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Google keeps updating the algorithm and that makes us look for new ways and practices that give us good results on the Internet. Thats why today we are going to talk about content clusters, where you will discover what they are and how we have to use them to increase visits on out websites. What […]


Branding, process in which we build a brand, making its personality and objective clear. It is what you feel and think of a product, service or place, in a few words, its the impression left by the brand on people. It is not only the visual and graphic design elements, but also a series of […]


Its a reality that tourism in Spain is in its golden age: we are the second in the world power rank in terms of income generation (only the US exceeds us) and the third by number of tourist. Tourism is one of the most powerful economic sectors in the world and, if there is an industry […]

Claves de marketing para vender moda online

Fashion industry is one of the most important in our country -beside being one of the most important in the economy- and has been forced to face the difficult challenge of digital transformation in which we are currently. Given the technological and digital situation that we live today in almost all areas, some say that `if […]

el reinvento de la rueda en marketing digital

When you have the great opportunity to attend an event or presentation about your work field, you feel the little desire to know, to learn new things, to see the advances that are being made, to admire the results that are being obtained, etc. These exhibition are also usually carried out by experienced professionals from […]

marketing deportivo

The sport is one of the sectors in which more money is invested in the area of marketing, advertising or branding and, it is not surprising, as more and more products and services in this area are consumed. In this way, building a strategy and an elaborated analysis is an important aspect. Marketing and communication […]


Como cada año, grandes profesionales del mundo digital se reúnen el 25 y 26 de abril en Ifema, para fomentar el intercambio de ideas, experiencias, herramientas y, además, conocemos el punto de vista de los ponentes y de algunos asistentes. Nosotros no nos hemos podido resistir a ir a OMExpo 2018. ¿Nos acompañas? Inteligencia artificial, comercio electrónico, retail, neuromarketing, […]


    Julien Tabet is a French photographer and digital artist who is only 20 years old, he has surprised hundreds of people with his genius talent,  domain of the camera, his objective and the his expert skills editing in Photoshop. His creations, whose protagonists are usually animals, already have a surreal and disturbing environments, but they are […]


The Stories have invaded our day to day in RRSS is a fact. Now you feel weird if you go to a restaurant for lunch, celebrate a birthday or go on a trip and do not upload a story to your followers. The boom of this phenomenon comes from the need of users in Social […]

creatividad y SEO

Nowdays, any blogger, copy or journalist who works in a digital medium must be aware of the growing importance of SEO positioning in the communication sector. Companies that have know how to take advantage of this new technological era have managed to sell their products and services through the network in a way that was […]

marketing retail

Seduce, attract or conquer the consumer. We know that these are some of the keys to success with a brand, but currently it is not easy to do so, much less create an authentic emotional engagement with him. However, when it seems that everything is invented, the brands reinvent themselves and convert the purchase act […]

estrategia de marketing

To start an impact on the internet, its essential to have a call to action strategy that will define all our growth within the scope of online marketing. In any new project, whatever it may be, the main thing is to define the goal and build a strategy from it. It is more common that it […]


After the last modification of the Facebook algorithm, every day community managers squeeze our brains to the maximum to find the final formula that connects with our audience, despite the continuous decline of organic reach in our publications. However, there is no Holy Grail of the strategies. The success of the brands appear from a continuous improvement […]

cómo hacer un plan de comunicación

Communication in a company is a very important part. Sometimes, we have a brilliant line of business, but lack of good communication we can not reach our target audience. In this sense, it is essential to know our company or product well and make and effective communication plan. The first point we should know is […]

Youtube y el videomarketing

  We live in a digital society that is constantly changing. Digital and technological advances are the order of the day and the public increasingly demands a more elaborate content. Audiovisual content has become the most acclaimed format and is currently the most complete way to complete our digital marketing strategy. Youtube is the perfect […]

instagram shopping

We all know that today social media have an important role in the world of advertising and Instagram is one of the most relevant in this view. What until nothing has been a simple social media of photography where expose your whole life, now come one of its star tools to sell: Instagram Shopping. What is […]

post algoritmos

With the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing, the algorithms are fulfilling their task, the resolution of problems. The computer algorithms demonstrate their potential day by day. They are present in our appliances, in the programming languages ​​of our computers, in Internet search engines… We are so used to living with them that we […]


Nowadays there are hundreds os species of animals in danger of extinction. To defend this cause, the French brand Lacoste has decided to replace its isotype, iconic crocodile of the brand, by the silhouette of ten endangered species with the aim of preserving them. Lacoste, took the crocodile as isotype in honor of his creator, […]


According to the latest INE studies on “Equipment and use of information and communication technologies in home in Spain”, one out every four children of  10 years has a mobile phone, and its from the age of 12 when these data go up considerably and three of every four children have a mobile phone. The […]

Marketing de influencers

The use of influencers in marketing and advertising campaigns is an increasingly widespread practice among companies in different sectors. And its not for less, because with the step of the time it has been possible to verify how they turn into gold everything what they touch, thanks to the weight and the influence that have their opinions […]

marketing de contenidos

Nowadays, consumers have ceased to be mere passive recipients and are no longer willing to allow media interruptions. The response to these changes by advertisers, are new ways of understanding marketing in which consumers are those who find the brands and interact with them in a consensual manner without unwanted interruptions occur. Content marketing is […]


Today we focus on one of the most important files of a website, the Sitemap. It is one of the most important for the proper functioning and positioning of an online project and very few use it correctly. Its important to know that it is a file that almost always goes unnoticed, but not that […]


Have you ever been so scared when, after searching a flight for March, Facebook starts showing you (seconds later) a carousel of flight offers for the same dates? You are the target of a retargeting campaign! And, in particular, the ad company has used a dynamic ad to reach you. What is a dynamic ad? […]


“Siri, which is the nearest hamburger store?” “Ok, Google, what time will it be tomorrow in Madrid?” Surely you or someone around you has done something similar to this once. According to data collected in the United Kingdom, 42% of Britons perform voice searches every day (four years ago that percentage was only 25%). ComScore […]

crisis en redes sociales

Saber actuar ante una crisis es fundamental para no dañar tu imagen corporativa. Hoy en nuestro blog te contamos los pasos a seguir para solventar una crisis comunicativa en redes sociales.

El éxito de los fashion films

In the digital era, marketing and film work together to create a fashion audiovisual product that goes beyond the mere advertisement of television or the traditional lookbook: fashion films. With the rise of audiovisual versus written paper and the prominence of social networks, the marketing of fashion brands has been forced to make a radical […]


Content marketing is one of the most basic elements in the work of companies and their marketing strategy. Its a basic strategy which big companies must accomplish. Now that we know this term, what marketing managers should work is to take it always further. For this, the following issues should be worked on: Starting point: The Data […]


Stock images have quickly become popular and have become essential for millions of people. Thousands of animal photographs are downloaded daily from image banks but what about those who really need visibility? Its important to support initiatives whose main objective is to help other people or living beings. And this is the case of an […]


If you have not heard about Bitcoin, you are from another world, because its the fashionable financial product. Nowadays, digital payment methods are solid alternative to more traditional methods such as transfer, direct debit or credit card payment. PayPal, Amazon Payment or Skrill, have taken the lead in classic methods. especially by allowing greater speed […]

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