mail by a user to another and also through chats, mobile apps and messages from mobile phones.

And why is it important to get to know the Dark Social? For various reasons. Not only it is essential for its volume, as the traffic generated by these sources varies according to the sector and profile of the user, but it can reach up to 50% of some generalist websites. It is also important because, in many cases, it is traffic that comes in from contact or reputable source and to appear in visitation after mention or recommendation made.


Identifying Dark Social Traffic in a Blog or Web

Links are shared in this manner sans of any identifiers, instead to be known more as referral tags annexed at the end of the URL. Without these referral tags, we would lapse in ¨darkness¨ (hence the term Dark Social) in determining where traffic is proceeded, and be able told educe the statistics of our blog or web than the rest of the content that has not been shared via social buttons from the Dark Social.



Dark Social´s Direct Consequences
The Dark Social has presented practices that now play a vital part in digital marketing strategy:


Undoubtedly, knowing the origin of visits on your site is elementary to determine the target audience to base and focus you strategy upon. According the the RadiumOne study, 46% of consumers of above the age of 55 years share content through dark social, in contrast comparison to the age range of 16-43 tears, where the Dark Social only represents 19%.

Forefront with these data, we are called to start juicing the right ingredients to develop a Social Media strategy in further incremented segments and therefore, create a higher likelihood to hit targets successfully.


Awaiting Your Comments!



The Revered Reign of GIFs in the World Wide Web

According to Facebook, a whopping more than 22 million GIFs are constantly created and shared daily. On Twitter, one can always share these files up to 15MB (previously only a size of 5MB was able) with additional latest news suggesting that even Whatsapp is wasting no time in getting onboard in collaborating with the app GIPHY.

No doubt, the GIF is the revered King of the Internet!
One whose coronation is far from the typical silver spoon tale.


The GIF format, acronym Graphics Interchange Format, was created in June 1987 by Steve Wilhite. Although its early years reveled in countless success, the abuse (the rise towards gaud and tacky) and arrival of Flash had thrust the prodigal work into exile. However, in latter years to come with significant growth and change in Internet consummation, the GIF format had revived exponentially to even become one of the biggest players in the digital world.


Easy View, Easy Play, Easy Share.

One of the factors that propelled its initial success was its lightweight interactive format, enabling easy play in almost all web browsers. Even with the advantageous age of today; How we consume the Internet is just as, if not more, important. Information overload today recedes in concession (nor the will) to dedicate much time on one particular thing. Instead, we prefer shortcuts to simplify our senses and focus to many things at once. The GIF in particular provides guaranteed satisfaction towards that necessity, and in a matter of seconds presents us a quick and entertaining blurb. Even if the format is not of a decent quality (though therein exist examples of otherwise) and has no audio, the instantaneous playback and loop requires no interaction by users in consummation.

Moreover, it is a format that is affordable for all, with multiple provided tools to allow one to make a GIF or even recreate one following a video from scratch.


Greatest Power: Emote

To me, this is the key. It is a format that innately establishes an emotional connection with the user. In truth, to many it is the only unique medium that reaches such a union, more effectively than a video arguably would.

For Abigail Posner, Head of Strategic Planning in Google, GIFs, like memes, ¨allows us to reconnect with the essential parts of ourselves.¨

For Gizmodo, a good GIF, ¨captures sufficiently to illustrate an emotion yet leaving enough to generate curiosity. It is a good mix of fun and wonder.¨



It Ain´t Just About the Humor. 

Yes, not all GIF´s are about stumbles, funny cats or unusual reactions. GIFs also possess the key element of Marketing, with the inclusion of Art.

The Marketing world is undoubtedly familiar with this groundbreaking format. GIF additionally bears effectiveness to reflect the spirit of a brand or company; including product placements, explaining a process in various steps, conveyance of stories, advertisements and even displaying data in animated form.

Beyond the world of marketing, GIF is a polished entity from an artistic point of view. If you´d like to search for some good examples, there are many to explore at Giphoscope International Art GIF. The following GIF by Micaël Reynaud won the award for best GIF 2014.



No. Say It Like This..

On a ´surprising´ end note..

