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Instagram se ha consolidado en 2016 como una de las redes sociales con más proyección en el mundo y en España ya es la segunda red social más utilizada, desmarcando a Twitter.

chatbots comunicacion inteligente

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infografia resumen 2016 internet

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Tendencias SEO 2017

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Contenidos para Google

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Blog-Tilo-La Otra Pareja

The topic of social media has been discussed, debated and dissected in every manner and angle possible in efforts to grapple the phenomenon that is gripping our time, attention and lifestyles. There are the positive and the rebuttals. ´Sitting on the fence´ almost never gains as much respect, but, sometimes, it may be wiser to […]

Blog Tilo Alberto

According to Google, 56% of widespread ads are never viewed and there is a 40% unlikelihood for a user to click on a banner (found through a CTR of 0.004%). With this bleak horizon for advertisers, the surfacing of newer large, invasive and intrusive formats has consequently only managed to worsen the situation: A flock […]

estudio mcommerce españa

According to the study by PWE Research Centre, Spain is the 4th country in the world (after Australia, Israel and the United States) when it comes to smartphone penetration. In Europe, we are leaders. This may not be too surprising a fact (as it has persisted so in recent years), but the interesting part is that […]


We are living, breathing in the age and long the wavelengths of technology. Every hour or every day, people are seen glued to their mobiles, tablets and gadgets, connected to the Internet on a 24-hour basis. Therefore, we find it hard to imagine a day when we have not taken a picture, send it via WhatsApp, […]

Estudiante australiana en eShow

Have you ever experienced that moment when in front of your mirror while piecing together the last jigsaws of your image before taking a step out of the door, asking your suddenly still reflection: ´Am I really actually here right now?´ via GIPHY Being an (international) intern at a marketing company like in Tilo Motion certainly brings […]


Más allá de las medallas, nuevos récords y las imágenes de triunfo, los Juegos Olímpicos de Río 2016 también nos ha dejado este año con virales muy comentados y compartidos. El Social Media es una herramienta fundamental para los eventos en vivo. De esta forma podemos comentar, opinar, compartir fotos, vídeos y llegar a convertir todo ese contenido en viral. Hablaremos de algunos ejemplos de virales más destacados de los JJOO y del ranking en social media.

Pokémon Go, ¡hazte con todos!

La llegada de la aplicación Pokémon Go es, definitivamente, el suceso del verano, del año, e incluso, de la década.


About 82% of global content shared in mobile phones are done by the act of copying and pasting via URL in emails, chat or SMS, according to a study released by RadiumOne. In hindsight, the data bears no harm on its own. But when we squarely factor in a digital marketing strategy as a whole, would […]

marketing GIF

According to Facebook, a whopping more than 22 million GIFs are constantly created and shared daily. On Twitter, one can always share these files up to 15MB (previously only a size of 5MB was able) with additional latest news suggesting that even Whatsapp is wasting no time in getting onboard in collaborating with the app […]


Time is drawing closer towards August 5th, which dates the much awaited kick-off of the spectacular XXXI Olympic Games Rio 2016. A pivotal and even life-changing moment for athletes…and for brands. After all, the Olympics starkly represents a good opportunity for them to identify and be immersed within themes like Fellowship, Sportsmanship and Friendship. And […]

Micro-momentos de Google

Have you ever had an argument with a friend and instinctively picked up your phone for use to see who was right? Or to edgily reach that point for ice cream cravings that led to an autopilot search for the nearest gelato place on your smartphone? Ever searched for a Youtube tutorial on how to […]

Buscar en Google

Google has become the public´s trusted and automated wildcard to surpass any existing question marks on any enquiry. Strange it may be, it is an undeniable reality that determines our reaction, behavior, and consequently our response. And there are countless of seeking ways to rapidly retrieve information of your desires.   Looks like Google isn´t one to shy […]

salir zona de confort

It was only recently that I came across a metaphorical tale. It chronicles the father of a poor family with no more of a resource in possession that a cow that milked. The milk was only used to feed, and not for barter nor sale. In a sudden twist of events, this struggling family had […]

Difamación online, un delito que no debe ser pasado por alto

A raíz del caso del profesor que celebró la muerte del torero Víctor Barrio a través de su perfil en Facebook, y de la multitud de mensajes online difundidos por defensores y detractores de la tauromaquia, se ha vuelto a desatar la polémica sobre la penalización jurídica por difamar a alguien a través de las redes sociales.

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