If you are one of those who have been pronouncing GIF as ´guif´, be aware you are  in the wrong crowd. From the creator himself, Steve Wilhite, who left no room for argument when receiving the prize in the Webby Award:

Imagen 1



Marketing The Olympics

Time is drawing closer towards August 5th, which dates the much awaited kick-off of the spectacular XXXI Olympic Games Rio 2016. A pivotal and even life-changing moment for athletes…and for brands. After all, the Olympics starkly represents a good opportunity for them to identify and be immersed within themes like Fellowship, Sportsmanship and Friendship. And additionally, to shed light towards their talent and strive to a world in constant watch of every spectated move like a hawk.

This leads to what we may rightfully term ¨The Olympic Games Marketing¨. In fact, it has been bellowing its roar a long time since. ¨It may seem a tad premature, but generally, noise is ideally sparked about 100 days before the start of the event¨ says Basia Wojcik, of The Marketing Arm.

And there is no time to be lost for the pre-countdown too. Brazil, the host country, and brands/trademarks are primarily interested of this occurrence. The Reason: To capitalize more than US$15,000 million, which according to FORBES to be the cost to organize the event, and nearly US$1000 million for the cost to be the official sponsor/s (such as Coca-Cola, Atos, Bridgestone, Dow, GE, McDonalds, Omega, Panasonic, P&G, Samsung and Visa).


Social Networks – The Great Battlefield

If athletes are to thrust their souls into their physical terrains, so would companies just as extensively in the social networking realm. Despite imposed limitations from the IOC (prohibition use of video streaming for commercial purposes once the competition initiates), social networks are still prized as ultimate battlegrounds for brands.

Facebook now exceeds 1,700 million active users, Instagram to have increased in reaching 500 million active users and Twitter to be at 313 million. Additionally, according to Global Web Index, it is expected for more than 41 million online videos and around 85% of Olympic viewers with a cellphone in hand. With these kind of figures, who would revert to being left out cold from the party?


Examples of Campaigns of Official Sponsors

Coca Cola: #ThatsGold Gold is synonymous to the feeling of elevation, one which anyone is able to tap into and experience. As further explained by Rodolfo Echeverría, Creative Vice-President of the Coca-Cola company, ¨This campaign establishes the parallel between the great experiences of athletes in the Olympic Games and the good times shared each day with family and friends with Coca-Cola¨. Whoever has not had the chance to experience this, it is an undeniable euphoria not to be missed.


McDonalds: #FriendsWin Ornamented as the central axis, this fast food chain celebrates the spirit of friendship that is at the heart of the Olympic values. It also offers the opportunity for children worldwide to participate in the opening ceremony through the McDonalds Olympics Kids Program.


VISA: #Carpool Prioritizing the product above emotions, this company emphasizes logistic convenience by enabling easy payment with your card with just a quick click wherever you go.  Of course, in which idea was effectively conveyed in their video advertisement of a framed shot of athletes in a ´shared ride´ and all who come from diverse array of cultures and sports.


Wanting a Slice of that Cake

Though this does not just apply for the official sponsors. Any brand, of any nature, would take advantage of any possibility to engage in the Olympic Games and to obtain as much profit from as possible.

That is precisely what we would term ambush marketing. Thus, be very cautious. To arm control on such ´intrusions´ during the Paralympic and Olympic Games, there exists various legislations like the Pele Law (Law No. 9615/98), the Olympic Act (Law No. 12.035/2009), the Olympic charter and the Nairobi Treaty. These laws prohibit the use of all logos, signs, banners, slogans, and hymns used by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB).

Where there are laws, there are ¨traps¨. Prevent the need to use any distinctive signs in evoking resemblance to the Olympics. The best example would be Burger King (below); After earning place from the consequent denunciation of McDonalds, BK poked fire by displaying BK packet of fries as a pictorial of the Olympic torch.



Since doesn´t take much to run, Fly!

And you?
What strategy have you designed for your company to take an advantageous part of the Olympics? In Tilo Motion, we are happy to lend a hand! :)

MICRO-MOMENTS: Already Connecting To Users

Have you ever had an argument with a friend and instinctively picked up your phone for use to see who was right? Or to edgily reach that point for ice cream cravings that led to an autopilot search for the nearest gelato place on your smartphone? Ever searched for a Youtube tutorial on how to assemble that attractive furniture set that propelled your purchase in the first place? And perhaps, you had to search for reviews on products when at loss in decision-making at the supermarket?

Surely you´ve seen yourself more than once in either of these situation and its increasing common occurrence by the day. Yes? Well these situations, unbeknownst to us, the keys in Mobile Marketing and to which has led for Google in creating the term, Micro-moments.


A Consumer´s Journey in Fragments.

To which the principle cause is the arrival of the revolutionary smartphones. These intellectual technologies have radically changed our ways in correlation to be connected at all times. Now it is possible to find solutions towards to our needs anytime and anywhere in the fastest and most efficient way possible. 

When searching for information on a topic or wanting to buy a product online, we no longer have to sit ourselves at the computer once we arrive home to do so. Instead, we´ve the privilege to perform the deed while we wait for the bus. The journey of a consumer is broken into many micro-moments, and it is from moments when we demand for answers is when we are instantaneously connected to brands who then grab the opportunity to market to us in contact.

These micro-moments (in which each industry are different) are categorized by Google according to these 4 criteria:

  1. I WANT TO KNOW: The need for information and research without a clear intention to purchase is a key moment. Online searches grow (65% of users seek online more compared to few years ago) and mobile searches are increasing. It also appears that the search results are not just of any sort:

    quiero saberStudies demonstrate that it is possible to increase spontaneous brand awareness by 6.9%, or 49% simply by appearing in the search ads for mobile devices.


  1. I WANT TO GO: At this point where the consumer seeks to connect with the physical world, it is of great importance to the local component. More than 61% of users prefer to buy brands with customized products according to where they are traced. Location maps hence becomes vital:

    quiero ir
    Searches in kind of ¨close to me¨ had increased up to 200% last year.


  1. I WANT TO DO: 91% of people seek information on their mobile whilst performing another task. We seek instructions for almost everything. And an element here that becomes of an importance, would be Tutorials:
  2. quiero hacer
    70% – ´How To¨ searches on Youtube has increased up to 70% respectively last year.

    I WANT TO BUY: A crucial moment when smartphones are not the only medium to purchase what we want and need, it is now also tool to help us make decisions:

    quier comprar

    82% – Smartphone users consult their phones while in a store.


Intention, Context and Immediacy

As they are thousands of varied micro-moments, it implies the differences between the needs of users. There is no correlation between the situation of a user in search for potato omelet recipe, and a worried set of parents in search for a pharmacy at 3am for their ill son. Consumer intentions and context must be taken into account for each brand to strive towards determining the intentions and context of their target audience and how to meet their needs.

The one thing that does not change in most cases is immediacy. Smartphone users connect to the Internet more so but, in turn, navigate in least amount of time, with a necessary quick and efficient experience. The ´micro-moment´ terminology is undoubtedly no coincidence.


What Should Brands Do?

For the brands, micro-moments are ultimately opportunities to influence users and their decisions. For Google, these are real battlegrounds for brands hence which could either subject to failure, or on the contrary, breakthrough success. The 3 keys:

When we would elaborate and implement micro-moment strategies and to analyze the situation, must we analyze data in isolation (as each separate window) or must we study it as a whole? The closest to reality would be the latter, like it or not, consumers are of multi-device: As akin to using the mobile phone for information, calling in for specification, and at end finalizing the purchase on the PC. The PC is given prominence as, if where the conversion is done unfairly, meaning can be found in global metrics while account devices, channels and equipment to be taken into account to project a veritable outlook.



Awaiting Your Comments!

25 Ways to Treasure Search in Google

Google has become the public´s trusted and automated wildcard to surpass any existing question marks on any enquiry. Strange it may be, it is an undeniable reality that determines our reaction, behavior, and consequently our response. And there are countless of seeking ways to rapidly retrieve information of your desires.



Looks like Google isn´t one to shy away to know you more than your own mother dearest! Ir also prides in being our agenda, map, coach, planner, stylist, teacher, manager, chef, pharmacist, lawyer, economist, nutritionist, confidant and even our confessor. Google in totality, is your life, and it is at your disposal advise, guide and facilitate in everything possible.

Evidently, Google is no ordinary search-box where you would primarily pledge your question to further navigate through infinite searches in aim for the most appropriate. It also has several features and tricks (we will not list a series of advanced operators or the widely used Booleans in SEOs to filter or narrow searches), though more so, it is rather an elaborate system of presenting informationthat is designed to provide any user searched answers in a more visual, fast and effective manner. They are:



It is as simple as searching «Madrid weather» to, in this case, know the climatic conditions in actuality and a daily forecast for the week in Madrid city.

  1. HOUR

Alike the previous point/example, simply put «Madrid time» to know the local time, your time zone and date.


This only works with searching for the result in English, and it is as simple as searching «timer for 5 minutes» to meet with a countdown marking time.


We can always return to the results in Spanish (if preferred) to know when the sun sets and rises in respective cities.


In this case, it is sufficient to browse with a significant word in light of your search, preceded by ¨define¨, for example: «Define optical illusion».


Akin to the previous point, we can tell Google what we would like to translate and in what language, for instance, «translate chocolate in German»


If you would search «songs from the Beatles» a list of songs will appear with its year of publication and to which album it belongs to.


We are able to know the complete discography for any particular song, it will suffice with the search, like the example of, «Beatles albums». 


Additionally, if you would like to know the lyrics of any particular song, it will suffice with the search, «Lyrics of Twist and Shout»


Similar to music, we are also able to search for books by any particular author including, «Posteguillo books»


One can´t leave a film unrepresented in a search, thus you would only need to type in «Scorsese movies» or «Meryl Streep movies»for a display of series of works.


On a different note, one can access Google Calculator by simply wording «calculator» or the numerical equation you´d want to retrieve the result of, for example, «4*8+5¨. 


It allows you to create interactive graphics of a given trigonometric function, such as «sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5».


It is just as simple as including the speed you would like to go: «120 km/h in mph».


It is similarly as easy as the prior point, «$120 in €» or «120 dollars in euros».


To know instantly of the number of habitants of a country, its evolution in its recent years and to compare with other countries: «Spain population». Also with cities: «Madrid population».


Search for «Spain capital» and it will appear with the main data of Madrid, its map, a photo, list of events, places of interest, etc.


If you would like to know of flights between two places, you would only simply have to search «Flights from Madrid to Tokyo» to see a list of dates, airlines, duration and prices.


You can find out movies you can see in a city, just search for «Madrid movies» or «Madrid cinemas».


The results or your sports team schedule can be searched «League calendar» or «Celtic Vigo Calendar». Google usually prepares special visuals of major events such as worldwide happenings or the Olympic Games, so stay tuned.

**Upgrade: Here we have some spectacular results of the Games! To view, simply search for «Olympic Games».


If you´d like to know the necessary ingredients in preparation of a particular dish, its nutritional value or its preparation process, you would have to search for instance, «Gazpacho ingredients».


For those who worry about their calorie intake and what they ingest , Google is there to answer to your intrigues, for example..in search of «Beer calories».


To find the listing of shares of a particular company it is necessary to search, for example «Nintendo shares», and it will therein appear a graph of value, variation, evolution, maximum and minimum prices, etc.


Google has implemented, although so far only in the US, an information system of earthquakes by search of, «earthquakes» or «earthquakes near me».



Lastly, Google is also preparing a new and ambitious information search system, although only in the US and available in English, in light of symptoms such as «headache on one side» with which it will provide a list of associated disorders and even a general overview, possible self-treatments or, if necessary, advise a visit to a specialist.


If you have come this far, you deserve a break from your crave for searches and knowledge, and further access to the following links. In addition to launching a search on Google, here are two different stress reliefs intertwined with good humor to leisure some fun time with, also displaying the kind of imagination that lurk in creativity.

And you? Do you know of any tips or functionality that you would like to share with us?

Do comment!


How To Escape Your Comfort Zone

It was only recently that I came across a metaphorical tale. It chronicles the father of a poor family with no more of a resource in possession that a cow that milked. The milk was only used to feed, and not for barter nor sale. In a sudden twist of events, this struggling family had unexpectedly reached wealth. When questioned, the man replied, ¨We had a cow, but she died. And when we realized that we had nothing, we had to develop skills neither of us knew we had¨.

The comfort zone is applicable to all aspects of life (including labor, of course) which has always existed be it in innate or a conscious nature…though it was only in recent years that a well-deserved relevance was made to the concept. The comfort zone has many definitions (like in Wikipedia or QueAprendemosHoy), but in summation, we could define it as a mental state of comfort that does not require any complications. Make no mistake, it IS a comfortable bubble…but it does not mean that it is the best place to be, and it is certainly very difficult to get out of it. Sure, what´s beyond our sphere of carved knowledge? The unknown, danger (real or imaginary), failure (possible or not)…i.e. fear. In retrospect, the comfort zone of the family in the story, before the cow dies, is poverty.

Feeling obligatory to accommodate (note, not find comfort in) in the workplace hardly produces positive consequences. Who knows of someone who has occupied the same position for more than ten years and yet still feel unhappy and unaccomplished? Who knows of companies who were doomed to failure because ¨We´ve always done this way¨ and refusing to change, break a cycle or even innovate.

In this post, we will study the 5 ways to step out of your comfort zone and the benefits you can reap from what is sowed. 


It may seem obvious, but often we are still deceived. We don´t want to leave the jobs we are tied down with because, perhaps, we may be resigning ourselves off the settlement we have built. Or because maybe, it might be worse off with the next job. If we are entrepreneurs or businesses, maybe we fear in delegating people who know more, and instead we either increase a safe measure of knowledge in our insular sphere or sticking to the safety net ´we have always worked this way´. Taking it to another level, maybe even allow a partner to mistreat us ¨because I deserve it and I won´t find anyone else.¨

The first imperative step to leave our comfort zone is to realize that we are in it (to be with wealth or a parent with a cow)..of which we had created for ourselves and how it thus affect us. These are limitations (physical, emotional…) we are placed in, and no one else can overcome this but our very own initiative. Hence from self-assessment and self-questioning, we will know what we want (or what we don´t want) and fully trust ourselves with the beckoning of any changes.


If you are to break away from the comfort, the only way to do so is to do new things. Once we establish a clarity of what has transpired, which is our comfort zone and the want (and/or need) to leave, we have to start acting on it. Afraid? Of course. The fear will always be there, it is what maneuvers the survival of mankind, but it should also not serve to be an excuse. Perhaps it is something new that is not black and white. Maybe a radical change is not the best in every case, but from a place of small changes or new things, greater results can be achieved. In despair of not knowing your tasks? Take the trouble to ask. Hate traveling in the metro amidst body odors, lack of space and claustrophobia every single day? Revert to the bus or ride a bicycle, and more so, exercise. Whatever it may be pertain to do something new.


The changes in point two is what leads us to create new habits, routing us to proceed to major changes.

Once accustomed to this uncertainty and the kind of fear that spurns from these changes, look no further that an area that involves real change. Has it come to ten years of the same job that only brings you frustration? Change or set out on a self-search (with thought of course). Are you afraid of being alone? Go on a trip with you and only you. Noticing a monotonous routine? Learn a new hobby…be it diving, parachuting or meeting new people.

This step is to bring closure to the second point. Do new things. And, with practice, attempt on new things that scared you initially.


We have arrived to doing new things. Before you had a phobia of the sea and now you find yourself in a diving course to lap it up with the fishes. We´re doing well so far…but not enough just yet. It has now come to reach to the top of the novelty, to the summit, to the ultimate maximum of your capacity, over and over again.

Do you get a panic attack when it comes to public speaking? Start by speaking to a small audience of ten people. But, then gradually expand to 50 people, then to 100, and then to an entire audience. Keep doing so until it doesn´t feel like a challenge. What would it be like to not feel afraid anymore when giving a lecture to 500 people?


Once the chosen activity has completely been taken over, we then incorporate it into our comfort zone. It may even be something bigger than what was previously chartered (or smaller, depending on how you look at it), but it is still the unchartered. Thus we will have to restart the cycle, understand that new comfort zone and accept it. Once we have reached the point to advance from there, we can then find another new activity and take it to the limit.

Have you already incorporated a dive in your life? Parachuting, running a marathon or learning to ski even? A provoked challenge (be it initially by fear, defiance..) begins with practice and taken to the limit until you incorporate into your zone. And then auto-analyze it all and advance to the next challenge.


Who says that even at the ripe ol´ age of 50, it is too late to make change? All you ever need is no more than just a teensy push…


Awaiting Your Comments!

Online defamation, a crime that should not be overlooked

A raíz del caso del profesor que celebró la muerte del torero Víctor Barrio a través de su perfil en Facebook, y de la multitud de mensajes online difundidos por defensores y detractores de la tauromaquia, se ha vuelto a desatar la polémica sobre la penalización jurídica por difamar a alguien a través de las redes sociales.

Following the case of the teacher who celebrated the death of the bullfighter Victor Barrio through his Facebook profile, and the messages broadcast by supporters and detractors of bullfighting, it has returned to untie the controversy over the legal penalty of defame to someone through social networks.


The definitions of the verb ‘ defame ‘ are all very clear, and do not vary depending on the environment where the defamation (press, radio, television or Internet ) happen, so there is no confusion. Briefly and concisely, we can define the term ‘ defamation ‘ as the act of attributing to a person or entity a fact, a quality or condition that may damage his honor or reputation.

The recent case emerged following the death of the bullfighter Victor Barrios and all reactions and attacks on his person and his family occurred in social networks is only the latest in a long list. Worldwide similar situations in which someone write with impunity the first thing that comes to your head (or his thoughts and intentions very calculated ) thus damaging to one or more persons or entities succeed.



This point is very important to remember that the right to express our opinions freely, ends when the neighbor starts right to respect for his honor and reputation. So it is not allowed to write on social networks absolutely everything we think, as this impinges directly with the right to respect and honor of our fellow citizens.

This can be an endless debate, but it should be clear and determine that there is a big difference between expressing a complaint founded, a respectful opinion, or even publish a true and accurate information, and defame someone for free with expressions and hurtful words, or false affirmations. The difference is the damage that we cause and legal consequences that we can have.

And of course, we can not forget the damage that we can actually cause ourselves to defame someone via social networks. How? Being fired from our work by  express opinions in public, for example As it happened to the Youtuber JPelirojo, which has lost the sponsorship of Nestle in his Youtube channel, because he has been gladdened by the death of Victor Barrio bullfighter in his Twitter account. This particular case caused a strong tide of social networks because ​​bullfighting users have made a brand pressure to stop sponsoring JPelirojo by his words, converting the hashtag trending #BoicotNestlé



Nestle has had no choice but to give in to pressure and announced the termination of its collaboration with the Youtuber.



So, should be careful with what we say, be respectful and, if we become victims of  harassment or online defamation, this is what needs to be done to denounce it.

        1. Collect all comments and online attacks received

Sometimes the comments that we do without thinking damage our reputation, eventually are removed by repentance. If you want to sue someone for defamation should you have the ‘ snapshots ‘ of the comments in question. In addition, you should try to hold your desire to answer the attack, because that would only result in a useless exchange of aggression between two people who are not and will not agree.

2. Approach with goodwill

Like almost everything in life, before proceeding with a formal complaint for damages, it is better to have a personal approach with the other person involved .If you are remorseful and access to remove the comments and / or to apologize publicly, we could give the conflict ended. But if we have no answer to this good deed, it is understood that the person subscribes to your comments and no regrets if any expressed publicly, so that our complaint will be more than justified.

3.Where denounce?

At this point, if the are reasons, we can choose to use the tools of denunciation own online platforms offer us, although this route can only lead to the cancellation of the account of another user, or report the incident in any police station or body state security that, ultimately, validate and pierce our case to a judge. If it considers that this is a defamation case, it shall summon the accused and, depending on the fault, may order the removal of the comment and / or repair of the moral damage caused to the attacked, economically, for example.

After show you a little more content on online defamation, since this blog we want to appeal to personal ethics and sense of responsibility of all Internet users to avoid situations denigrating and verbal attacks still happen in social networks.

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